2024’s Best Fortune Teller Sites for Free Online Fortune Telling

If you have burning questions that keep you up at night or are curious about what the future may have in store for you, chatting with a fortune teller online is one method to try to gain insight.

While there are many different online fortune teller websites to choose from, they’re not all created equal. To help you decide, we’ve reviewed the best online fortune teller sites to see which ones are the best.

We evaluated each fortune telling service on a variety of factors including specialties offered, free minutes, discounts, and user reviews.

If you’re ready to peek into the future, here are the best online fortune telling services of 2024.

Best Online Fortune Teller Websites of 2024

  • Psychic Source: Best for love readings (3 free minutes + 75% off)
  • Keen Psychics: Best for cheap readings (10 minutes for just $1.99!)
  • Kasamba: Best for career and money questions (3 free minutes + 70% off)
  • AskNow: Best for guidance on big life decisions (ask 1 free question)

#1 Psychic Source: Best for Love Predictions

Psychic Source stands out as one of the most established destinations for online fortune telling. The site has been around since 1989, a rare company that pre-dates mainstream internet adoption. Its combination of skill, knowledge, and experience makes it a go-to choice for anyone interested in learning about their future.

You can talk with hundreds of true fortune tellers at Psychic Source. The company vets each reader for authenticity before they join the platform. The rigorous background check ensures that you get your money’s worth with each session.

Psychic Source readers have various specialties ranging from life advice to loss and grieving. However, if you go to Psychic Source for one thing, go for the love fortune telling. The company has earned a reputation as one of the premier sources for the best love life insights.

You can get in touch with a psychic reader by video, phone, or chat. All you have to do is press “Connect Now” on the fortune teller’s profile. If they’re not available, you can schedule a psychic reading for later.

Each fortune teller sets their own rates, depending on their specialty and demand. New fortune tellers charge around $6 per minute, while more experienced seers command $20 per minute or more. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay full price on your first psychic reading.

Psychic Source offers three free minutes when you talk to a new fortune teller. You can use this promotion multiple times until you find the psychic who fits your needs. The company also offers rates as low as $1 per minute, making it one of the most affordable options for psychic readings.

You pay only for the time you spend talking with a psychic. For example, you might book a 30-minute session but receive only a 15-minute dream interpretation. Psychic Source would charge you for 15 minutes instead of 30.

If you want to know what lies in store for your romantic future, book an appointment at Psychic Source. This online fortune telling site has reliable psychics that can help you sort facts from fiction. A peek inside the crystal ball can provide the answers you crave about your partner, marriage, and happiness.

#2 Keen Psychics: Fortune Readings via Phone or Chat

Keen has been around for more than 20 years. Not only is it one of the oldest fortune telling sites, but it’s also among the most trusted. Countless people rely on the site for affordable and insightful psychic readings.

You can find more than 1,700 Keen psychics when you visit the company’s website. Specialties include tarot readings, spiritual readings, and energy work, to name just a few. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your options, use the filter tool to sort advisors based on their specialties, availability, and price. You can also check online reviews to see which psychic readers have earned glowing testimonials from past clients.

Some Keen psychics, such as Dragonfly Dancer and Shoushan, have completed more than 50,000 online readings. While these psychics have immense skill and experience, you won’t break the bank paying for their online fortune telling services. Keen psychics give new customers three free minutes at the beginning of each session.

Once you find a fortune teller, you can connect via phone, video chat, or email. Keen psychics also offer fortune telling via text, in case you’re on the go. All you have to do is download the Keen mobile app to connect with an advisor.

Your first fortune telling session will cost $1.99 for the first ten minutes. The promotion provides a reasonable way to receive profound insights into your financial struggles or love life. Once the first ten minutes elapse, you’ll pay between $1.99 and $9.99 per minute to continue the session.

Keen psychics come in all shapes and sizes. You can find psychic mediums who claim to communicate with your deceased loved ones or love experts that try to demystify your romantic future. The company even has fortune tellers for tarot readings, astrological advice, and dream analysis.

Keen has handled more than 35 million readings since opening in 1999. It’s a testament to the fortune tellers who deliver the most authentic readings possible. If you want additional insights, you can find informative articles on the company’s blog about love, wellness, and tarot cards.

Keen’s all-in-one platform makes it a top choice for any customer dipping their toes in the psychic universe. It has competitive rates and varied services, ensuring that clients get what they need. The best-in-class service has earned Keen attention in publications like Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Bustle, and Refinery29.

#3 Kasamba: 3 Free Minutes + 70% Off First Psychic Reading

Is your bank account a mess? Do you feel stuck at a dead-end job? You’re not alone. Many other people feel the same way and use Kasamba to try to find answers. It’s one of the premier fortune teller websites for individuals searching for career and money advice.

Kasamba launched in 1999, making it one of the older online fortune telling sites. You can search through hundreds of qualified psychics with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Kasamba’s filter tool makes it a snap to narrow your options based on customer reviews, price, and availability.

While many people go to Kasamba for career and money wisdom, its online fortune tellers offer various psychic specialties. You can find an advisor to perform object readings along with someone capable of reading tarot cards. Some of the other best fortune teller services include dream analysis, love readings, and astrology.

Kasamba’s price ranges have almost as much variation as its fortune tellers’ skill sets. The online psychics charge anywhere from $3 to $30 per minute. Each fortune reading comes with three free minutes at the beginning so that you can save money on every session. Kasamba also provides a 75% discount to new members.

Once you find a genuine fortune teller that aligns with your interests, you can click “Let’s Chat” on their profile. The click of a button will give you immediate access to an experienced advisor via online chat or email. Currently, Kasamba does not support video calls.

The limited communication methods haven’t stopped people from raving about Kasamba. The site has earned more than 4 million five-star ratings over the last 20 years. All of its online fortune teller readings also come with 100 percent anonymity and SSL payment security.

If you want to get more out of your Kasamba experience, consider joining its affiliate program. All you have to do is tell friends and family members about the site via social media or banner ads. Every time someone becomes a new Kasamba customer using your link, the company will send you $125.

Kasamba makes it easy to get online fortune teller readings in no time. The site hosts the best and brightest minds in the industry, making it a source of wisdom. All fortune telling sessions come with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you walk away from your chat happy.

#4 AskNow: Gifted Fortune Tellers with Years of Experience

AskNow markets itself as the nation’s premier psychic network, and it’s hard to argue. The platform is home to the best fortune tellers for guidance on big life decisions. A call with an experienced fortune teller may provide the helping hand you might need to navigate complex or delicate situations.

AskNow has been in business since 2004. It works with qualified and gifted fortune tellers across the United States to try to provide people with essential truths. You can find answers at AskNow, whether you have questions about your romantic life, relationships, or career.

You can connect with a fortune teller in seconds by using the AskNow filter tool. It lets you sort advisors based on their availability, reading type, price, and specialty. You can also find fortune tellers who are bilingual and use divination tools.

If you want budget-friendly online fortune telling, search for top-rated advisors. These fortune tellers cost only $3.99 to $9.99 per minute. Meanwhile, the elite advisors charge $10 to $12.99 per minute, while the master advisors cost more than $13 per minute.

First-time users can talk with any top-rated advisor for $1 per minute for up to 30 minutes. The reasonable offers give you more than enough time to determine if an online fortune teller is genuine. AskNow will even sweeten your first call by giving you five minutes free with a master or elite advisor.

You can kick-start your fortune telling session by chat or phone. If your preferred fortune teller isn’t available, you can schedule a call for later. Just select “Call Back” on the fortune teller’s profile and enter your desired time and date.

AskNow has earned a reputation for assisting people with looming life decisions. You may be struggling to choose between two job offers or decide whether to continue a relationship with a current partner. An AskNow online fortune teller may help guide you through challenging times and toward the right path.

Each fortune telling session comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel a connection with your fortune teller, AskNow will refund your account with five free minutes. The company will automatically apply the promotion to your next reading.

What Tools Do Psychics Use for Online Fortune Telling?

Most of the time, fortune tellers don’t need gadgets or tools to tell your future. Of course, there are some exceptions. Tarot card readings are one of the most popular fortune telling methods and require a specialized deck of cards.

Each tarot deck contains 78 cards. Twenty-two cards represent the major arcana, which covers a blend of ideas, concepts, and principles. The remaining 56 cards encapsulate the minor arcana and represent trials and tribulations in people’s lives.

tarot card reader lays out cards that they believe represent your future. It’s their job to interpret the cards based on their positions and neighboring cards. A positive spread can instill clarity and reassurance, while an ominous layout may forecast tough times.

Tarot readings aren’t the only type of fortune telling online that requires tools. Cartomancy involves playing cards, with the standard deck containing 52 cards. Fortune tellers can use the deck for fortune telling or divination to gain insight into specific questions via the occult.

Other popular fortune telling tools include gems and runes. Some fortune tellers use stones during divination, a practice called lithomancy. Meanwhile, the runic alphabet can offer a sneak peek at what’s to come in life while serving as a protective sigil.

Things to Know Before Talking to a Fortune Teller Online

Some people prefer in-person fortune telling services because of the ambience and intimacy. Here’s the truth, though: Proximity doesn’t impact a reading’s integrity. You can still get authentic fortune telling if you get a psychic reading via video call, phone, or chat.

Psychics believe that fortune telling requires advisors to tap into a person’s energy fields from a distance. The best online psychics don’t lose that ability when they perform accurate readings over the phone. However, they do need open and cooperative clients to ensure a precise interpretation.

Give your psychic time to prepare for your online fortune telling. Even experienced spiritual advisors need a moment to get into the proper headspace. Minor disruptions can setback your online fortune telling and jeopardize the reading’s accuracy.

Let your fortune teller guide the way during the session. A genuine fortune teller online knows what they’re doing and how to look into the future. Let them do the talking as they find the answers to your burning questions.

Sometimes answers will come in bits and pieces instead of coherent sentences. Keep your ears open for enlightening tidbits. These words or phrases can unlock the answers you seek from your past life, object, or tarot readings.

Avoid going into readings with an agenda. While you may have questions about your finances or past life, a psychic can only provide answers based on what they see and feel. The gypsy fortune teller may not have the resolutions you want because the future may be murky.

Finally, leave the fortune telling session if something feels amiss. No fortune teller online should predict your death or an upcoming lottery win. Consider over-the-top predictions to be red flags and a sign to end the reading.

How Much Do Online Fortune Tellers Cost?

Each online fortune teller sets their price. Less experienced advisors may charge $3 to $6 per minute, while veteran seers charge upwards of $30 per minute. The cost can also vary depending on the specialty, with love life readings having a higher demand than cartomancy or lost object readings.

If you’re on a tight budget, sort the online fortune tellers using the filter tool. You can view accurate fortune tellers within your price range, ensuring that you don’t overspend on psychic services. Note that video call readings, phone psychics, and chat readings cost the same rate. Emails are the exception to the rule because they don’t happen in real-time.

Most psychics don’t offer free fortune telling services. However, you can take advantage of free minutes. The free minutes apply to the beginning of your session, and if you cancel within the allotted time, you won’t pay a cent.

What Psychic Abilities Do Fortune Tellers Possess?


Clairvoyants can “see clearly” when other fortune tellers cannot. No, clairvoyance doesn’t refer to sight. It means that these psychics believe to have a figurative third eye for present, future, and past life readings.

What makes clairvoyants unique is their ability to tap into energies that average fortune tellers cannot. Most clairvoyants say they can access a person’s reiki or chakra energy that connects their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. This heightened level of perception provides unparalleled detail when conjuring predictions.


Some of the best fortune tellers in the world are believed to receive intuitive vocal messages from the great beyond. This ability, known as clairaudience, involves hearing messages from spiritual beings. Their talent allows them to access knowledge beyond the physical world.

No two clairaudients hear things the same way. One person might receive jumbled music or sounds, while another one hears precise words. Some individuals even hear spirit voices during their sleep. Regardless of their specific abilities, these fortune tellers can use the innate gift of clairaudience to attempt to make other people’s lives better.

Extrasensory Perception

Extrasensory perception, also known as ESP or a sixth sense, involves fortune telling beyond the physical senses. That means that fortune tellers believe they can look into the future without relying on touch, smell, sights, taste, or hearing. Unlike ordinary senses, ESP doesn’t have limitations. It provides fortune tellers intimate access into clients’ lives.

Even ordinary people may experience bursts of extrasensory perception. Psychics say if you feel that you’ve already lived through a current situation, that might be because you have. This phenomenon, known as déjà vu, provides a paranormal context to everyday occurrences.


Telepaths may have the perfect skill set for online fortune telling. They believe to intuit other people’s thoughts and feelings without being in the same room. The fortune telling method requires talents beyond traditional human sensory perception, making authentic telepaths a rare find.

Telepathy comes in multiple forms. For instance, latent telepaths communicate information with a delay. It may take a few minutes or even hours for the transmission to reach the intended target. Meanwhile, emotive telepaths can transfer kinesthetic sensations to people, while superconscious telepaths access all of humanity’s collective wisdom.


Many online fortune tellers believe to have precognitive abilities. They may see events in the future, thanks to an inner eye. Some people believe to experience precognition in their dreams, allowing them to experience the future while living in the present.

The best fortune tellers may hone their ability to look at a specific person’s life. After they try to tap into the psychic energies surrounding that individual, they seem to be able to watch that person’s future unfold. It provides an intimate and detailed way to answer pressing questions about things to come.


Death is the end of a person’s physical journey. For some, it doesn’t have to mean the end of communication, however. Mediums, also known as channelers, believe to connect with a deceased soul so that you may talk with your loved ones on earth.

Mediums may provide comfort and solace to grieving people. They are said to provide a bridge between the physical realm and the afterlife so that the living may know their deceased relatives are in a better place. The gift of communicating with the dead makes reconnecting with kindred spirits possible.

Note that psychics and mediums are slightly different. Psychics use a wide range of skills and tools to provide readings, while mediums believe to only talk with the dead. Put another way: All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.

The Advantages of Getting a Fortune Reading Online


Imagine getting a great fortune telling service without leaving your home. Now you can with a quick internet search. Fortune tellers online deliver the same level of readings as their in-person counterparts without compromising convenience.

Online fortune tellers let you schedule appointments at your leisure, not the other way around. You can meet for a session when you have free time, whether that’s between errands or during lunch. The flexibility of online appointments makes it a snap to talk with a trusted advisor when you need some advice.

More Affordable

Fortune tellers online typically charge less for their services than in-person ones. Why? They don’t have to pay for the overhead expenses that come with in-person fortune telling. That means you can get more bang for your buck with each session.

Let’s say you talk with a fortune teller online. You’re speaking to that person remotely, whether that’s via phone, video, or chat. The fortune teller doesn’t need an office, a receptionist, or other tangible assets. The lower overhead costs allow them to pass on saving to you, the customer, in the form of lower prices.

Multiple Contact Methods

The best fortune telling experience depends on the consumer. Do you enjoy calling your friends and family daily? If so, you might prefer fortune telling over the phone. However, if you’re an introvert, texting might serve as the best fortune telling method for you.

Online readings offer greater versatility than the in-person alternative. You can connect with a gypsy fortune teller by phone, video, chat, or email. It ensures that you feel comfortable during your sessions and can open up enough to guarantee accurate readings.

Greater Accessibility

Getting in touch with an in-person fortune teller can be tricky. First, you have to commute to the business, park your car, and wait in line. That all takes place before you say a word to the fortune teller. If you live in a rural area or have a disability, these minor inconveniences may deter you from seeking a psychic reading.

Free online fortune telling lowers the barriers to entry. You can speak with the best fortune teller in the world without leaving your home. That means no more long drives to the city or traversing inaccessible streets and buildings.

More Frequent Sessions

Online psychic websites allow you to contact a fortune teller online 24 hour a day from anywhere. Whenever you experience a road bump in your journey, you can reach out in seconds. The easy-to-use websites and mobile apps deliver instant access to wisdom and guidance.

Sites like Keen, Kasamba, and Psychic Source charge people based only on the length of conversations. That means you can talk with a fortune teller online as much or as little as you want. The flexible model makes it a snap to get the optimal amount of advice.

Can I Talk to a Fortune Teller for Free?

Yes and no. Don’t expect a free online fortune teller at any site on our list. However, you can take advantage of limited-time offers and seasonal promotions on psychic services.

Many companies provide three free psychic minutes at the start of fortune teller readings. This offer lets you start a dialogue without making a financial commitment. If you don’t feel a connection, you can end the call and avoid paying a fee. It’s as close to free fortune telling reading as you can get.

Psychic Source also has a membership rewards program. Users can receive bonus dollars based on how many online readings they receive. For instance, if you speak with a fortune teller 30 times in a month, you’ll earn $30 that you can apply toward future sessions.

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