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Need a fresh start with someone in your life? Or a fresh start for yourself? We’ve all made mistakes. I can help with opportunities to start fresh.
All spells & rituals I perform are with the assistance of God, angels, saints, masters &/or spirit guides & of course prayers.


The Fresh Start Ritual can be used three different ways and can only begin on a Sunday or a Monday at high noon. Please order several days in advance to insure enough time to make the candles to your specific desires.

    Many times in life we start out on a specific path. Then we take a turn this way or a turn that way, losing our focus of direction. We may become frustrated, confused, depressed, or have a feeling of self defeatism. We become so bogged down with all the negativity that we feel like we are drowning in the sea of our life. This wonderful intense ritual is performed to rid the negative emotions and thoughts about ourselves and what we have become or not become. This ritual assist you to have a fresh start, to get up, dust yourself off and start anew. Thus creating a better self-image, which enables us to move forward on our desired path, without lose of focus, and be able to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day.

    I perform this ritual for myself, MariaSuzonne (my administrator), family members, or friends when any of us get a little off track. It’s really reviving.

    The fee for this spell is $185.00

  • 2- FRESH START WITH ANOTHER PERSON: (This is strictly when you have wronged them OR they have wronged you. So be very honest with yourself because many times we feel they hurt us, but we didn’t do anything. Think of the cliche ‘it takes two to Tango” and if you feel you have wronged each other then the “Fresh Start for Relationships” ritual is far more appropriate.)
    You have wronged them:
    Many of us have made errors with those in our lives, which sometimes has damaged our relationship with them. Or we have made mistakes and can not seem to rectify them; to get back on the right track in the relationship to our friend, family member, boss, co-worker, spouse, love, or whomever.

    They have wronged you:
    In many situations, be it a friend, a family member, or whomever, they have wronged us by saying something or doing something that creates hurt feelings (such as a cheating mate, a boss deliberately making sure you don’t get the raise or promotion you well deserve, a friend stealing your love, a family member spreading your secrets to others, etc.). There is just no way that interaction between two people is perfect all the time; arguments, misunderstandings, and problems do occur. But if you feel their relationship is worthwhile and want to keep it, then this ritual will benefit.

    What happens, whether we have wronged them or the other way around, is that someone is feeling hurt and our communication with the other person seems impossible; both people start talking “AT” each other instead of “WITH” each other. There becomes a lack of happiness inside us; we feel the relation to this person is hopeless and wish we could back up and start over again. Well, here is an opportunity to heal the hurt you have created or they have created. My Fresh Start ritual is an intense ritual which is performed to assist you in starting a over with that other person.

    The fee for this spell is $185.00

  • 3- FRESH START FOR RELATIONSHIPS: (this is for spouses, lovers, or life mates. [this ritual can also be used for two friends when things have gotten off track; such as arguments, not seeing eye to eye, each being kind of stubborn and/or selfish, etc. I’ve even performed it successfully between family members.
    Similar to the “fresh start with another person” this ritual is geared towards people in romantic relationships where both people have made errors towards each other….such as cheating on the other person, lied to each other, each has lost trust for the other person, communication has broken down, consistent arguing, and/or one partner uses the silent treatment towards the other, etc. When any of these errors have been made, but you still love each other and want to put the past behind you and begin again this fresh start ritual will help you do exactly that. It is geared to assist in the forgiving of the past; allowing the past to be exactly that…the past; starting over with the love you have for each other as the foundation and rebuilding the relationship; opening the channels of communication to be even better than ever; and many more benefits in the relationship. Though I must say occasionally after the ritual completes the person who have requested this ritual decides she or he no longer wants to be with the other person and a few found a great friendship came out of it. However, that isn’t the normal results; usually their love becomes stronger and better than it ever was.

    Because this ritual is geared towards two people; the fee is $278.00 (full price for the first person and 1/2 price for the second person).


They can only begin on a Sunday or a Monday at high noon.

Length of time: 7 days.

If you need assistance please contact my administrator, MariaSuzonne with your questions.

What is needed for this ritual to be performed for anyone of the 3 different ways?

1 St. Jude of Thaddeus Candle
3 Male/Female Image Candles:
2 white ones (1 to represent each of you)
1 yellow (to represent you)
picture of 8 image candles
1 St. Jude of Thaddeus Candle
3 Male/Female Image Candles:
1 white male and 1 white female (represents the male & female side of you)
1 yellow (to represent you)
picture of 8 image candles


1 St. Jude of Thaddeus Candle
3 Male/Female Image Candles:
2 white ones (1 to represent each of you)
1 yellow (to represent you)
picture of 8 image candles
1 St. Jude of Thaddeus Candle
3 Male/Female Image Candles:
1 white male and 1 white female (again 1 to represent each of you)
1 yellow (to represent your mate)
picture of 8 image candles

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