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Graphics compliment of artist: Jon-William of Sun Spirit

Angel's Love WebRing was formed May 30, 1998. We are true believers in angels, which helps us feel safe, at peace, in harmony and closer to the Universal One, GOD, on a daily basis. "Angel's Love" WebRing's intention is to connect all those that have a true belief of Angels together in a circle. We are angel believers and a joy to visit for those who are angel enthusiatists. Please, come and look at the ring and follow a few sites. You will enjoy it and hopefully, come away with a sense of warmth, love and friendship.
Those in Angel's Love WebRing believe it is our responsibility to live in peace, harmony and unity with our brothers, sisters and nature on this planet. We are not alone in this quest. It is the intent of Angel's Love WebRing to link us together as one planet; one people; one Universe. We come from many different walks of life; from different customs; from different cultures; from different religions; from different occupations and from different philosophies. If you believe in angels then please join us in "Angel's Love" WebRing. To join Angel's Love WebRing, please, fill out and submit the following form.


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The angel graphics used for the ring are, with permission, from artist: Jon-William of Sun Spirit
Please, go to his site for some more beautiful art work!!!

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