Psychics Around the World Chatroom Schedule (Based on Pacific Time Zone)

Psychics Around the World Chatroom Schedule (Based on Pacific Time Zone)

Pacific Standard Time
Eastern Standard Time Greenwich Mean Time

Eastern Europe Tokyo Sydney

For an indepth account of time zones visit: World Time Zones

NOTE: Please, no more than two free mini readings per person This means per person not two readings from each psychic! ONLY TWO PER PERSON!!!!
We are still in process of scheduling more psychics! Though do know that sometimes psychics come in the chatroom unscheduled. NOTE: If you go to the chatroom and a scheduled psychic is not there, please let us know.

Click #PATWpsychic-chat to join the chatroom through the www.

OR: if you prefer to use your IRC program then the server to connect with is “” We are on channel:
/join #PATWpsychic-chat

To get IRC client software for Windows or MAC

Below is a list of the psychics, their URL to visit them, and the time that they will be giving the readings. To learn more about each psychic just click of their name.

NOTE: It is not the responsibility of Circle of Light if psychics do not show up for their scheduled time. Though please email MariaSuzonne if this happens!



         Lady LaRoda – 4pm to 5pm


         PathofHope – 9am to 10am

         Rev Jenni – 1pm to 2pm


         RaeAngel – 6pm to 8pm



         Starwoman – 9am to 10am

         Sherlyn – 11am to Noon


         Rev. Ashley Walsh – 9am to 10am

         Rev. Cassandra – Noon to 1pm

I send you love.

Rev.Cassandra Anaya, PhD. (email)

DISCLAIMER: The psychics listed on this schedule are each independent and are not affiliated nor work for Circle of Light. Their views and opinions are their own and may or may not be in conjunction with Circle of Light nor Rev. Cassandra Anaya. It is not the responsibility to assure that each psychic maintains their chosen schedule, but the responsibility of the individual psychic themselves.

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