Free Geomancy Reading

Free Geomancy Reading

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The single figure in the far right column is the Judge.
The two figures in the third column are the Witnesses.

    Now for interpreting the Final Outcome:

  • Good Judge + good Witnesses = Excellent Outcome.
  • Bad Judge + bad Witnesses = Bad Outcome.
  • Good Judge + bad Witnesses = Success after delays and problems.
  • Bad Judge + good Witnesses = No real or enduring success.

VIA (THE WAY) This figure signifies a journey, action and forward movement. There is an element of loneliness connected with this figure as well as a sense of slowness or delay. Change. However, it signifies being on the right path. This figure is generally unfavorable unless the question is about travel or progress. Medieval: Waning Moon/Capricorn Agrippa: Moon/Cancer
POPULUS (THE PEOPLE) This figure denotes family, friends, group involvement and generally indicates that the outcome depends on others. It can also mean messages and news as well as the environment around us. Change. Medieval: Waxing Moon/Capricorn Agrippa: Moon/Cancer

CONJUNCTIO (UNION) This figure signifies love, friendship, sexual attraction, contracts, agreements and partnerships. It also indicates the recovery of lost objects. Medieval: Mercury (R)/Virgo Agrippa: Mercury/Virgo
CARCER (PRISON) Confinement, limitations and restrictions Delays and reversals of fortune. Good for contracts and mortgages etc. Servitude and the need to accept the situation as it is. Medieval: Saturn (D)/Pisces Agrippa: Saturn/Capricorn

FORTUNA MAJOR (THE GREATER FORTUNE) Success, good luck, great fortune, celebration, property and possessions. Honor and respect. Medieval: Sun (D)/Aquarius Agrippa: Sun/Leo
FORTUNA MINOR (THE LESSER FORTUNE) Smaller good fortune, assistance from others, influence, protection from misfortune and harm. You may have to work hard but success is yours. Medieval: Sun (R)/Taurus Agrippa: Sun/Leo

ACQUISITIO (GAIN) Prosperity, promotion, benefit, gains from business or extension of existing property. Worldly success. Your difficulties are now behind you. Medieval: Jupiter (D)/Aries Agrippa: Jupiter/Pisces
AMISSIO (LOSS) Loss of money, sometimes loss of love. Things lost or taken away, illness, theft, financial problems. Negative outcome. However, if you wish to lose something (weight etc.), you will be successful. Medieval: Venus (R)/Scorpio Agrippa: Venus/Libra

TRISTITIA (SADNESS) Unexpected disappointment, sadness, humiliation, loneliness, change for the worse. Loss and destruction of something that has been carefully built up. Medieval: Saturn(R)/Scorpio Agrippa: Saturn/Aquarius
LAETITIA (JOY) Joy, laughter, happiness, good fortune, delight, beauty, good health, harmony and peace of mind. Favorable for creative endeavors. Medieval: Jupiter (R)/Taurus Agrippa: Jupiter/Sagittarius

RUBEUS (RED) Passion, vice, temper. This is a warning for caution and a need for retreat. Negativity and upheaval. Stop and listen to your inner voice to find the correct path to follow. Medieval: Mars(D)/Gemini Agrippa: Mars/Scorpio
ALBUS (WHITE) Illumination, wisdom, good results in business through moderation and careful decisions. Spiritual growth and harmony. Patience, thoughtfulness and the ability to balance all areas of life. Medieval: Mercury(D)/Cancer Agrippa: Mercury/Gemini

PUELLA (GIRL) Girl, lady, purity, cleanliness, external appearances, including superficiality, indecisiveness and fickleness. Good relationships with women. Healing and nurturing. Music and the arts. Medieval: Venus(D)/Gemini Agrippa: Venus/Taurus
PUER (BOY) Young man, men, employee. Rashness and combativeness. Traditionally good for love and war, but negative or other matters. Great energy that needs to be harnessed. Initiative and leadership. Impulsive behavior. Medieval: Mars (D)/Libra Agrippa: Mars/Aries

CAPUT DRACONIS (DRAGON’S HEAD) A place of entry, a beginning. New starts, birth and innocence. Alertness and shrewdness. Medieval: North Node/Virgo Agrippa: North Node/Capricorn
CAUDA DRACONIS (DRAGON’S TAIL) An exit, a way out. Bad luck, a downward path, death and endings. Evil. You need to walk away from something and start anew. Medieval: South Node/Sagittarius Agrippa: South Node/Scorpio

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