Free Psychic Reading Online – 5 Best Psychics Websites For Accurate Readings

Uncertainties, risks, and confusions are almost some part of our lives. You may have several queries about your career, love life, marriage, and future. So, where will you get the right guidance and clarity to make your path free of obstacles?

A psychic reader can provide you with the best solution and detailed insight into your life.

Psychic predictions enable you to make the right decisions. Reliable psychic readers can ensure high accuracy in their readings. You can solve complicated issues and view your life from a new perspective at a minimal cost. You can inform your psychic reader about past and present events of your life, and he will provide a solution based on your details.

So, you might have decided on having real psychic readings for your life. Nowadays, professional psychic readers have made their presence online.

But, which is the best platform to interact with online psychics?

Top 5 psychic reading sites

  • Mysticsense – affordable services and trusted psychics, 5 minutes free for the first session
  • Purple Garden – high rated spiritual advisors, $10 free credit with any purchase
  • Keen – for love psychic reading, first 3 minutes are free
  • Kasamba – experienced tarot readers, free first 3 Minutes + 50% off for new customers
  • AskNow – excellent phone psychic advisors, 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 Minutes for free

Mysticsense – Affordable services and trusted psychics

A psychic reader can provide you with the best solution and detailed insight into your life.

With more than 20,000 positive reviews, Mysticsense has earned a reputation as a reliable psychic reading platform. Although there is no mobile-friendly app, the website is available to serve you all 24 hours.

How does Mysticsense work?

The website is easy to use, as you can filter your search for psychics by topics, specialization, reading style, and skills. You can also filter by different themes like family, dream readings, love and friendship, and work-life balance. So, it is easy to locate the best psychic reader and overcome your challenges. The readings are always based on the information that you provide to the team at Mysticsense. The team comprises fortune tellers and other professionals in the industry.

Mysticsense guarantees 100% confidentiality of your information, and thus, you will find no issue with privacy. The website also educates you by publishing blogs on spiritual advice. Moreover, you can check today’s horoscope from the website’s interface.

Services of Mysticsense

Psychic readers available on the platform mostly deal tarot cards, crystal balls, reiki, angel cards, and other divination tools. Thus, you will get object-based readings from these psychic readers. However, other services are also available on the platform.

For instance, you will find readers for past life readings, which helps in revealing the truth in your life. You will learn more from past experiences. Furthermore, there are psychic mediums to let you know about the deceased family members in your life. They will inform about the afterlife of the deceased person.

Mysticsense also has energy healers to redirect the flow of energy to alleviate anxiety, stress, and other health problems.

Communication channels

You can connect with Tarot readers and psychics using the online chat and telephone. We think you can choose the live psychic chat system to get an instant response from the reader.

Purple Garden – Best known for spiritual interpretations

A psychic reader can provide you with the best solution and detailed insight into your life.

As a reliable psychic reading platform, Purple Garden offers different types of readings to its clients. You will receive services by making phone calls. However, videos and online chats are more popular options.

Purple Garden is one of the trusted psychic reading platforms providing you with guidance about your life’s path. When you feel confused about making a crucial decision, Purple Garden’s spiritual reading will be the right solution. The service quality is much high, and customers have claimed that this site provides accurate readings.

How does Purple Garden work?

The company enables you to identify the best psychic readers online. These readers are ready to deal with love issues, career, esoteric alchemy, empathic medium, and several other topics. Purple Garden has an interactive tool to let you find the appropriate psychic reader based on your needs. Every Tarot reader of the company is a legally certified professional, providing genuine services. The best fact is that you can instantly connect with qualified Tarot readers. During the initial few minutes, you will get free service. So, it is easy to assess the service standard. But, one problem is that there is no refund policy.

Services of Purple Garden

You will get consistent and accurate spiritual readings and Tarot readings. Some customers like to use the app for mobile psychic reading solutions. There are several online psychic readers and Tarot readers to deal with Nouveau and Egyptian Tarot. Moreover, you will get dream analysis services and relationship coaching services as well on this platform. It is easy to access them on your phone. You can hire a reader from this site when you have complications in your marital and love relationship.

Communication channel

As a reliable psychic reading platform, Purple Garden offers different types of readings to its clients. You will receive services by making phone calls. However, videos and online chats are more popular options.

Keen – Best for love psychic reading

A psychic reader can provide you with the best solution and detailed insight into your life.

Keen has emerged as one of the top-rated psychic reading websites where you will find compassionate and qualified psychics. Moreover, psychic readings available on this platform are of different categories. Presently, Keen has more than 35 million clients.

How does Keen work?

Keen helps you with real-time psychic reading services. Psychics, who have joined this platform, are from different backgrounds.

To avail of their services, you need to go through a registration process by submitting your birthdate and email address. Using the dashboard, you can choose from 1700+ available psychics. The best fact is that you will get 24/7 services from these psychic advisors. So, you can book your appointment at any time.

Psychics are specialized in clairvoyance, angel readings, cleansing, and numerology. Keen will charge you on a per-minute basis. Thus, you can hire psychics whose charge is budget-friendly for you.

Seasoned psychics may charge you high, and that is one disadvantage. Moreover, the lack of video readings is one of the complaints of users. Still, Keen is highly acceptable as a psychic reading platform.

Services of Keen

You can easily know about the services by accessing the website. Most commonly, customers choose psychic readings to solve love and relationship problems. Several famous psychics are available on this platform to work on this topic. To find a perfect soulmate and strengthen your bond with your friends and relatives, psychic reading is the best solution.

However, you can also ask questions related to your life. More than 50 psychics are available to help you at any time. But, the most popular option is the Tarot reading, and the qualified readers use Tarot cards to make predictions.

Keen also provides spiritual reading services that involve guidance from angels, ancestors, and spiritual guides. Other services include astrology readings, aura cleansing, and psychic mediums.

Communication channels

Keen lets you connect with psychic readers in different ways. You can use the digital platform for real-time and book an appointment for a live session. But, phone-based communication is also available for those who love offline interactions.

Kasamba – Best website for Tarot card readings

A psychic reader can provide you with the best solution and detailed insight into your life.

With top-rated psychics and attractive deals, Kasamba has become highly popular. This website is a perfect choice for those who are looking for love psychics. At present, there are more than 283 legit psychic reading professionals and over 3 million customers. Moreover, the site has a quite strict vetting process to ensure that psychic readers are efficient and reliable.

How does Kasamba work?

As a new user, you have to register with the website free of cost. However, Kasamba will ask you to pay an amount to get the services of spiritual advisors. After a successful payment, you can choose the psychic reader based on the preferred category.

At the top of the homepage, you can find a tab called Tarot Reading. You will find a list of several reputable Tarot card readers. However, by narrowing down the list, you can choose cartomancy and angel card readings.

There is another interesting thing about Kasamba. In the first 3 minutes, you will get a love psychic reading for free. So, the free trial lets you understand how the services will serve your purpose. Moreover, you can download Kasamba mobile app to access the readers anytime.

Customers have claimed that predictions are almost 100% accurate.

Services of Kasamba

Operating since 1999, Kasamba is known for providing different services like

  • Tarot readings
  • Astrology readings
  • Psychic mediums
  • Numerology reading
  • Dream analysis
  • Career forecasts
  • Past life readings

The tab ‘psychic reading’ includes everything, ranging from aura readings to remote viewing. Readers also solve love and relationship issues like dating, breakup, soulmate connections, and divorce. You can click on the More tab to find new psychics, palm psychic readings, picture readings, graphology, and several other things.

Communication channel

Most customers like to choose the live chat system to interact with readers. However, you can also make phone calls and send your messages via email.

AskNow – Best as the multilingual psychic solution

A psychic reader can provide you with the best solution and detailed insight into your life.

Established in 2005, AskNow is a highly reputed platform connecting you to the spiritual world. This genuine website enables you to communicate with psychic readers specialized in different fields. We have interpreted the real user reviews to know how the website is reliable. You may also read those testimonials to identify the most efficient psychic readers.

How does AskNow work?

New users have to go through a 2-step signup process to access the easily navigable interface. Readings are available in Spanish and English languages. That is why AskNow has successfully attracted audiences of different backgrounds and cultures.

You can filter your search by the advisor category and price by accessing the dashboard. After choosing the right psychic reader, you can schedule an appointment to get his service.

You can engage with Master Psychics and get free service in the first 5 minutes. As a new user, you may also grab attractive discounts. You can make payment using any mode like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Before hiring a reader, you can check the detailed information, including his language, category, credentials, higher ratings, zodiac sign, and years of experience. So, check the biography of the reader before making your decision.

Services of AskNow

AskNow has thoroughly screened the spiritual reading ability of their psychics. Thus, you will surely find the most efficient psychic reader from this company. These readers provide services of different categories.

For instance, you can approach readers to solve finance and money-related problems. Moreover, some psychics help you with career forecasts.

Readers are also ready to deal with your relationship problems. You can openly communicate with them to talk about your lost love.

Astrologers are also available on the platform to predict your future based on the planetary positions. They will describe your life patterns and events important to you. Furthermore, the AskNow team has dream interpreters who focus on some symbols to make predictions.

However, the best fact is that horoscope readings are available free of cost. You will receive the reading via email.

Communication channels

AskNow team has made it easy to connect with readers at any time. Using the phone psychic reading and live chat system, you can communicate with these psychic readers.

How we ranked psychic sites

Not every psychic reading website is reliable. It is not easy for you to pick the right one to serve your purpose. Trusted psychics are screened professionals to prove their authenticity. Thus, you need to check every detail of the psychic reading before making a deal.

When you browse the web with the phrase “psychics near me,” Google will show you a list of several sites. But, we have meticulously analyzed different websites to save your time and effort. You need a few minutes to go through our reviews.

However, we have focused on the following criteria to choose the best 5 platforms for online psychic readings.

Communication modes

While some sites communicate through online chat, others prefer a phone call. We have identified the contact methods of each of the chosen sites.

Proof of reliability

How will you ensure that the website provides you with legit psychics? That is why we have picked the sites which clearly show client testimonials and profiles of legit psychic readers.

Available services

Psychic readings and Tarot card readings are the most common services available at these top portals. We have analyzed the services available on their websites.


We have tried to find the years of operation of different websites. Some new sites also provide a reliable psychic medium reading. Still, we prefer the most established and experienced psychic reading services.

Hiring process

How has the platform recruited physic readers? The legitimate companies implement strict procedures to employ psychic readers. They will provide you with the best psychics.

Discounts and special deals

You can find variations in the charges of the psychic readers. That is why we have tried to find budget-friendly ones. Some sites also provide free psychic reading for a particular period, while others offer discounts. So, you will easily be able to hit the best psychic reading platform and make a deal.

Is Free Psychic Reading Worse Than Paid?

Almost everyone desires a free psychic chat and gets the solution without paying a single amount. But, the truth is that psychic reading is a profession, and thus, readers like to sell their skills to their customers.

You can find websites providing free psychics. However, they provide a free trial for a particular period. The online platforms choose this approach to attract new customers.

When the free trial is over, you need to make payments to continue using the service. While some platforms have set an hourly rate, others prefer charges per minute. Thus, you can compare these premium sites to make the right decision.

Psychic reading websites face stiff competition. That is why they cannot avoid providing a free trial offer to users. But, you can look for platforms offering a big discount on their psychic reading services.

We think that it is good to choose the premium solution to get the utmost assistance from readers.

You can directly talk to readers to know about their capabilities. During the free trial session, you can solve different questions.

Comparing Local Versus Online Psychic Readers

Like other professionals, psychic readers are available in your locality. You may wonder why some men and women look for online psychic readings. There are some differences between local and web-based psychic readers.

Easy accessibility

In the case of the local psychic, you need to visit his place physically to book an appointment. These local psychic readers work for clients for particular hours. So, you need to know their work hours before buying their services. Moreover, you need time to visit the reader and consult him within the given timeslot.

On the contrary, the best psychic readers in the online world offer 24-hour services.

Communication environment

During a psychic reading session, you like to talk about your personal life issues, love life, financial problems, and several other things. So, psychic readers will learn some secret information about your life. However, you may not always be able to speak frankly during your face-to-face interaction with a psychic reader.

That is why web-based psychic reading is a better alternative in this situation. You will find a comfortable environment to continue your interaction. No one will disturb you, and it will be easy to maintain your confidentiality. As your home is a familiar setting, you will not face issues during digital communication.

Variety of services

When you have approached a local psychic reader, you may have limited capabilities. You are bound to choose from the few types of services provided by the reader. On the contrary, online sites present you with endless options. From psychics and Tarot reading to dream interpretation and numerology, everything is available on a single platform. It is the biggest difference between local and online psychic readers.

Service rates

Your locality may have only 2 to 3 psychic readers. You need to choose any one of them although their charges are higher. But, online platforms have lots of spiritual readers and psychics at different rates. You can compare them to find the most affordable ones. Due to high competition in the psychic reading world, readers have set a reasonable rate.

However, the cost can vary with several factors. In the digital world, psychics always stick to the rules and regulations of the site. Moreover, they have the freedom to set the charge on their own. Certified and experienced readers may charge a higher rate.

What To Know Before Engaging A Psychic For Psychic Reading

There are several reasons for choosing a psychic reader. Everyone’s life is different, and thus, you may have particular problems in life. A psychic reader makes an individual approach while dealing with every client. However, as a first-time client, you have to focus on some important factors.

The initial session does not give every solution

During the first consultation with your psychic reader, you cannot get answers to every question. At this time, you have to tell everything about your personal issues. It enables the reader to envision your life and think of the solution. Moreover, you can reduce your nervousness after talking to the reader for the first time. Establish a close relationship with your chosen psychic reader.

The reader will ask some personal questions

The best psychic reader will like to go deeper into your life. He will try to be close to you to make clearer readings. Every detail provided by you will be useful for psychic reading.

Know the difference between a medium and a psychic

Not all psychics are mediums. But, every medium can be referred to as a psychic. A medium is a person who is ready to interact with the deceased members of your family. On the contrary, psychics are professionals who can communicate intuitive details related to your future, relationships, and other aspects of your life.

So, you need to know the skills and details of the chosen practitioner. Some professionals are efficient at working as both medium and psychic. By knowing these details, you will be able to anticipate the result.

Have faith and patience during the psychic reading process

Psychic reading is a science, and the dedicated reader may take time to find the desired solution. Do not lose your patience after the first consultation with your psychic reader.

A reliable psychic reader works systematically and goes through different steps to give you the best guidance. So, you must give him a chance to understand your life’s situation. He will predict your future and give spiritual advice based on this understanding. He will eventually reach you on the path that you have ever imagined.

Do not make very high anticipation

It is the first time you consult a psychic reader. But, you must not stick to a particular goal during every psychic reading session. Do not mistakenly compare this reading to an interview. There is no definite question to be asked during every session. An authentic psychic reader does not rely only on his bookish knowledge. He never sets a boundary while searching for answers. He unravels different things in your life to identify the solution. Thus, you must know about these facts before setting your anticipations from the reader.

Let the psychic reader guide you

It is true that you have several queries in mind during your first interaction with the reader. However, you must control yourself and should not get overwhelmed. Let the psychic reader do everything for you. As you have hired a professional reader for spiritual reading, he will take the right step. He will also initiate the discussion and take it in the desired direction.

He will analyze the facts about life and make a decision. It is better to avoid overloading the reader with irrelevant information.

On the contrary, oversharing will cause a problem in the case of hiring a fraud psychic reader.

As you now understood what to know before going for a first psychic reading session. Here are some benefits of online psychic reading.

Benefits of Online Psychic Reading

  • Find the positive aspects of your life

At times, you go through some challenging situations in life. You find lots of obstacles, and it is not easy for you to overcome them. When you are trapped in the dark world, the psychic reader will let you find the ray of hope in your life.

  • Get inspiration- Be prepared for a better life

You cannot predict the future life and shape it in your own way. But, you can make some preparations to deal with everything in your life. You may rely on the psychic reader to reach this goal. Clairvoyant psychics will present you with useful information about your future. It will make your preparation process easier.

  • Find peace of mind

You may have lost one of your closest relatives, or an unpredictable event has caused turmoil in your mind. A psychic reader will be the best person to give an ultimate solution in these situations. You can calm down your mind and progress in your life.

Good psychics know that you have several questions unanswered. Until you have found the answers in your life, you cannot concentrate on important things in your life.

A psychic reader plays an important role in answering these questions and restoring your faith.

You will again find positivity in every minor and major event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the online psychic reading ensure accuracy?

Several factors like reader’s experience can affect the accuracy level of a psychic reading’s outcome. The best psychics meditate and sit quietly before getting involved in the psychic reading session. They will prepare the space to use tarot cards, crystal balls, and any other objects. Your physical presence is not necessary to get accurate readings.

What are the different types of psychic readers?

The way how psychic readers gain insight into your life can make a difference. Some psychics rely on their clairvoyance power and read your future through their visions. However, other psychic readers have strong empathy and sensitivity to your emotional vibrations. They have special intuition that enables them to understand your feelings and emotions.

Again, other types of psychic readers rely on:

  • Astrology – The movements of celestial objects help readers to predict your future.
  • Aura reading – It is about observing and interpreting auras that create luminous radiation surrounding you. Psychics claim that they have the ability to sense auras.
  • Cartomancy – It is a fortune-telling technique that uses a deck of cards.
  • Cleromantic reading – It involves the way to cast small objects and read them carefully by their orientation and position.

So, you can take your time and decide on the type of psychics you need for your personal issues.

How does a Tarot reading differ from a psychic reading?

Tarot reading refers to a type of spiritual practice that needs guidance. It has now gained our attention with the popularity of clairvoyant and psychic readings. In ancient Europe, Tarot cards were used mainly for playing games. In due course, Tarot and psychic readings have become useful for future prediction and divination.

The most important thing is that life has several unpredictable things. As you are interested in knowing about your future, you can rely on Tarot card readings.

Tarot cards will picture your life’s current situation and let you predict your future. You can choose online Tarot card readers to remove confusion from your path. You will learn about important things about your life.

An efficient psychic reader can do Tarot readings by ruffling the cards and provide you with accurate results.

During a psychic reading session, two individuals will be engaged in the process for a confidential discussion. So, confidentiality is the most significant factor in your psychic readings. A reader will inform you about the cause of issues in your life.

How will I identify psychic frauds?

There are several pros and cons of choosing psychic readings. You can check for psychics who charge a higher rate. So, you can do research and find genuine psychics. Some fake readers frustrate you by predicting tragic events in your life.

Wrapping up

A good psychic reading has a positive influence on your life. While searching for online platforms, you may check for customer reviews. It will let you find the best website for psychic reading. You can also choose one of the reliable platforms that we have reviewed. Compare their services, user-friendliness, and other factors to make a decision.

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