To My Guestbook Page

To My Guestbook Page

I am Rev. Cassandra Anaya
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Psychic Intuitive Counselor Online since 1993.

NOTE: First, I apologize to those for you, who are here to honestly sign my guest book. I doubt you have any desire to see unacceptable sites & I’ve no desire to display them. P.S. Thank you so much for signing my guest book.

To all others; those of you, who think my guest book is to advertise your sites. Shame on you.
Because of people like you the signing on my guest book is no longer available.
Any submissions advertising any web site will be deleted from the queue & never seen. So don’t waste your time.


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To View My Previous Guestbooks Dating From March 18, 2007 Back To 1996 CLICK HERE Unfortunately 1993 to 11/7/96 were lost in a server crash. 🙁

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I send you love and light.


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