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leo gif Jul 24 – Aug 23

Beginning to see the sun come up and beginning to bring some long term projects to material manifestation. You will see your career become much more substantial soon, but be forced to pay the price in hard work and ego-flexibility. What a drag it is for the Kittycat Conquistador to deal with the demands of the little mice (Mars in Scorpio square your Leo energy this month), but the peanut gallery may wish to edit your work, crowd your throne, stab you playfully in the back and hindquarters, throw a few jealous fits, and scurry all over your greatness. Tolerate their jealous-punk syndromes but don’t cave in. “Thank you for the constructive feedback, I’ll take it under advisement — wow, where did you learn all that?” may help to forestall their attempt to rise to your stature by trimming down your mane. Better to eat a little crow than have it jammed down your throat. All in all, be patient and keep charging forward in putting on the Greatest Show on Earth. Take care of the due dilligence and learn from the obstacles.


virgo gif Aug 24 – Sep 23

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking not that tired old line again. Ah well, it takes one to rib one. And you will get a fair amount of ribbing, challenging, and forced growth this month. All the Neptunian, confusing Piscean and retrograde planetary energy out there right now will force you to think with your heart, not just your genius I.Q.. There will be plenty of maids and mermen in distress to rescue this month, whether or not they heed your brilliant adivce — so what else is new? Maybe you better take it yourself! With your ruling planet Chiron conjoining intense Pluto in your lower-square sign Sagittarius hitting a station, you may be debating a journey, course of health maintenance, or forward leap into a new dimension of personal growth this month. Mr. Spock takes the helm! You are a wonderfullly intelligent, giving, highminded person, so don’t be afraid to exercise your leadership ability. When you can keep your head while all around you are losing theirs — then you will discover who you really are. So follow your inner wisdom and purity: those seven dwarves need you!


libra gif Sep 24 – Oct 23

Now that tough, stubborn, contrary Saturn in Aries has become grounded, responsible, by moving into Taurus, let’s work together. With Saturn in Taurus, you are going to trade in the jousting lance of the last two years for a padded yoke of mutual work and plowing forward. Partnerships start to pay off — next stop the Emerald City! But it will take hard work, and smart work too. So dig in. This month, though you may at times feel buffeted by the outside stuff, your inside stuff is growing much stronger. You know who you are right now better than ever (after having been disappointed by who everyone else has been for the last two years). You are getting your plans together and making them work. Practical focus and doing the grunt work are the keys. Education, job-training, financial responsibility, objective and patient negotiation rather than tempramental seesawing at the drop of a hat, these are taking your forward more than ever before. If someone or some social force buffets you on the teeter-totter, particularly during the middle of this month, learn greater flexiblity and objectivity, as well as more self-confident independence in establishing fair balance. Don’t blame! State your claim! Don’t sell or punch out, use diplomacy to win the bout.


scorpio gif Oct 24 – Nov 22

Your ruling planet Pluto, the symbol of intensity, resurrection, great power and great upheaval goes retrograde on the 14th, and the planet of aggressiveness, change, conflict, and fiery energy Mars continues in Scorpio and hits a major retrograde station on the 19th — so easy, turbo! A good time to count to one hundred before you overreact in situations of temptation, anger, jealousy, moodiness, passion, alienation, oversensitivity, or anything else too radically “lower Scorpio.” Remember, just because they’re out to get you, doesn’t mean you’re not paranoid. Who is stronger, the instigator of conflict, or the bastion of peace? You will very much learn the value of chilling not emotion-spilling this month, if you examine every situation you are going through from a realistic viewpoint and be prepared to adapt, not overreact to the weirdness of others — and your own! Hire a friend to help you relax. Get a massage, do some spiritual soul-searching. There would be no harm in retiring to a desert island or leadline closet for the middle weeks of March. You need this time to glimpse your immortal soul, not send up sparks that could turn into an oil fire. And if you simply MUST deal with people or new projects during this time, practice over and over the magic pharse: “Hmmm, you may be right. I see your point of view. Let’s discuss this after I have some time to think it over, shall we?” It just might save your Scorpio skin.


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