What Is A Quality Psychic Reading?

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What Is A Quality Psychic Reading?

How to tell if the psychic is a ‘true’ psychic.

Psychic Rev. Cassandra Anaya explains.

There are many illusions and disillusions about psychic readings. Thus the purpose of this page is to assist you in choosing a psychic who will care more about you than how much money you give them. Therefore, I would like to take some time to knock the wind out of the myths of being ‘psychic’.


  • No psychic can pick lottery numbers for anyone. If they could then only psychics would be winning all the lotteries around the world. Plus horse races, games at casinos, sporting events, etc.
  • Any psychic who tells you they can light candles, burn incense, or perform a spell to bring a love back to you is only wanting your money. Don’t give it to them…run like crazy. Each of us humans have a gift from God called “Free Will”. We are free to choose our thoughts, our life, the people we want to be with, etc. So there is no amount of candles, incense, nor spells that can make a person go against their free will. If they come back it is because THEIR Free Will chooses to.
  • Some psychics can light candles, burn incense or perform spells to help you get over your pain, BUT if they ask you for lots of money for their services (like several hundred dollars for 1 candle) again….run like crazy. I perform Spells & Rituals for a person with great success. All spells or rituals I perform are with the assistance of angels, saints, masters and/or spirit guides. And I have been told my fees are extremely reasonable.
  • No amount of candles, incense, spells or prayers are going to work if the person does not want to move forward in life. I have done readings and a person has asked me to light candles and burn incense for them. However, if I feel they like wallowing in their pain, I just tell them to keep their money until they really want changes in their lives.
  • No psychic is 100% accurate. If we were then we would call ourselves Gods….like that’s going to happen. And even God cannot always tell what we are going to do since He gave us “Free Will”. He must sit up there and shake His head at some of the choices we make for ourselves. *S*
  • Psychics can not tell you what you had for breakfast nor what you wore yesterday. If you are spending your money for a reading why waste both your time & money on what you already know?


  • Most of us read the energy of a client. That energy is your soul. Your soul is the true energy of you made in the image of God. Therefore, a psychic needs to respect your energy, which means they respect you as a person.
  • A psychic reading is about your own personal development. A good psychic should be able to assist you to ‘see the forest’, not leave you in the trees.
  • If you are struggling with something in your life, then the psychic should be able to assist you to be able to walk away with answers and thoughts to ponder.
  • No psychic has all the answers and sometimes can not see things. If this be the case, they should be honest with you and say so.
  • To me the main purpose of a reading is to give guidance and answer your questions. Most of the time I answer your questions before they are asked. Guidance is telling you what you are doing right in your life and where you need to make a shift. Then it is up to you as to what you do with it.
  • A good psychic knows they can NOT direct you, only guide you. So if a psychic tries to tell you what to do, then you tell the psychic where to go!
  • A psychic can show you a direction you may not have seen before, but taking that direction is again up to you.
  • A reader should also be able to tell you of any obstacles that lay ahead of you by putting things in a more clear perspective. Then your choices can be made on a more informed level with clear information.
  • Since only the 10 commandments are written on stone, we can always change the outcome of what a psychic tells us. So do not get fearful if they say something that upsets you. That upset is a great opportunity to change something in your life.
  • The psychic should be able to provide you with testimonials of other clients.
  • Since we do read your energy, if you are skeptical, please don’t waste your money on a reading. No matter how good a psychic is, your skeptical energy will prohibit the psychic from tuning in on you. Then you will walk away with less money and saying, “See I knew all psychics were fakes!”. So only get a reading if you are going with an open mind. You want your monies worth, don’t you?
  • If you doubt a psychic’s abilities then find a different psychic.
  • If you find you are not comfortable with the psychic, then say so. This happens. We have all met people we did not like right from the start. A good psychic will be happy to refund your money and even refer you to someone else.
  • Don’t play games with the psychic, such as asking about a love who does not exist in your life. The psychic will know whether or not you have a love and will be upset by your game. (You would not try to fake out a doctor in time of crisis, would you?) Thus the rest of your reading will be effected by your game and you will walk away with a not so good feeling about the psychic.
  • You have asked several psychics the same question about you and your former honey getting back together. You are getting mixed results. Some say yes and some say no. Why? What I found in situations like this is rather common, both as a psychic and a retired psychologist.

    When WE do the breaking up with someone we still think about that person for several months (and sometimes longer), even if we do not want to get back with them. When we think about them, there is a certain pull on our heartstrings. That pull can last for a moment, an hour, even several days, weeks or months, until we find someone new, go back with them or heal the relationship (If we are certain we do not want to go back, then psychologically we think about that person to heal our hurts).

    When THEY do the breaking up then of course that person is going to be on your mind strongly. You are hurt, confused and questioning ‘Why? What happened? What did I do wrong?’ and all the other questions that go along with being left. It is during those times that one reader, picking up on your former, will see that person coming back and another will say no.

  • Don’t ask a psychic if you and so-and-so are going to be together forever. None of us are even going to live forever. So how could you think you would be with a person forever? Furthermore, it is very difficult to predict if two people are going to be married ’til death do you part’. That is mostly determined by the two people. A couple of examples of what I mean is: whether they grow in similar directions of opposite directions; or if they keep the communication open or stop talking to each other.
  • If a psychic says something that is not clear then ask. It is alright. If they get upset then ask for a refund and leave.
  • Probably one of the most important things – if you don’t want to hear the truth then DON’T ASK!
  • I hope this information has helped you in your quest of looking for a good psychic.


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