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aries gif Mar 20 – Apr 19

Whew, good to see Saturn leave Aries for twenty-nine years, isn’t it? Feel the weight being lifted? What makes it even better is that Venus and Jupiter, two very positive planets, are now in your sign. You are now ready to go forward with that new business, home, lifestyle, or lovematch. There’s more spring in your walk! You may have to go through a bit more reappraisal on these things though in the middle of the month when your ruling planet Mars goes retro in another martial sign Scorpio and Pluto goes retro in another fire sign Sagittarius. At that time you may feel like you’re going through a maelstrom with one foot on the brakes and one on the accelerator, but don’t worry, just consider this a time of personal arsenal retoolment and strategy refinement. Avoid too much moody self-searching; best to go forward and initiate some of the steps in your glorious mission, slowly but surely. You are getting ready for a mighty spring forward come the time of your birthday. Best to gradually lead up to the major campaign then.


taurus gif Apr 20 – May 20

Yes, it has finally arrived, Saturn in Taurus, and remember, it’s better to travel with the weight of gold than the weight of lead. You better put your increased perfectionism, ambition, and desire for productive change and enhanced security to work, or they will put you to work. Over the next two years of tough, taskmaking, yet beneficial, “If you work to earn it’s bounty”, with Saturn in earthy Taurus, you may very well get a new job; new home (possibly in the country); new lifestyle, and get cooking! Or you can merely sit around and stew in your own juices getting more and more disaffected and heavy with the weight of claustrophobic gloom and doom. Take a chance, be the cow that jumped over the moon — while keeping at least one hoof solidly on the ground. Study money and slowly build a financial empire. Improve your homebase and expand outwards in a franchise. Work on your tools and skills, then apply them to a larger purpose. Remember, when the going gets tough, the Bull gets snorting!


gemini gif May 21 – Jun 22

You will have fun this month, even if everyone else is losing their mind (sound familiar?). Your ruling planet Mercury going retrograde on the 10th will make you spin your mental wheels in even more convoluted circles at times, but if you keep things simple and do a little candleflame meditation or throw the I Ching (please, not in the direction of any authority figures), your natural common sense will keep you from joining any gypsy bands or getting your fingers stuck trying to untie the Gordion knots of life. Keep it simple and sagacious. Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius trining your sun in Aquarius will accentuate the possibility of travel, change, and an updraft in love and career. Stay friendly, communicate well, avoid debates, and don’t hide in a cistern if you would maximize the power of this tailwind. Being the luckiest and most naturally and healthfully tricky sign of the Zodiac, you will do well. In fact, you may end up owning the whole joint before you know it. If so, I want Malibu!


cancer gif Jun 23 – Jul 22

The month starts out right with a Full Moon in Virgo on the second, which makes all you Crabcakes a little loony, but in a charming way. You will be focused on love and service (Pisces and Virgo respectively), and will no doubt end up feeding, nurturing, helping, instructing, entertaining, and tolerating everyone and his cousin — so what else is new? This is a month, with Sun in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio, those two other water signs, when you will be developing deeper bonds with those close to you and new acquaintances will become like family. A great time to tighten up your career and business connections. Plan a picnic — it may rain, but that will allow you to play some indoors games. There will be a lot of commiserating with everyone’s mental craziness (with the three planetary retrogrades), but then that’s why they need someone so comforting and heart-centered like you. Avoid moodiness in the middle of the month — this too shall pass. Someone close to you may talk about moving, then change their mind because they’d miss you. Your computer may drive you crazy. Watch what you eat and if it’s seafood, clean it well. And most of all, stay wonderful!


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