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Early last Summer you performed a ‘Find Your True Love’ and a ‘Dream Spell’ for me. The first night I started dreaming about a particular man, but had never seen nor knew who he was. In September I met him and really had to hold my tongue so as not to say “I’ve been dreaming about you for a few months now and saw your face in my dreams”. I am sure had I said that he would have run the opposite direction out of fear or thinking I was crazy. Anyway I met him in his office when I went to talk to him about insurance for his employees. We hit it off right away and he asked to take me to dinner……though on your advice I suggested a Saturday lunch, but it took 2 weeks as he already had plans that upcoming Saturday to take his daughter and to tennis event. He did ask me to go, but I thought it best to not go as it seemed to be a father/daughter bonding time, which I found out late it was; at our lunch he thanked me for declining. He is widower with a 14 yr old

Snce then I have met his daughter and we hit it off quite well. We go shopping together, lunches and sometimes a friend or two of hers comes along. I really have fallen in love with her and her father.

With much appreciation and thanks I wanted until today’s date to send this to you. He proposed this morning….down on one knee. I have found my prince and a daughter wrapped up on a beutiful package made for love.

From another “Cassandra” M. (soon to be Cassandra D.)

PS. I shall be sending you and MariaSuzonnne wedding invitations. I hope you will be able to make it…though the wedding won’t be for awhile…June, 2018..a lot to do between now and then.

Love and appreciation to both of you.

February 14, 2017



i want to share the results I’ve seen so far from the 2017 New Years Blessings Spell. I have a new job that is amazing; doing things that I have always wanted to do based on my degree, the income and benefits are fantastic and I met a very nice man, who works for another company on the same floor at the other end of the hall. It is like we’ve known each other all our lives. We wil see where it goes from here. Thanks for all your help for my life’s journey.

Sandra T

January 30, 2017


Hi Cassandra,

i hope is all well with you and yours, first i want to thank you for all the time you spent writing the email you sent me and for all the words you put in, belive it or not, those words are very important and useful for me.

Cassandra, i already did the sage and the salt that you ask me to do around my house, and i also requested the spells from you that you recomend me to do. if you think i need to do something more, just let me know.


Miguel A.

January 9, 2017


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