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My Love Spells & rituals are used in assisting to attain your heart’s desires: to create the wonderful love you want and deserve. All spells & rituals are performed with the assistance of angels, saints, ascended masters &/or spirit guides & of course prayers.

The prices are listed next to each spell. The candles are each made from a combination of beeswax and soy wax, a hemp wick, and the burning time is listed next to the candle. The price of the candle include – Rev. Cassandra performing the spell and/or ritual; based on your intention, the candle, the oils, powders, incense, herbs, or any other ingredient used for your intention.

NOTE: The rituals or spells are not available for retail sales.

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This is our most popular love ritual: The Intense Rainbow Love Ritual has different purposes, depending on one’s desire. It can open communication with a spouse/lover, can increase love between two people (whether they are married, or siblings, friends, etc.). Just remember it can cover ALL forms of love; be they romantic love, family love, friends love, colleagues love, parent/child love, etc.. Though will be geared towards your specific needs. The candles used are: a rainbow candle and image candles (if married then a marriage candle; if lovers then a lover’s candle; if single then male or female image candle – your gender) and a few other candles I choose not to reveal online.

Fee: $225.00 per 2 people
Length of Time: 14 day ritual

Here are some other love rituals that I also perform

red Love Enhancement Spell: if you just met someone you are attracted to and feel it is going further. This spell will enhance the bond the two of you are building.
Fee: $110.00 per 2 people
Length of Time: 5 days

The Marriage Spell: You and your spouse have a good bond, but there has been some difficulty in your relationship. This spell will enhance the bond and override the difficult times.
Fee: $130.00 per 2 people
Length of Time: 5 to 6 days

Outside Forces Spell: There seems to be some outside force from circumstance(s), situation(s), another person &/or people that are creating chaos in your relationship. This spell helps eliminate the chaos and sends it back to its source. It can also be performed regarding a work environment, personal arena, or any other area that has some outside force affecting your life’s progress.
Fee: $143.00 (up to 3 people)
Length of Time: 7 days

The Lover’s Spell: You and your lover have been together for some time and seem to be stuck; not going any further; no marriage proposal or no answer to a marriage proposal.
Fee: $118.00 per 2 people
Length of Time: 5 to 6 days

To Love Oneself Ritual: You are feeling pretty low and not liking yourself much. This ritual will assist in loving yourself more.
Fee: $185.00 per person
Length of Time: 7 days (begins only on a Friday)

Attract True Love Spell: You have been searching for your true love, but without success.
Fee: $125.00 per person
Length of Time: 3 days

Is it true love? Spell You have met someone or have been with them a little while and what to know if this is true love.
Fee: $125.00 per 2 people
Length of Time: 6 days

NOTE: I recommend the next two (Find YOUR True Love and Dream Spell) to be used in conjunction with each other.

Find YOUR True Love Spell: Kind of says it all, doesn’t it? I do recommend this be used in conjunction with the Dream Spell, as it increases the power of manifestation on all levels. Though it is your choice.
Fee: $115.00 per person
Length of Time: 4 to 5 days

Dream Spell: In dreams we can see what our future holds. So why not see your true love in your dreams?
Fee: $115.00 per person
Length of Time: 4 to 5 days

NOTE: I recommend the next two (Receive More Love & Give More Love) to be used in conjunction with each other; be it for romance, family, or friends; present or new.

Receive More Love Spell: You have been feeling down in the dumps, not sure if your honey, family, and/or friends care about you they way you want to be cared about. This spell will help you be more aware and know the love they have for you.
Fee: $105.00 for 1 or 2 people
Length of Time: 3 days

Give More Love Spell: You are married, involved, want to be in a relationship, have friends, or want more friends, but you feel like you are not as emotionally committed as you could be. This spell can assist you to open up and feel free to give more love without the past getting in the way.
Fee: $115.00 for 1 or 2 people
Length of Time: 5 days

Break Up Spell: You are in a no where relationship and you want to break up, but you do not really want to hurt the other person. This spell will help.
Fee: $135.00 per 2 people
Length of Time: 7 days

Fall Out of Love Spell: You and your former love/spouse broke up, but you are still very emotionally connected. Now you want to get past those that so you can move on with your life. This is the spell you need.
Fee: $148.00 per person
Length of Time: 7 days

#1 Heal A Broken Friendship Spell – When you and a friend have had a falling out; this spell will clear bad feelings and pave the way where peace can prevail and egos are out of the way.

Fee: $135.00 per 2 people
Length of Time: 7 days

#2 Heal A Broken Friendship Spell – This is a short version of the above ritual, but with a little less tensity.

Fee: $115.00 per 2 people.
Length of Time: 4 days (can only begin on a Friday)

Heal a Broken Heart Spell: You and your lover or spouse have ended your relationship or marriage. Life seems empty. This spell can help you heal and go on. And it is not just for romantic relationships either. It can be used when friends go their separate ways.
Fee: $105.00 per person
Length of Time: 6 days
Another ritual that is very powerful is the Fresh Start For Relationships Ritual. To learn more about it click here.

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  • Every year we perform a Valentine’s Day Love Spell

    * This spell is performed every year beginning February 11th and takes 7 days to complete.

    * Ordering commences the end of December each year.

    It is performed two different ways:
    1- for those of you who are in a relationship and wish to enhance your love;

    2- for those of you who wish to find your Valentine and be in a love relationship.

    * (For more information see the Spell Preview)


NOTE REGARDING LOVE SPELLS: I will not perform any spells nor rituals that are an attempt to control another human being; such as bringing back a love or make someone love you. First of all they don’t work; so don’t be fooled into thinking they do. Secondly, we ALL have ‘Free Will’ (‘Free Choice’), which is a gift to each of us from God. And quite frankly, if you love someone you let them use theirs. Besides that, controlling another human being, not only creates some bad karma and is an absolute no-no, it offends God….and I am not about to do anything that will offend my Creator. Furthermore, you would not want to be controlled, would you? Of course not! Let me share a potentiality with you – if you try to bring back a former love against his/her will and I helped you, then the karma would come back on both you and I, tenfold. Thus, in paying that karma we may forced by the Universe go back to a former lover or wind up will some one we detest. And I have news for you I do not want to go back to anyone that I have broken up with. Furthermore, you would always have questions in your mind of “Did this person come back to me because of love or because I put a spell on them?”. That is not really anyway to live, is it? However, what I can do is a spell to make peace between the two of you. That will give the two of you a fresh start. And maybe a fresh start is what you need to begin again. For this spell, please go FRESH START FOR RELATIONSHIPS. Though as far as making someone love you don’t ask and don’t order the fresh start because it is not intended to manipulate another person.

If you need assistance then please contact my administrator, MariaSuzonne. Tell her your situation and what you are seeking. Then I shall assist you to choose the correct ritual or spell for you.


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