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Miss Cassandra,

My husband and I were on the verge of separating, which frightened me because I know we love each other and we have 2 little children that need their father here.

MariaSuzonne suggested a fresh start spell, but also told me that occasionally people find that they want a fresh start without the other person. I decided if that was the case then it would be fine as it meant I wouldn’t be frightened.

As it turned out we decided to have a fresh start by learning to be friends again. It has been almost a year since you performed the spell for us. Everything is wonderful again and our friendship is strong again and our marriage is just as strong as it was when we first married. This coming Valentine’s Day we are renewing our wedding vows and hoped you could come to the wedding, but MariaSuzonne did tell me you wouldn’t be able to because that is the time when you are performing the Valentines day love spell, which after talking to Jacob we are going to order. We feel having the spell burning the day we renew our wedding vows and since you helped us to get to where we are it would be beneficial to have this spell, too. And of course you are going to begin our 2013 New Years blessings spell in a few days. Thank you in advance for all three of these spells.

Thank you for helping us give our marriage an open door to walk through.

Happy New Year

Elisa R.

December 29, 2012


Dear Cassandra,

I requested the ‘Quick Money’ spell and was amazed at how it worked. I have been asking for a raise so I could give a better life to my daughters and myself, but kept being told that the economy was tight and I could not have one. After the quick money ritual I bought a lottery ticket and won $5,000.00. Then when I went to work this morning my boss not only gave me a raise, but a promotion, which is more money that I would have received with just a raise. (Just in time for Christmas)

Thank you over and over,

Mellina M.

December 6, 2012


Dear Cassandra,

I just wanted you to know that the Rainbow Love Ritual you performed for us has worked wonders. I was aware it was completed yesterday (the full moon), however, I did not expect results so quickly and accurately. Gary and I have not been able to communicate like we did last night in quite some time now, and I thank you with all my heart. I don’t feel that wedge or block we had between us anymore, and I am sure the Outside Forces Ritual has had much to do with that. I am hoping the next ritual to repel negativity will get us on the right path again. Thank you for your efforts, your love and support.

Many blessings & best wishes always,

Dolores P.

November 21, 2012


Six years ago after explaining my situation to your administrator, MariaSuzonne, she emailed me with the angel’s and your suggestion. I purchased the chakra cleansing and balancing. I was so amazed at the transformation within myself that I have purchased the balancing every 3 mths, as you suggest on your site. I shall continue to do this for as long as I live since it has been of great benefit. I almost never have fear or worry and have let go of guilt and I always seem to be able to handle any uncomfortable situation that comes my way and my children have benefited from me being more in balance. I’m sorry I didn’t email you sooner with this testimonial. I just didn’t think about it until today while on your site and started reading your testimonials. Now, that I’ve written this I’m going to go order my quarterly chakra work and a chakra cleansing and balancing for my eldest son. I’m sure he will benefit also as he has been overwhelmed with it being his first year of college.

Thank you for all you have done throughout the years.

Marissa I.

October 17, 2012



I want to thank you so much for the Cleansing and Purification Ritual you did on our home. We had it on the market for several months and did not have any success with a buyer. The first day of the ritual brought us an interested party and by the time the ritual was completed our home was in escrow. Thank you for your help.

Robert & Amy O.

October 9, 2012


Dear MariaSuzonne and Rev. Cassandra,

First of all, I’m very sorry for only contacting you and your amazing angels whenever there is a “problem” in my life. You are such blessed beings. You deserve to receive just as much good news as well. People don’t seem to say as much when things are working out for some reason.

Well they pretty much have been for me. My business is going well. I have a bit too much of it but that’s a fine problem and I have willing trustworthy friends and employees to help me recently. I hope the trend continues and thank my blessings. It’s really just enough right now. I’d love more profits but I don’t want them for nothing, so I’m happy.

Thank you so much for all your help in the past and all your love, always.

Hope you are having a great summer,

Maggie F.

July 31, 2012


Dearest Rev. Cassandra,

When I first thought about doing a ritual I was a bit nervous. I searched many sites and they seemed to border on the work of the devil. Then I found your site. I spent several hours looking through everything and decided that you were not working with the devil, but with God and the angels. That made me feel more safe. I had you do a prosperity ritual for me, gearing it towards financial prosperity and I still am amazed at the results. I know it is a 14 day ritual, but the 2nd day of the ritual a former friend called me and paid me back $2,000.00 that she owed me for over 5 yrs. The next thing that happened was that I won $15,000.00 at a casino the 8th day of the ritual. Then 5 days after the ritual was completed we got notice from our attorney that our law suit was to be settled out of court and we would receive what we were asking for.
I will be sending you a very large check in two weeks to give to the charities of your choice. Just my additional way of thanking you.

I will be doing that ritual at least 4 times a year. So expect to hear from me.

Again thank you so much,

Theresa V.

June 7, 2012


I had worked for the same company for a number of years and each time I asked for a raise my boss went into the ‘we are in a recession’ jargon or ‘prices have gone up and we can’t give anyone a raise. I really love my job, but I know male employees have been getting raises, but us women have not. When I confronted my boss with this his reply was “these men have families to support”. Now that is truly antiquated thinking. I’m a single mother of 2 and apparently my boss doesn’t consider the fact that I support them.

After his saying that I realized it was time for me to find a different job as I was never getting a raise here. I filled out your contact page and received an email from MariaSuzonne saying that you would be meditating with the angels as to how best to help me. The next day MariaSuzonne emailed again saying the angels had suggested a ‘get the right job spell’, which I did and the results were mind blowing.

Four days later on Monday evening a lady I didn’t know or had ever heard of called me out of the blue. She said she had heard of me and wanted to know if I would be interested in a new job. I figured I’d at least go and talk to her to see what the job was all about. On the interview I asked her how she heard of me and she said “your boss was at a cocktail party I attended over the weekend. He was ranting and raving about what a great employee you were and always accepted his excuses for not giving you a raise. He had a bit too much to drink so I asked him what your last name was. Then hoping he was drunk enough I asked if he would share your phone number. He said ‘Sure. I have it on speed dial because she’ll jump through hoops to keep her job even if I had to call her at 3 am’. Then I decided to call you as I have these two openings.

Part of me was flattered that she called me and cleverly tricked my boss into giving her my phone number. Another part of me was furious that he gave out my number and thought so little of me to think he could call me at 3 am for work…or any other reason, and that he was never going to give me a raise.

Needless to say after a lot of checking on this woman, her company, and even talking to some employees and former employees I decided to take the job. That was 3 mths ago and I just received my first pay raise; the first year you get raises quarterly and from then on every six months. The medical and other benefits are incredible and kicked in on my first day.

If I had not found your site I don’t know what I would have done…..probably still working in that no where job with a disrespectful boss. Thank you so much for the spell that has now helped my children and I to have a better life.

You both are the best and I’ll tell everyone about you,

Samantha (Sami) T.

April 18, 2012


Dear Cassandra,

I recently had you do yet another quarterly prosperity ritual for me and again the results have been amazing. Each time I have this performed, so far about 6 or 7 times, my income increases and my relationships grow stronger. My brother and I are now working together as the partners were are supposed to be instead of tugging in opposite directions.

Again thank you for you and the prosperity ritual

Ned A.

March 24, 2012


Rev. Anaya,

Three months ago I purchased the marriage spell, the attract true love spell and the outside forces spell. Most people seem to have mother-in-law problems, but mine are with my own father. He seems to be trying to compete with my husband for my attention. I am an only child, but my father needed to realize I no longer am his helpless little girl. He has been making a big deal about being my husband’s friend; then gives my husband some really bad advice on how to be a husband. Thanks to these two spells my husband has realized my dad’s intentions aren’t so good. So my husband said down and talked to him; my father has apologized to both of us and has been behaving like a loving father and father-in-law instead of a man I never met. Our marriage is back on track and my husband comes to me asking what I want instead of going to my father for bad advice…..AND my father has attracted ‘a lady friend’, as he calls her. Purchasing these three spells was the best, the very best, thing I could have done. My husband is my husband, my father is minding his own business in areas he should and he is quite busy with his new lady, which keeps him out of our business.

If I have have a problem again I know whose site to go to for help.

Thank you for giving us another chance,

Betty Jo. H.

March 9, 2012


Rev. Cassandra Anaya,

On Feb. 27, 2013 Mercedes N., my sister, wrote you a recommendation about the work you did for us. First you did a fresh start for relationships for the two of us. Then you did 2 forgiveness of others spells; one for each of us. Lastly you did 3 phone readings for us; 1 for each of us separately and 1 for us jointly. Your work was amazingly wonderful. So much of the past was cleared so quickly. If we ever disagree in the future, which with sisters will probably happen we will remember to disagree with the heart truth and keep the egos out of the way.

Bless you for all you’ve done.

Porche N.

March 4, 2012


Rev. Cassandra Anaya,

My sister, Porche, and I had a huge falling out and stopped talking. I really missed her and wanted to heal our sister to sister relationship. Your angels suggested the “Fresh Start for Relationships” and it began working almost immediately. We were once again talking and neither of us have any idea why we had the falling out in the first place. Of course when I told you this you suggested we figure out what it was and move beyond it otherwise it would always ‘be festering just below the surface’ and you suggested going to a psychologist or psychiatrist. I told my sister we needed to go inside and heal any big or little stuff so it won’t come back to haunt us; she agreed. So we decided instead of a psychologist or psychiatrist that each of us needed a ‘forgiveness of others’ spell done and each have readings with you. It has done wonderfully well and we are closer than ever. You helped up dig up a bunch of ‘stuff’ that bothered us and helped us see how it no longer has any affect. Some of it made both of us laugh at how childish we were.

Thank you

Mercedes N.

February 27, 2012



It’s Michelle! I am writing to let you know how I am doing and how things are going.

Since the Prosperity ritual was completed and I spoke with Rev. Cassandra, a lot of insight was opened in my mind. Not only am I feeling better about myself and those around me I actually got a promotion. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You are a blessing in my life. I am so grateful I found you.

Michelle D.

January 15, 2012


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