A Circle of Light’s Terms of Services & Your Privacy

A Circle of Light’s Terms of Services & Your Privacy




Appointments are scheduled for 5 to 7 business days after your request is made.

Appointments are scheduled on California time (Pacific time zone)
Our business days & times are:
Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm
or Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

Scheduled appointments refer to any service that requires an appointment that is In person, phone, Skype, or private chat room on my site and may include, but not limited to clairvoyant psychic readings, angel readings, channeled readings, angel connections, feng shui consultation, hypnotherapy sessions, and/or spiritual healings.

You MUST be on time for your appointment! Rev. Cassandra has a very busy schedule, but wants to insure that your reading is given the appropriate attention and time requested. Thus being late will not allot you the full time you requested.

You MUST be in a quiet place away outside disturbances. This keeps the energy clear for better results without interruptions. This is especially mandatory if you are connecting to your angels because too much noise can hinder you “re”connecting to your angels. It takes a great deal of your body awareness the FIRST time you “re”connect with your angels. So quietness is a necessity.

APPOINTMENT – WHEN YOU NEED TO CANCEL & RESCHEDULE: Occasionally, we have all had to cancel and reschedule an appointment. Please give us, at minimum, a 48 hour notice or you will be charged as a missed appointment. We do understand that sometimes, due to an emergency, that is impossible, but let us know as soon as possible and a decision will be made. If you cancel your appointment twice, there will not be a third appointment scheduled and ALL the money you paid will be donated to the charity you chose when ordering. So choose your appointment time wisely.


An appointment is considered missed if you are:

  • more than 5 minutes late for your appointment;
  • are in a noisy environment for your appointment, or
  • cancelled an appointment less than 48 hrs from you scheduled appointment

If any of the above apply, you will have to reschedule a second appointment and your present appointment will be considered a ‘missed appointment’. If you ‘miss’ the second appointment your fee will be forfeited and donated to charity. Please, understand Rev. Cassandra has millions clients from around the world. Her time is valuable and we do not have time to waste scheduling and rescheduling for someone who misses appointments. If you decide you want the service you will be required start over by placing a new order. However, you will only be allowed to schedule an appointment once. If you have another ‘missed appointment’, there will not be a second appointment and your money will again be forfeited and donated to charity. Beyond that, Rev. Cassandra will no longer accept you as a client. Her intentions are to help people and she can’t help someone, who doesn’t show up and wastes her time in the process. She rather be helping a person, who keeps their appt.


It is important that you give us at least 48 hours notice of cancellation. We have clients on a ‘cancellation waiting list’ and with 48 hours notice we have enough time to contact them about a cancellation. Thus her time is not wasted and she can help someone else. If you cancel without a 48 hour notice it is the same as the ‘missed appointment’ and you may reschedule a second appointment, but not a third. However, if it is an emergency then the ‘missed appointment’ policy will not apply and you’ll be able reschedule as a first appointment.


Email readings, karmic lessons, and/or numerology reports are sent by email 5 to 7 business days after your request is made. Once you receive your email if you have any questions about something Rev. Cassandra said then she will happily answer them within the first 5 days after the email was sent.

If any additional information is needed to complete your reading, karmic lessons, or numerology report MariaSuzonne will immediately email you. This happens rarely and generally it is due to our merchant server accidentally deleting some information needed.


We do have a 30 day policy to complete services, but most times are completed within 5 to 7 of our business days (Tuesday – Saturday). Sometimes additional information is needed. MariaSuzonne will send an email asking for the additional information. If you reply the same day or next day then your receive your reading, karmic lessons, or numerology report right on time – in 5 to 7 days.

However, there are those who procrastinate. To you I say – you can not delay giving this info until the 30th day. Rev. Cassandra is a busy woman and can not nor will not change her schedule to do your email reading, karmic lessons and/or numerology reports on the 30th day when it could have been done weeks before. A person, who has been asked additional information must supply the additional information to MariaSuzonne no later than noon (Pacific time zone) on the 23rd day. If not then to receive your reading, karmic lessons, or numerology report you will have start over and reorder again as there is no assurance it can be completed before the 30 days expire. Fortunately, this has happened only once since we came on the net April 4, 1993. And the person actually thanked us for teaching him not to procrastinate (unusual way to learn one of our life’s lessons).�

Additional info; if by chance you don’t receive your email reading, karmic lessons or numerology report within the time designated please immediately contact MariaSuzonne at her email address or via our Contact page. Because cyber space is fallible sometimes emails don’t get delivered and need to be resent. But do know that a request for being resent MUST be done within the 30 days as Rev. Cassandra only keeps readings for that duration and then deletes them from her computer for the protection of your confidentiality. Any request for your email reading, karmic lesson, or numerology report after the 30 days can not be fulfilled. Thus a new reading would have to be ordered.


For the majority of people this section does not apply. This is simply because these people TCB. They know their reading requires scheduling an appointment, they do so asap, and the reading is completed in a week or less after the reading was ordered.

Therefore this section completely applies to those who procrastinate:

If you order any service requiring an appointment the service must be completed within 25 days from the ordering date. If the 25th day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday then the Friday before will be the designated 25th day. To ensure availability all appointments are to be scheduled 7 of our business days prior to the 25th day or designated 25th day. If it happens that you don’t schedule then your money will be forfeited and donated to the charity, minus the minimal merchant fees we paid. The charity will be the one you chose when placing the order page.

Fortunately this has never happened in all the years on the net. Thank God. Of course maybe the realization that procrastinating can cost them to lose their money motivates the procrastinators to make sure they receive their service. Whatever it takes!!!


If you have any questions you may find the answer on our Reading faq page. If not, then contact MariaSuzonne



When a spell or ritual is ordered it takes several days before it can even begin (5 to 7 days; not just my business days). First we have to contact one of our candle makers and schedule a time to make the candles. Once the appointment is confirmed and they get together it takes several hours to make the candles. Then ritual or spell can begin. Generally MariaSuzonne emails you the day the candles are made to tell you the spell or ritual will begin the following day. During the spell or ritual Rev. Cassandra will send you email updates every few days so you’ll know what is going on with your spell or ritual.


If you have questions about the Spells & Rituals maybe than can be answered on our faq page. If not, then contact MariaSuzonne



We offer gift certificates for every occasion; i.e. birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, expectant parents, etc. If you would like to request a gift certificate, please contact my administrator, MariaSuzonne

We do our gift certificates a little different. Instead of giving you a piece of paper, we make it more personal for you to present the recipient by making a very personalized page for the recipient on our site. To see an example of a birthday gift certificate go to https://www.circle-of-light.com/giftcertificates/.

Gift certificates must be ordered at least 2 weeks prior to you giving this gift. This is to allot enough time to set up the gift certificate page. Once it is set up we will want your approval. You will be sent an email with the url. If you want any changes they will be done, if at all possible. If not changes are required then your approval will be appreciated.

From date the recipient receives their gift certificate it must be redeemed within thirty (30) days .



Because either of these services are more ongoing services it is most difficult to state completion time frame. However, they must commence within two weeks (14 days) from date of request.



All services must be completed within thirty (30) days from date of request, but generally long before then.

There are only two exceptions to this policy:
1- a gift certificate ordered in advance. For example, you request a gift certificate for someone’s birthday 6 weeks in advance. Since they are to receive the gift certificate for their birthday it obviously can’t be fulfilled within the thirty (30) days. However, from the time the gift certificate is presented to the recipient they have thirty (30) days for the service to be completed.

If you or a gift certificate recipient do not communicate with us to complete the service within the thirty (30) days then the fee you paid will be donated to charity.

2- annual rituals that are ordered more than a month in advance. Each of our annual rituals are put on the site to order approximately 35 or more days in advance. Example, our New Year’s Blessings Ritual begins four separate times; December 16th, January 1st, January 16th, & February 1st. Thus a person ordering the February 1st. New Year’s Blessings Ritual in mid November is exempt of the thirty (30) days policy.



We respect each site visitor’s right to personal privacy. This statement applies solely to information collected on this website as disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

On our request or order form pages we require information from a client, but we never sell or give away this information. A client must provide contact information (such as name, email, phone number, address, etc.) and financial information (such as credit card number, expiration date and code number). All information is encrypted and only used to contact the client acknowledging his or her requests &/or orders and to fulfill them. And of course to contact your credit card company for processing the order.

When sensitive types of information, such as financial information, are transfer and received they are processed through our secure server, which is safer than using your card at a restaurant or department store.

For further information or clarity please refer to our “Privacy Statement” at



(any service requested or ordered)

Cancellation or change of service MUST be made within 48 hours from the time of ordering. NO EXCEPTIONS!



We have a ‘no refund’ policy. However, if I am unable to tune in on you then I certainly would give you a refund. Though that has never happened because the angels can tune in on you; even if I couldn’t.


I have been on line since 1993 and now have over 450,000 clients around the world, who are most satisfied with my services. In all these years only three times has anyone requested a refund; August, 1999, September, 2000 and February, 2006. Their requests were denied because their reasons were completely unwarranted. Example you would not go to a salon or barber and have your hair cut then several months later ask for a refund. The three times were of the same or similar concepts.



I really don’t like the concept of this section, but my attorneys insist. Fortunately I’ve never had to implement an inconvenience fee and hope it is never needed. The inconvenience fee is based on checking accounts, credit cards, money orders, or cashier’s checks and possibly the rare use of Western Union or companies of like workings.

Checks – if a check is returned for insufficient funds, account closed, payment stopped, etc. we will charge the inconvenience fee on top of the original amount paid.

Money orders and Cashier checks – if it turns out the money order or cashier’s check was stolen we will not pursue any action. However, if we find the money order or cashier’s check was valid and a false stolen claim was filed we will pursue it and charge an inconvenience fee plus the original amount paid.

Credit Cards – if a charge is disputed and we were in the wrong or it was a card used fraudulently we will not pursue it. However, if we feel we were not in the wrong we will pursue it. And if we win the dispute we will charge an inconvenience fee (The original amount will be automatically be reimbursed by the issuing financial service and you will be billed the inconvenience fee.).

Miscellaneous – There may possibly be other scenarios I am unfamiliar with. I hope I never am, but in case there are an inconvenience fee may be incurred.

The fee – The fee amount varies determined by several factors. The fee generally would be begin at $50.00 and if my attorneys have to be called in then of course there will be legal fees, which would be much higher.

Like I said in all my years owning a business, even before the internet, I’ve never had to implement an inconvenience fee, and I pray I never have to. And by God’s grace this won’t ever happen.


animated heartMany blessings to you and yours.
Always allow God and the angels to guide you.

I send you love.

Questions regarding our TOS should be directed to us as soon as possible:
Contact A Circle of Light – online

Snail Mail:
A Circle of Light Counseling
P. O. Box 880625
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P. O. Box 71263
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Voice Mails:

Toll Free in US & Canada: 1 (800) 990-0079

Within San Diego call 1 (619 )980-9966

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