Archangel URIEL

Archangel URIEL : Fire of God!

Uriel’s name means — “Fire of God,” — and he is ranked variously as a seraph, cherub, regent of the Sun, flame of God, presider over Hades and, in his best-known role, as the Archangel of Salvation. Like Metatron, Uriel is said to be one of the angels of the Presence, a most high posting since only the highest voltage angels can sustain the presence of God.

Uriel is thought to have been “the spirit who stood at the gate of the lost Eden with the fiery sword.” The Book of Enoch tells us that it was Uriel who was sent by God to warn Noah of the impending flood, and elsewhere it is written that he disclosed the mysteries of the heavenly arcana to Ezra, and that he also led Abraham out of Ur in the Chaldean region.

Some have claimed that the divine art of alchemy was brought down to Earth by Uriel, and that it was also this angel who gave the Kabbalah, the Hebrew mystic tradition, to humankind. John Milton describes Uriel as the ‘sharpest sighted spirit of all in Heaven’. The angel who showed up to berate Moses for neglecting to circumcise his own son, Gershom. Sharp eyes indeed!

A patron angel of literature and music, Uriel bestows upon us the gift of creative fire, as well as the power of prophecy We appeal to him for foresight into the future and for help in developing our psychic abilities. Uriel is also an angel of transformation.

Uriel is associated by legend with earthquakes, storms, erupting volcanoes and such has a big part in Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” There, as governor of the sun, he is tricked by Satan, disguised as a young angel, into giving directions to earth, and from there to Eden. Once there, tempting Satan sought out Eve’s ear.

Washta:…There are many others, such as Raphael and Uriel, who sit above in the 4th and 5th dimensions to aid Gabriel in this ascension process. They also have access to the 6th and 7th dimensions to assist Archangel Michael with the special life energies being brought through the Time Lords, down to the 8th and 7th dimensions.

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