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A Circle of Light Counseling, LLC

of Las Vegas, Nevada

Hello, I am Cassandra Anaya-Bagaço. Welcome to the hypnotherapy section of my web site. I have been working in the hypnotherapy/psychology field 1971. Hypnosis has proven to be very beneficial in many areas of a person’s life. To help people better understand hypnosis and remove some of the myths, I have written several articles on hypnosis. I invite you to read one of my earliest published articles.

The Deep Truth: Hypnosis Works!

Create the life you deserve through hypnosis. Unleash that which blocks you from your own happiness through the use of hypnosis. Find out who you were in past lives and how it pertains to you in this life. Located in San Diego, CA and Paradise, NV (an unincorporated area of Clark County – Las Vegas).

My goal is to assist you change in ways to create more effectiveness and happiness in your life. I have limited my practice to specialize in two of those areas, only:

Metaphysical Hypnotherapy & Emotional Empowerment.

gold ball button METAPHYSICAL

– Past Life Reincarnations
– Develop your Intuitive Abilities
– Spiritual Awareness


– Heal your Inner Child
– Reparent Yourself
– Childhood Traumas
– Past Life Regression
– Forgive and Let Go
– Say NO without Fear
– Birth Trauma
– Eradicate Guilt and Worry


If you are seeking hypnosis in any area other feel free to use our directory to locate a Hypnotherapist in Your Area

If you are a hypnotherapist then let’s exchange links – Submit YOUR Site


Some of the other areas of life in which hypnotherapy is beneficial are:

gold ball button PERSONAL GROWTH

– Weight Reduction
– Stop Smoking
– Eliminating Stress and Tension
– Anger Management
– Enhance Self-Esteem
– Motivation for Exercise
– Overcome Shyness
– Increase Stamina
– Improve Sports
– Eliminate Phobias
– Memory and Concentration
– Eliminate Fears
– Relationship Involvement
– Public Speaking
– Pain Management
– Insomnia
– Child Birth
– Assertiveness
– Relaxation

gold ball button BUSINESSES

– Set and Achieve Goals
– Motivate Staff Productively
– Eliminate Procrastination
– Improve Work Relationships
– Focus Directing
– Improve Sales
– Financial Success
– Enthusiasm
– Enhance Creativity
– Stress Free Deadlines

gold ball button STUDENTS

– Memory
– Concentration
– Exam Preparation
– Overcome Exam Anxiety
– Improve Study Habits


If you are interested in hypnosis to help you do know our fees are on a sliding scale.

First please (Contact MariaSuzonne, admin) so we can discuss the best fee for you.

Also, do check with her to make sure if I am in San Diego, CA or Las Vegas, NV


Cassandra Anaya-Bagaço


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