Lenard A. Rivera’s Prayer

angelA PRAYER FOR MEangel

byLenard A. Rivera


Heavenly Father, Creator and Watcher of all. I sincerely acknowledge Your presence and the power of love and goodness You emit. I give You thanks for all that You have given me and for all else that I shall receive. Bless me and purify me, Father, that I may live a better life, thus enabling me to better serve Your will. Illumine me with Your strength, love and knowledge. Surround me with Your ever-loving presence so that I may accomplish on Earth my true destiny. I now pray and ask of You to point me in the direction that will grant me security, happiness and the strength to help others in the manner you have chosen for me. Open the door that You wish me to enter and grant me the ability to recognize it. Bless my soul Father, as well as all confused souls everywhere who, consciously and unconsciously, wish to serve You. With undying faith, I open myself to your guidance and trust that You shall never leave my side.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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