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Psychic Services

*** Psychic Readings (Clairvoyant), Angel Readings &/or Channeled Readings:

Email reading (no appointment necessary) – $75.00

Appointment necessary for readings via:

        (Once MariaSuzonne receives your request she will contact you regarding scheduling an appt.)

Telephone or Skype:

        30 minutes – $90.00
        45 minutes – $135.00
        60 minutes – $180.00

In Person:
(San Diego, CA or Las Vegas, NV
                  Contact MariaSuzonne before ordering to assure availability in your city of choice)

        30 minutes – $125.00
        60 minutes – $225.00

*** Spiritual Healing:

By phone, Skype, or in person (Appointment necessary) – $550.00

Long distance – $450.00

*** “Re”Connect with YOUR Angels:

By phone, Skype, or in person (Appointment necessary) – $175.00

*** Karmic Lessons:

By email only – $85.00

A portion of ALL my income goes to:

Domestic Violence
Child Abuse;
AIDS; &/or
Animal Abuse.
On the order page you will be given the option to choose where you wish the donation to go.


– The law says you MUST be 18 yrs old to receive a reading.

– Please do not email asking for a free reading. It will not be answered.

– All fees are based on US DOLLARS



There are a couple of ways to receive free readings or discounts other services.

#1 – Refer 5 people:

If you refer five people, who order a reading or service from A Circle of Light, you will receive a 60 minute phone or Skype reading; (a $180.00 value).

(Not valid in conjunction with “#2 – Coupons for Referrals”.)

#2 – Coupons For Referrals:

For every person you refer, who orders a reading or service from A Circle of Light, you will receive a coupon for a $20.00 USD discount off your next order.

(Not valid in conjunction with “#1 – Refer 5 people”.)

Exceptions – The numerology reports are never eligible because 100% of the fee is donated to charity. Charities need full donations rather than discounted donations.

(Offers above valid for new and existing clients.)

(Referrals and coupons have no cash redemption value.)

(Not valid with any other discounts or offers)

If you are a first time client then please take 10% discount off “ANY” service on my site; with 2 exceptions, which are explained below. On an order page in the promo code section simply put 10%offnew and read about how to do the discount.

Discount Exception #1 – The numerology reports are never eligible for a discount because the entire fee is donated to charity. I hope you understand that I rather not give charities a discounted donation since they really need the donations.

Discount Exception #2 – New clients, who are military, senior citizens, disabled persons, or single parents wanting a reading are given a special discount; see “Special discounts” in the next section. If you are ordering any other service on my site, other than the numerology reports, you are eligible for the 10% new clients discount.

(Not valid with any other discounts or offers)

All military, senior citizens (65+), disabled persons, and single parents with primary custody of their child/children are given these discounts on readings. They are given any time you request a reading as long as you are military, senior citizen, disabled or single parent, who has primary custody. In the promo section of the order page write why you are taking the discounted fee. i.e. write military, or senior, or disabled, or single parent.

(The above “New clients discounts” can not be used in conjunction with these discounted fees.)

Discounted fees:

Email Reading: $65.00 USD

Telephone or Skype
30 Minute Reading – $75.00 USD
45 Minute Reading – $120.00 USD
60 Minute Reading – $160.00 USD

In Person Be sure to contact MariaSuzonne to assure availability in your city of choice (San Diego, CA or Las Vegas, NV)
30 Minute Reading – $110.00 USD
60 Minute Reading – $200.00 USD

Spiritual Healings:
    $490.00 USD (Appointment necessary)

    $400.00 USD (Long distance, only)

“Re”Connect with YOUR Angels:
By phone, Skype, or in person (Appointment necessary) – $155.00

Karmic Lessons: $75.00 USD


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A Circle of Light Counseling Merchant since January, 1999.

The absolute quickest way to contact us is via our contact page

Or you may leave a message on our toll free voice mail number.

1 (800) 990-0079

USA or Canada, only.

Within the San Diego, CA area (619) 980-9966


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