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sagittarius gif Nov 23 – Dec 21

This month Pluto hits a retrograde station in your sign of Sagittarius on the 14th, and this bodes for deep inner changes in your crusade, mission, and lifestyle. You may endure a temporary setback in everything you hold dear, but thus be gifted with the opportunity to develop a new and more exciting plan of attack for your Heroic Quest. In which case does the conscious crusader learn how to win better — during easy victories with no opposition or tough engagements with plenty of opposition? Find your middle ground. There will be at times some great confusion and impatience for you this month, but with your ruling planet Jupiter now going forward in another fire sign Aries, there could also be major breakthroughs. Crisis is a time of opportunity. In the midst of the fray, someone who can greatly help you, possibly in authority over you, will take a shine to you and lift you up, particuarly once they see you can stay cheerful under fire. But as always, it is up to you to make the forward moves. If you can stand the heat, get into the kitchen.


capricorn gif Nov 23 – Dec 21

Your ruling planet Saturn, the planet of ambition, toughness, realism, and karmic responsibility, is now in Taurus, and this will enable you to ground your highflying plans into step by step forward manifestation. This begins a new two year phase for you in which you will be granted the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. You will work harder, smarter, and more effectively. You will actually enjoy it more too! You will be recognized by those in the know from the top to the bottom of the heirarchy. You may journey to the country or rub shoulders with the good old boys. You will become one of the gang instead of odd man out. Although this is a very intense month full of ups and downs and craziness from the general public, you will see the light for your next phase and know how to make it to the top of the mountain and secure your personal dream come true. So be real, go forward and upward, ask for what you want and don’t settle for less. After all, we both know how clear it is that YOU should be in charge.


aquarius gif Jan 21 – Feb 19

As is generally the case, you should be going smoothly forward right now on your own devices, but unfortunately there could be great friction when dealing with other people’s devices. With heavy Plutonic and Scorpionic transformations going on right now, people with lose baggage (or screws) will be dumping their problems on you. Best to listen and be sympathetic so as not to appear cold, but as always, do not buy into their private grudges, animosities, and victimhood. It’s not your style. Particularly wise to avoid taking sides with malcontents. Better to focus on nice people in friendship and romance. You will be going through your own share of soul-searching to be sure, but odds are you will be able to continue with your smooth performance in academia, business, career, personal relationships, or all of the above without missing a beat, so long as you do not get involved in the weird projections of those who desperately need your airy lightness and crystalline awareness without giving you the space to practice them for your own good. Remember, good fences make good neighbors, and good airplane hangars protect your highest flight. Also, possible major career changes soon — focus on the best you can be and the greatest joy you can achieve being it.


pisces gif Feb 20 – Mar 20

Intense changes this month, during which you may feel like a fish out of water — so you better learn to fly! The Year of the Rabbit began last month and will go on until February 5, 2000. This is generally a time of nesting, new business growing, family focusing, and the seeking of domestic tranquility, all activities loved by bunnies (human and otherwise). These activities will be magnified by Saturn entering Taurus on March 1 and remaining there for the next two years. Saturn ruling structure, conservativeness, and practicality and Taurus ruling materialism, nature, and foundation, we will see a more conservative trend in business, the stock market, and domestic lifestyles. Many of you will be getting married or seek greater security in work and life. People will be returning to the basics, settling down, going to the country, focusing on leading more wholesome lifestyles (just as happened 27-29 years ago when Saturn was previously in Taurus). Also, many will stockpile food and batten down their hatches in anticipation of Y2K. More immediately, several planets will go temporarily retrograde this month: Mercury on March 10 until April 2, Pluto on March 14 until August 19, and Mars on March 19 until June 4. Mercury retrograde will cause major confusion and overlaps in communication, internet and electronics breakdowns after the tenth. Don’t push things forward or sign contracts if you can avoid it, better to stay home and read, write, study. Pluto retrograde will cause intense emotional transformations and desires for major changes in lifestyles, particularly around New Moon time on March 17. And Mars retrograde will cause heightened chance of conflicts, infections, and accidents, but on the plus side, also much greater stalwartness in seeking productive growth and change. These effects will overlap dramatically during the middle of March. There is a high liklihood of a major “stock market correction” (read plunge); be careful with internet stocks and consider divesting them early. Also, avoid overreacting on the domestic front. Keep your chin up but stay grounded. If you are doing responsible, productive, pioneering things with a solid foundation, you may go dramatically forward. But if you are tempting fate, fate may bite .


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