Angel Connection.

Angel Connection. Now, is the time to reconnect and start communicating to your angels. I can assist you with the guidance of your angels and the three angels I channel (Metatron, Uriel & Yannie).

Angel connections have always been with you. As an infant you talked to your angels; listened to them; and even saw them. Until you were a toddler, you were very aware of the angels around you. As you began to grow-up you gave way to more human society teachings. Then you began to disregard personal connections with your angels all together. This does not mean you are a bad person. It just means society’s concept took precedence. As we grow up, we are taught many things like, “if you want something bad enough, you can do it yourself”. I call this the ‘Limitation Syndrome”. If we truly think that we ‘can do it ourselves’ we’re nuts. I am not about to tune-up my car (nor would I want to), nor would I ever attempt to fill my own cavities, and I could just imagine trying to give myself a Mammogram. (Of course I will squash myself! Should I start with the right or the left?) Though this type of teaching does not leave much room for assistance and guidance from your angels. You are too busy trying to do it all yourself. Because of teachings like this we lose connection with our angels and some people even begin to question:

“Does God REALLY exist?”

You bet your bippy He does. You can see Him in the face of a child; the love of people for their family, and friends; a flower or a river. Everyone who has experienced the birth of a child, be they the parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or whomever know a miracle is taking place….life giving unto itself. That life is a miracle; a sign of God in action. Though like many, you may not look for those signs, but they are there. Each day many miracales happen to you, but do you look for them? Do you see them? Or do you just have blinders on feeling lost, alone and begin to ask:


Again, I say, YOU BET YOUR LIFE HE DOES. If He didn’t, He would not have given you at least two angels. To be with you 24 hours a day; 7 days a week, 365 days a year for YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. And why did He give these angels to be with you? Their intentions are many…they want to love you & assist you; guide you; protect you; & help with everything in your life. They want you to hear them, & believe their message…….to know GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!! AND for you to love yourself the same way.

Now, is the time to get reconnected with your angels.
You have angels around you all the time – 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
Anyone who wants to can connect with their angels.
Even the meanest of the mean.

To God…..we are ALL His children.

The benefits are incredible!
You will receive the name of at least one of your angels and a physical signal to let you know they are always there with you. I will teach you how to call on them; how to converse with them; and how to ask for their assistance in everything from grocery shopping to relationships. They do not mind if you call on them for assistance in large matters or seemingly small issues.

From that point on, through the rest of your life, you will have actual physical, tangible evidence that angels do indeed exist and are around you.

You will never feel alone again

So, if you want:
guidance to assist you on your life’s journey;
help with the spiritual side of you;
better understanding of those problems that come against you; or
to just seek the wisdom of the God Spirit & Truth;

Now, is the time to reconnect and start communicating to your angels. I am ready to assist you to connect with them. I do this with the guidance of the three angels I channel (Metatron, Uriel & Yannie) and your angels, and others around you.

When I say others around you, what I am referring to is besides angels, we also have spirit guides and spirit animals with us. The difference between angels and spirit guides is that angels very rarely take human form. Spirit guides were humans at one time. They have come into our lives to assist us just as the angels. Sometimes a spirit guide will be family members who has transcended. Sometimes they are people who have gone through what you may be going through at any given time in your life. Sometimes they are just wonderfully knowledgeable and are able to inspire us on our spiritual or everyday paths. As for spirit animals, we humans are of the category of animals and not vegetables nor minerals. Each animal on the planet brings something special to the planet; such as the dog gives unconditional love; the hawk brings insight; the owl wisdom, to name a few. When they cross over they become spirit animals (if they want) and come back to help us, also.
Now, that gives you a whole new concept to “We got you surrounded”, doesn’t it? *S*

To connect with your angels can be done only by phone or in person. It usually only takes 20-30 minutes. The fee is $100.00 of which a portion goes to charity.


Please make sure that you read and understand our policies.


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I send you love.


Rev.Cassandra Anaya, Ph.D. (email)

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