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Dearest Rev. Cassandra
When I came to you to connect with my angels I was in such pain and very high doubt as to whether I really had angels around me. Well, after your assistance I am a true believer of angels. You have given me tangible proof that they are with me and for that I will always be grateful to you.

I will be sending some friends your way.



Rev. Cassandra and staff,

A few days ago you assisted my friend, Simone in connecting to her angels and I want to tell you it has made such a difference in her life. In such a short time I have seen her go from a depressed woman to a joyous one. Now, I want to connect with my angels.


Last week you assisted me in reconnecting with my angels. I am so amazed at how they have helped me in some important decisions in my life. I thank them and bless you for helping me learn to talk to them.



Hello, I am the husband to Simone and after seeing her changes once she had connected to her angels I had you help me to connect with them. I was on the verge of a divorce, but thanks to you and connecting with our angels our marriage is back on track. Thank you.



You asked me to email you after a month and I am. I have been working with my angels daily and have found my life to be more at peace. Thank you for helping me.



When I first saw that you help people ‘re’connect to their angels, I thought it was a scam. Though I figured what the heck, it is only a $100.00. So here it is 5 weeks later and I am absolutely amazed that each time I am stuck I turn to my angels and they guide me on a path that is best for me.

No longer a skeptic



I have been working with my angels for 10 mths now and thanks to you helping me connect to them, my life is going even better. I was involved with a man that my angels said were not the best for me. I broke up with him after a few mths. Well, 5 mths ago I met a man who is so good to and for me. We are starting to talk about marriage. If I had not connected to my angels and they had not guided me to break up with the other guy I would not have this wonderful man in my life now.

You are a blessing and thank God you are there to help people like me



It has been a mth since I connected to my angels and you asked me to write. Everything is going great. I have a new job that they guided me to. It has great potential for growth and advancement.



You are such a wonderful person for helping me communicate with my angels. I feel them around me 24/7 and am grateful they are there guiding me. Thank you for your gift to me.



At 32 yrs old I have spent much of my life in and out of juvenial detentions and jails. I was a con-artist trying to get everything for nothing. When I was surfing the net looking for potential scams, I came to your site. I thought that this connecting with angels was a scam, too and it looked pretty easy. So I decided to give it a try to see if I could scam people with this. When you helped me connect with my angels I was shocked. I never had any idea that God loved me so much that he sent angels to be with me. I thought I was just a forgotten soul. It has been three months since you helped me and I know now that I can never again walk the path of the criminal. Now, I go to church and everyday I talk to my angels. I am working as a sales man and actually making good money and love what I am doing. My family is so proud of me and I can face them knowing they will not be ashamed of me anymore. I have even gone back to school to get my ged and want to go to college. My mother says you are a blessing and I agree. I hope more convicts find your site and you help them too.



Update: I received an email from Jack today, (Oct 5, 2001). He told me of his upcoming graduation from college at the end of this semester with a bachelor’s degree in business. Also, he said that he already has a job offer AND he has met a wonderful woman whom he is going to be marrying next June. I am invited to the wedding.

I have been working with my angels since you helped me reconnect with them 6 weeks ago. I am so elated by this new ability I have of communicating with them. You told me I could connect with them any time I want to and they have been there just as you said. Thank you for helping me. Many people would really benefit from your gifts.

Michelle T.


We were quite skeptical of you helping us connect with our angels. We thought if we could not connect with them in church how could you help us? Well, we found out. First you helped me connect and then my husband, Frank. We are so enjoying our communication with our angels and it has helped us be even better parents.

Thank you, angels and Cassandra

Colleen & Frank


I wanted to personally add my gratitude to what my wife has already expressed. You are a gift to humans everywhere. Thank you.



I never thought it possible that I could connect with my angels, but you have made me see the light and now they are communicating with me. You are great. thanks



Dear Cassandra,
Than you so much for assisting me to “re”connect with my angels. I have been in daily touch with my Angels. It has opened a whole new world. I feel blessed to have been re-connected with them. I’m not perfect at contact but they are patient. (they had already waited for sometime) They told me to thank you and that you were a good women.
Life is good and my project to form a choir to sing angelic music for the dying is moving forward. As you saw I have now assembled 15 to 20 singers and a couple of harpists. I’ve also been writing songs and gathering material. My Angels are assisting me and giving me loving support. Thank you for being there.
Om, Love, Light
Dave Potter
April 24, 1999

I had always thought that angels would only connect to people who were highly religious and worthy. I never felt I was, but now I know I am just as worthy as anyone. The angels are there to love me every time I begin to doubt myself. So I do not doubt myself much anymore.

I was planning on a HUGE business merger with another company and before that came about I found myself on your site. I was thinking about getting a psychic reading and then saw your “Re” Connect to YOUR angels. So I thought about it and decided to go for it. Well, as you know I did. A few days later the company that wanted to merge with mine called to set an appt. The evening before the appt I asked my angels if it was to my highest good to merge with them and they said no. Still being a little skeptic I called you and you assured me if that was what I was getting then it was accurate. Well, I paid attention and at the mtg told them I had changed my mind. Of course they were not very happy, but I stuck to my decision. Well, the following week another company came to me with an offer that was so much better than the first. This time the angels said yes and I want to let you know it has been several mths and all is fantastic with the merger and the new people.

Thank you so much.


Bill Higgins

You helped me ‘re’connect with my angels about a year ago and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. I communicate with them everyday and my life has greatly been back on the right track. Thank you so much, Cassandra. You are truly an angel, yourself.

God blesses you to help people like me.

December 14, 1999

My wife and I requested to connect with our angels. We both were so impressed with not only your abilities, but your genuine caring for all people. You are a very special lady. Thank you for such a gift and we talk to our angels daily. We feel so much more connected to Allah now.

Mohammed & Fatima Al-Bahdi

June 7, 2000

Dear Cassandra,

You asked me to email you after a mth to see how I am doing connecting to my angels. I can only say, “Oh, this is so overwhelming, but in a wonderful way”.


September, 2000

I am emailing you upon your request to contact you after a month of my angel connection. I am doing fine with my angels and communicating with them. I talked to them everyday, frequently. I had a couple of bouts with depression, but they were much less than ever before because my angels helped me through them. I used to get depressed daily and was on medication, but now I dont and my doctor has cut my medication in half. He said that before long I may not need them at all.

You are truly a gift from the angels. Thanks

November, 2000

Oh, thank you a million times over. You helped me so much get back on track. I am still in tears of joy to know how much I am loved by the Universe and God. Thank you for opening me up to realize that God did not turn His back on me.

Carrie B.

Jan. 6, 2001

I have been to your site many many times over the past year. Finally I decided for a birthdy present to give myself a reading. Then on your site I remembered that you could help me connect with my angels. I decided that would be an even better birthday gift. So three days ago, on my actual birthday, you helped me connect with them. It was like being born again. As my body received the signals from my angels I began to cry. You sat quietly and let me experience this joyous feeling. Thank you. I will always be greatful to you for this and grateful to God for sending me to your site.

God Bless you, Cassandra

March 6, 2001

I was in a disasterous place in my life; not knowing which direction to go or who to trust. I was looking for a psychic reading and found your site about connecting with my angels. So I decided to give it a try. All I can say is wow. I have been working with my angels for about a month and my life has made such turn arounds. Thank you so much, Cassandra. You have helped me to bring love and security into what was my crazy life.

You truly are an angel yourself.


May 15, 2001

So far I am doing very well with reconnecting to my angels. The results are quite amazing. Thanks once more for sharing your knowledge with me and helping me to connect with my angels.

God bless you.


October 5, 2001

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