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by Dr. Bagaço

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to assist people in achieving goal(s) they are working towards. From observing results obtained through hypnosis, the power of the subconscious mind and its ability to create positive change without any conscious effort on the part of the client would amaze most people.

Some areas in which hypnosis has been used with great success are weight control, smoking, memory, concentration, insomnia, pain management, dentistry, surgery, sales achievement, nail biting, stuttering, study habits, sports, self-esteem aned many others.

Two of the most common reasons people seek a hypnotherapist are to quit smoking and weight control. Many smokers who have failed in other stop-smoking programs turn to hypnosis as a safe, reliable method to eliminate the habitual craving for cigarettes.

Many smokers have unsuccessfully tried various methods to quit smoking. Smoking has been proven to be a major factor in illnesses and deaths in the United States. Though smokers generally know the benefits of being a non-smoker, they still have difficulty kicking the habit. When you have them relive the taste of their very first cigarette, and show them the events that caused them to continue smoking, the habit generally is elimated with ease.

The same technique is effective for weight control. Most overweight people have never released the emotional reasoning behind their overeating; therefore their weight continues going up and down the scale. These emotions, which are deep-rooted in a past event, have caused them to overeat for protection, anger, security, self-preservation or self-rejection.

Most often the person is consciously unaware of this event. The hypnotherapist helps locate the event, sealed in the subconscious, which kindled this behavior and changes the individual’s perception of that event, thus eliminating the source of the problem. Upon successful resolution, the individual has no further need to remain overweight and the excess weight releases easily and effortlessly.

Dieting, which is frustrating, rarely eliminates excess weight permanently or the subconscious need for overeating. Until the person gives in to their subconscious desires, dieting is a form of torture. Through hypnosis, the subconscious mind is conditioned for behavior modification quickly and easily. This also holds true for people who want to gain weight.

This is where the law of cause and effect goes into process. Every problem (effect) has a cause. When that cause is eliminated from the subconscious mind, the problem will vanish.

Phobias (fear of water, heights, flying, dentist, driving, public speaking, closed-in places, crowds and even fear of success and/or failure) are frequently remedied in just a few sessions. We simply target the cause, change the person’s perception of the event and usually the fear disappears.

Many people have found pain can be drastically reduced or eliminated through hypnosis. In the mid-1800s, hypnosis was commonly used as an anesthesia for surgery, child-birth and dentistry in the United States.

Unfortunate, because of fears and misconceptions, many people are reluctant to contemplate hypnotherapy. They believe the hypnotherapist can: (1) control them; (2) learn their deep, dark hidden secrets; or (3) make them do foolish or ridiculour things. These fears and misconceptions, fed by stage hypnotists, are completely without merit. During a session the person is in complete control. As a matter of fact, their senses are far more acute in a hypnotic state than at any other time.

Although hypnosis is not a panacea, it has helped millions of people in many areas of their lives. Many of our problems are caused by our mental perceptions. It is true! Have you ever noticed a child outside playing with his/her friends. He/she falls down and scrapes the knee, but gets right back up and continues playing. He/she only begins to feel the pain when someone points out to him/her that the knee is bleeding. As the saying goes, “What the mind causes, the mind can cure. Wellness begins in the mind”.

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