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Rev. Cassandra is your best online source for spell casting.
Manifest a happier life, achieving your goals & heart’s desires.
Performed with the guidance of God, angels, ascended masters,
saints, spirit guides, mantras, chants & prayers.

The various spells and rituals are listed below along with a description, length of time to perform and the fee. If there is not information then click on the ritual as it will link to a page that has more detail. Some rituals have S&H fee ($25.00 for USA; $40.00 other countries). If a spell requires S&H it will say so next to the ritual or spell’s fee.

When doing any ritual below I did not list the oils, powders, amulets &/or herbs I dress the candle(s) with as they vary from person to person. Example: I would not use a Scorpio oil for a person who is a Libra.

If you need assistance in choosing the right candle or have any questions, please contact my administrator, MariaSuzonne. Tell her your situation and what you are seeking. Then I can assist you to choose the correct candle.

NOTE: These rituals and spells are not available for retail sales.

bullet Prosperity Ritual
click on ritual to go to prosperity ritual.

Quick Money Spells –
Candles used: a St. Martin Caballero candle, and a green 7 knob candle.
Fee: $105.00 per person.
Length of Time: 7 days

bullet Increase Business Spells –
Candles used: a Holy Spirit candle, a St. Anthony of Padua candle, a Sacred Heart candle, a green and a gold pyramid candle, and a zodiac candle.
Fee: $155.00 per business.
Length of Time: 7 to 8 days

bullet Success Spells – This is to help create success in the business world
Candles used: an orange 7 knob candle, a green male/female image candle, John the Conqueror candle, & your Sun Sign candle
Fee: $125.00 per person
Length of Time: 7 days

bullet Grant 3 Wishes Spells – make 1 wish for business (finances), 1 for love (as long as it doesn’t manipulate another person), and 1 impossible (other than health).
Candles used: a St. Jude of Thaddeus candle, an Archangel Raphael candle, an Archangel Gabriel candle, an Archangel Michael candle, a green cat candle, and a gold pyramid candle
Fee: $193.00 per person
Length of Time: 7 to 8 days

bullet Grant 1 Wish Spells –
Candles used: a brown male/female image candle, a white pyramid candle, an Archangel Gabriel candle, and a Sacred Heart candle
Fee: $120.00 per person
Length of Time: 7 to 8 days

bullet Collecting Money Owed You Spells –
Candles used: a black and a green cat candle, a green knob candle, and a black cross candle
Fee: $135.00 per person
Length of Time: 1 week

bullet Get the Right Job Spells – Job or Career Focus
Candles used: a Lady of Perpetual Help candle, St. Joseph candle, a Holy Spirit candle, and an orange 7 knob candle
Fee: $125.00 per person
Length of Time: 7 days

bullet Direct One’s Energy Spells – This helps you direct your energy on the path of your desire.
Candles used: a brown, a white, a yellow and a black male/female image candle, and your Sun Sign candle
Fee: $120.00 per person plus S&H (S&H is optional)
Length of Time: 7 days

bullet Well Being Spells – This is a wonderful spell when you are feeling a sense of inner turmoil caused by everyday stress and chaos.
Candles used: a St. Peter the Apostle candle, a Ste. Marta candle, and a Zodiac candle
Fee: $140.00 per person
Length of Time: 7 days

bullet Birthday Spells – This is a great birthday present to give yourself or someone else. It enhances the upcoming year.
Candles used: an Archangel Gabriel candle, a 23rd Psalm candle, an arc rainbow candle, a black votive candle, a pink votive candle and 2 white votive candles.
Fee: $150.00 per person
Length of Time: approximately 7 days

bullet Easy Pregnancy, Easy Labor Spells –
Candles used: Ste. Mary Frances of Naples, a Lady of Perpetual Help candle, a Dama du Milagrosa candle, a Holy Spirit candle, a blue knob candle, and a Multicolor Lover’s candle
Fee: $175.00 per person
Length of Time: 1 week

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