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Spiritual Healings

As a spiritual healer I use my natural born spiritual healing abilities to help you heal.

A portion of my gross income goes to charity.

Spiritual Healer –

  • Definitions
    * Spiritual – of or pertaining to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature;
    * Healer – one who helps to make whole or sound; cleanse; and with the grace of God and a personal’s will, restore to health.

Spiritual Healing involves the treating of oneself or others, (in person, with Skype, by phone and/or distant healing). As a spiritual healer I use my natural born spiritual healing abilities to heal.

For in person healings I use my abilities by standing near and projecting God’s Universal Healing light to the person.

For distant healings I use my abilities by sending God’s Universal Healing Light by energy of thought and prayer, to people who are unable to receive a healing in person. Anyone, anywhere, worldwide can successfully receive a healing.

In both of these venues I also pull their illness into a white bubble of God’s purest healing light. After I’ve finished the session giving or sending God’s Universal Healing Light I release a little of their illness at a time and absorb it within myself so I may better destroy it. By having it within me I can better determine what needs to be done to destroy the illness.

My Personal Experience: As you probably noticed above I said ‘the treating of oneself……’. In August, 1990 I went to my gynecologist and told him something was going on within my uterus that did not feel right. I had just had a pelvic exam three mths earlier (a ‘Thin Pap”, which is far superior to a Pap Smear, that came back negative). However I know my body very very well and my doctors knows that. So he gave me another pelvic exam. This time along the wall of the uterus he felt a small bump and recommended a sonogram. In the results we saw there was actually a 2 inch tumor inside the uterus wall. I asked him what normal procedure was and he said ‘most women have a biopsy, some other tests and possibly a full or partial hysterectomy, but I have no idea what YOU are going to do’. (He has been my doctor since 1975 and knows I rather use what doctors consider unconventional or alternative medicine.) The first thing I did was answer the question of “Why?” did this tumor appear. I believe that ALL illnesses/dis-eases appear in the body as a result of what is going on in our minds. Thus when we get a dis-ease (even a cold) it is the body’s way of saying ‘take a look at what is going on in your mind; change it and the dis-ease will also change’.

Tumors are a result of mental thoughts of ‘nursing old hurts and shocks. Building remorse. The uterus represent the home of creativity and sexuality. When I realized this I also instantly knew where it came from; I was sexually abused as a child. Hence, old hurts and shocks showed up in my home of creativity. Once I knew the why, I started doing a spiritual healing on myself; along with visualizing the tumor leaving my body (I used little green, the color of healing, pacman to gobble the tumor away). I also began drinking lots of red clover tea (without sweetener; doesn’t need sweetening anyway), and within 8 months the tumor was gone. After the sonogram showing it was gone my doctor said “I’ve heard of people doing this, but never met someone, who did and it doesn’t surprise me it was you”. Then he extended his hand to shake mine. I said “you’ve been my doctor all these years and all I get is a handshake”. I threw my arms around him and gave him a hug. You see my alternative thinking and also his belief in me helped me rid myself of the tumor. I couldn’t imagine a doctor being a benefit to my healing if he/she totally discouraged me in my alternative approach (Actually I would have found a new doctor). To this day, all these years later, it has never returned. I have no idea if it was benign nor malignant…and really don’t care as long as it’s gone.
To answer a question I’ve been asked many times – yes it can be more difficult to heal yourself than another, but only when people just don’t want to see the forest for the trees.

BTW, as a gift I gave my doctor a special book as I knew he was ready. The book is “Quantum Healing” by Dr. Deepak Chopra. After reading it he shared it with many of his colleagues and told them my story. Most of them went out and bought their own copy. I am so thrilled that San Diego now has far more medical doctors, who have expanded their knowledge to include Eastern Medicine.

A little about Dr. Chopra; he began studying medicine in India at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in the fields of internal medicine and endocrinology. After coming to the US he completed is internship at a 400 bed hospital in Plainfield, NJ. Then did his residency at both the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA and at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville, VA. He then went to work at the New England Memorial Hospital (later changed to Boston Regional Medical Center) in Stoneham, MA where he rose to position of Chief of Staff. He is a member of the American Medical Association (AMA) and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. With his knowledge he became more and more aware of the limitations of western medicine. So upon being invited by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi he began studying Ayurvedic medicine, which stresses a more holistic approach to medical care and TM (Transcendental Meditation). Dr. Chopra is a medical doctor, who combined Western and Eastern medicine in the US when it was pretty much unthinkable. (I was blessed to have met Dr. Chopra once at a party a my friend Louise L. Hay’s house. He is a very interesting man.)

(Fortunately I was raised by a mother, who was also a ob/gyn and preferred giving herbs to her patients if they were receptive to them. She disliked standard medicines simply because they contain too many chemicals. She felt they were more destructive vs constructive. Added note – when my sister and I were very young we thought we were quite cleaver because we knew how to get my mother to swear. We would simply ask her over and over what she thought of the FDA. Her answer never changed; she would say “the damn fools”. We thought we were so smart getting her to swear, but years later, after growing up, we realized she was on to us the entire time. How sweet of her to play along with our mischievous antics.)

Now, back to my spiritual healings – as a Healer, I give my time and energy to make myself an instrument/vessel for Spirit; to direct the Universal Healing Light where it is most needed. I am only a channel for this Healing Light.

Having worked with the Universal Healing Light all my life, I have found that the healing comes from One source. I believe that source to be God. Though others may call Our Creator by different names it is still ONE source.

The favorable way to receive a spiritual healing would be in person, with Skype, or by phone. The healing seems to have quicker affects. However, no matter how you receive your healing, the end results are equal.

The initial healing (first day) process takes approximately 2+ hours. After that my task is then to sit quietly twice a day for 7 days, sending Healing Light through energy, prayers and thoughts directly to you. Occasionally, if it is deemed necessary, I will pull the malady in my body to dispel it.

FEES: (includes initial healing and the 7 days)
– $550.00 (in person, with Skype, or by phone)

– $450.00 (long distance, only)

Included in the fee is the consultation, any candles, incense, herbs, etc. that will be used for the healing. Also, a candle will be lit on my site and you will be included in the Prayer Circle.

Our services for those in need.

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These services are free yet any donations will be given to charity


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