On April 4, 1993 – anniversary

Celebration by Fun Factory

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Twice a year, April & September, we celebrate two special dates of A Circle of Light being on the internet.

On April 4, 1993 – anniversary

Rev. Cassandra, MariaSuzonne, & A Circle of Light joined together with the internet’s worldwide web.

September 6, 1996 – birthday

Rev. Cassandra purchased the domain name & the website Circle-of-Light.com was born.


In celebration of 21 years on the net Rev. Cassandra is giving away


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How do you qualify to win one of the free readings?

During the month April purchase any of
the following services & you’ll be entered in the drawing;

Psychic Readings,
Angel Connections,
Karmic Lessons,
Spells or Rituals,
Chakras, Balancing Cleansing,
Numerology Report,
Spiritual Healings,
Gift Certificates

The 21 winners will be chosen May 5, 2014. MariaSuzonne will notify the winners as soon as they are chosen.

Winners: receive the reading yourself or give it to a friend, a family member, or whomever you wish.

Readings to be completed prior to June 15, 2014 or forfeited. Recipients must be 18 years or older.

(Written permission from a parent is acceptable for a minor if the parent has previously used any of our services.)


* NOTE: Winner’s reading will be based according to the purchase made during April, 2014.

       &nbsp     &nbsp      EXAMPLES:

       &nbsp     &nbsp      
– You’ve requested an email reading you could win an email reading.
       &nbsp     &nbsp      
– You’ve requested phone or Skype reading you could win a phone or Skype reading of equal time.
       &nbsp     &nbsp      
– You’ve requested an in person reading you could win an in person reading of equal time.
       &nbsp     &nbsp      
– You’ve ordered a numerology report you could win an email reading.
       &nbsp     &nbsp      
– You’ve ordered a spell or a ritual you could an hour win phone reading.
       &nbsp     &nbsp      
– You’ve ordered a spiritual healing you could win an hour phone reading.
       &nbsp     &nbsp      
– You’ve ordered your chakras cleansed and balanced or balanced you could win an hour phone reading.

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We send you love, light & blessings.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you these many years.


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