Spiritual Healer

    * Spiritual – of or pertaining to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature;

  • * Healer – one who helps to make whole or sound; cleanse; and with the grace of God and a personal’s will, restore to health.

Spiritual Healing involves the treating of others in person, by phone and/or distant healing. In distant healing, I send God’s Universal Healing Light by energy of thought and prayer, to people who are unable to receive a healing in person. Anyone, anywhere, worldwide can successfully receive a healing.

As a Healer, I give my time and energy to make myself an instrument/vessel for Spirit; to direct the Universal Healing Light where it is most needed. I am only a channel for this Healing Light.

Having worked with the Universal Healing Light all my life, I have found that the healing comes from One source. I believe that source to be God.

The favorable way to receive a spiritual healing would be in person or by phone. The healing seems to have a quicker affect. However, no matter how you receive your healing, the ‘results’ are equally the same.

After the initial healing, my task is then to sit quietly twice a day for 7 days, sending Healing Light through energy, prayers and thoughts. Occasionally, if it is deemed necessary, I will light candles for the you. There is no charge to you for candles, unlike many psychics or spiritual healers.

I would need the your name and a short description of the problem.

FEES: – include initial healing and the 7 days

In person or by phone – $175.00.
Long Distant – $225.00

Include – a candle will be lit on my site and you will be included in the Prayer Circle.

A limited number of lower-cost appointments are made available monthly to those who are in financial crisis. And of course, a portion goes to charity, as does all my income.

Please make sure that you read and understand our policies.


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I send you love.


Rev.Cassandra Anaya, Ph.D. (email)

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