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One who occupies the throne next to The Divine Throne of God.

In the world of Jewish mystics, came to hold the rank of the highest of the angels despite his not being mentioned in the Scriptures. The meaning of his name has never been satisfactorily explained although one interpretation of it is “one who occupies the throne next to the Divine throne.” It could also be derived from the Latin ‘metator’, a guide or measurer.

In a number of traditional sources, Metatron is said to have been the prophet Enoch, who was taken up to Heaven and transformed into an angel of fire, with thirty-six pairs of wings, to continue his days as a celestial scribe. Metatron has also been identified as the Liberating Angel and the one who wrestled with Jacob; the one who stayed Abraham’s hand from sacrificing his son Isaac; and the one who led the Hebrews through the forty years in the wilderness. In certain schools of mysticism, Metatron, said to be the tallest of all the heavenly beings (13 to 18 feet), became known as Lesser YHWH. In Hebrew, the letters ‘YHWH’ stand for the most sacred and unpronounceable name of God.

As God has many names, so, too, Metatron was thought to have many names, the use of which was believed to offer the user protection and access to this great angel’s powers. Yahoel, Yofiel, Surya, Jael, Jah-el, and Lad are just a few of his other names. Sitting beside God, Metatron, the throne angel with a hundred names, Israel’s good and bad deeds. Learn The Many Names of Metatron

Metatron is charged with the sustenance of mankind. He has been known as the link between the human and the divine. The angel who wrestled with Jacob. (Genesis 32); As the watchman (Isaiah 20); Exodus 23:20 for this refers to Metratron as well. Metatron, according to the Kabbalah (קבלה) is the angel said to have lead the children of Israel through the wilderness. His female equivalent is Shekinah. His twin brother is Sandalphon. After arriving in heaven he was transformed into a spirit of fire and equipped with 36 pairs of wings as well as innumerable eyes. He resides in the 7th heaven and when evoked appears as a pillar of fire said to be more dazzling than the sun. He has also been credited with the authorship of Psalms 37:25. He is the supreme angel of death to whom God gives daily orders as to the souls are taken. He then delegates these orders to his subordinates, Gabriel and Samael. Metatron is considered by some to be mightier than Michael or Gabriel. Metatron is the teacher of prematurely dead children in Paradise.

Metatron sustains the physical world and carries Jewish prayers through the 900 heavens all the way up to God. Rabinnic tradition proclaims “Metatron is the greatest archangel of all’, but to Christians he seems to be a mystery. He stands at the top of the Tree of Life as the Angel of the Lord and is also identified with the “Tree of Knowledge” or “Good and Evil,” which means he embodies both human and angelic perfection. As God’s angel of death, he tells Gabriel and Samael which human souls to take and when, and he is the only angel within the heavenly spheres who was once human (Enoch). The same soul who was Enoch the Prophet was Metatron, who allegedly wrote ‘Books about the Sacred Knowledge of Creation’. These creational stories are based on patterns of geometry that repeat in cycles through the concept of TIME.


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