Circle of Light & Rev. Cassandra – A Birthday Celebration

Birthday Welcome

Rev. Cassandra Anaya & A Circle of Light celebrate two special birthdays on the internet.

March 1994

Rev. Cassandra first brought A Circle of Light on the net.

September 6, 1996

Rev. Cassandra acquired the domain name of

In celebration twice a year, March & September, we give away free psychic readings.


March, 2003 is the 9th birthday of A Circle of Light on the internet.

In celebration, Rev. Cassandra wants give you a chance to win:



How do you qualify to win?

During the months of February, March & April, anyone who requests for a reading will be entered in a drawing. To submit a request go to

The winner will be chosen May 5, 2003 and will receive gift certificates for each reading won. You will be able to use the gift certificates for yourself, your friends, your family, co-workers or whomever you wish.

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I send you love.


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* NOTE: Winners readings will be based according to the times of previous readings. Example; if in the past the winner has requested an email reading then you will win email readings; a half hour reading then you will win half hour readings; an hour reading, etc. If the winner has sometimes received half hour readings and other times hour readings then the readings are based on the lessor time. If you request a ritual then you will receive either email readings or half hour phone readings. This will be your choice.

All readings won will need to be completed prior to September 1, 2003 or shall be forfeited.

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