Circle of Light’s

Circle of Light’s Candle Lighting Page

Tina P. David W. Brenda Michael E. Patricia Ivana

Cassandra D. Sandy T. Malka A. Zehavit T. Millie B. Phillip M.

Della H. Christopher D. Betty R. Peggy A. Debbie H. Jessica W.

Sandi G. Shaun G. Fern P. In Memory Diana F. In Memory Michael M. In Memory Jodi H.

Rachel C. In Memory Alexis S. In Memory Clarissa S. Nick C. Michael E. Constance M.

Matt T. In Memory Marilyn D. Emily S. In Memory Lorraine R. In Memory Betty T. Bryan S.

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I send you love.
Rev.Cassandra Anaya, Ph.D. (email)
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