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Online since 1993 Angel readings channeled by three angels, Metatron, Yannie, and Uriel, through your personal psychic, clairvoyant Rev. Cassandra; living in San Diego, CA. & Las Vegas, NV

Hello, I am Rev. Cassandra, the vehicle through which these angels speak. Giving an angel reading I must completely disconnect myself from the physical realm to tune in on you from through the angels. I not only draw upon the angels, Metatron, Uriel and Yannie, but I also call upon your angels and both your’s and my Spirit Guides to assist me. I do not communicate directly with your angels and spirit guides. I communicate with your angels though my angels and spirit guides.

An Angel reading can give you insight, shed light and guide you to find the faith and courage to let go and be healed; to see yourself as God and the angels see you; to bring positive thinking into your life thus creating a more fulfilled life. Please allow me to help you through those troubled times; to empower you to have happiness, harmony and love, to increase your level of both awareness and spirituality, or financial success. With the assistance of Metatron, Uriel and Yannie, I can help you recover your passion and get you back on track of your destiny. This is the key to unlock the mysteries of both your present and your past lifes.

Open the door and let me help you find the answers to life’s troubles. With the assistance of the angels and my psychic healing powers, I can help recover your passion and destiny, and give you never failing advice on love, marriage, money and career. A channeled angel reading can help restore your energy and help to reduce stress and worry. The angels and I will open your spiritual mind and discover your chakra centers to release your emotional and physical blocks.


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