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Not only have you begun your journey into A Circle of Light….. you have begun your journey inward. It is my desire that through my services & my site you achieve the best you that you truly can be.

“Conquering others requires force.

Conquering oneself requires strength.”

– Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching –


The most difficult of all tasks in life is the journey inward; to explore, understand and heal our wounded selves. Many are not willing to take this journey as it seems so much easier to blame their past circumstances, family environment, mates, kids, parents, school, government, the neighbor, economic situation, etc. (the list goes on and on).

This journey requires complete, and I reiterate completeHONESTY – with yourself, while being objective and taking responsibility for your past, present and future choices. It can be most frightening and unsettling; as the norm is to stay in the comfort zone of familiarity. As you begin your journey inward and disturb those emotional responses, behavioral patterns and mental attitudes, there may be a tendency to run back to that comfort zone. If this happens, you must stop and ask yourself, “Was I really happy in that comfort zone?”. Since you are being completely honest with yourself, the answer will be no. If it was yes, then you wouldn’t be wanting or needing to take this inward journey in the first place. Do know that continuing your journey, with focus and determination, will bring very pleasurable results? I have listed a few to give you a glimpse of “A Circle of Light” that you will be able to find within yourself.

  • being able to be ALL that you are capable of being;
  • negative perceptions altered forever, while maintaining the positive ones;
  • never being held back by your past again;
  • a new found sense of freedom;
  • a higher self-esteem, and
  • peace of mind.

A Circle of Light serves to help you on this journey to explore the mysteries and the knowings of your own life, whether it is the past, present or the future. You may choose from many avenues to succeed in your quest.

I truly hope you find my services useful and my site a very spiritual place to visit. ; )

A substantial portion of the monies I receive for my services goes to the following charities Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, AIDS/HIV hospice, and/or Animal Abuse.
For each numerology report ordered:
ALL the monies received, including my merchant fees, are donated to charity.
On the order pages you will choose where the donation is to be given.


Take a moment to breathe, relax and enjoy being in “A Circle of Light”.



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