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I wasn’t able to include any testimonials for 2008 due to a computer crash. So back up your computers frequently.


I ordered your prosperity ritual and half way through it I won $25,000.00 in Vegas. My friend got a hair-brained idea Thursday afternoon to fly to Vegas for the weekend. I thought it was the drinks talking, but the next day he said it again. So three of us went. They lost their shirts. Can’t wait to see what else comes from the ritual.

Stephen E.

August 29, 2008


Because I put my career first I haven’t had time nor the desire to find a woman. Now, in my early 40s I want to find romance, but am leery as I don’t want a woman, who dates or marries me because of my money. That could turn out to be disastrous. So I found your site, which was the only one that didn’t seem to be the work of the devil and because you’ve been on the net for a very long time I knew you must be honest, which turns out you are.

I ordered a Attract True Love Spell and have had several woman approach me since the spell began. Some I could easily tell were interested in how much money I was worth. One actually walked up to the passenger side of my car just as I finished parking. She got in and announced that she could tell by my car I made enough money for her lifestyle. I was shock and told her that I could tell she didn’t make enough money for my lifestyle and to get out of my car. She did and fortunately without incident.

However, I did meet one that I have now been dating for six months and her sister is going with me next week to choose the right ring. Then I’ll propose.

Thank you for helping me.

Jim A.

August 1, 2007


Dear Rev. Cassandra,
Since you’ve started the process of cleansing and balancing my Chakras I am much more energetic and focused in spite of the fact we are madly working at tearing up rug, moving furniture and painting walls and ceilings in anticipation of the arrival of our new carpet. Even with all this chaos going on in our home, I am much less grumpy and peaceful. If this is what cleansing and balancing your Chakras is all about, I’m hooked.


Sue S.

June 15, 2007


Are you sure you are not an Angel? Thank you so very much. I feel so much calm and peace when I read your update emails. I can’t thank you enough for performing the rituals with so much love and care (I can feel it) but even more so, I thank you so much for loving me (God’s child) enough to care.


Erika O’D.

June 8, 2007


Dear dear Rev. Cassandra
I am writing to share something with you. Over the past 5 years I have had you perform the prosperity ritual for me 2 to 4 times a year. When I had you perform the first one I was really skeptical, but almost immediately my business increased and shortly thereafter I met the right woman. We were married and now have a beautiful triplets (2 girls and a boy)…..three babies all at one time…talk about prosperous. And having my wife and children in my life really motivated more desire for my business to increase.

My marriage and children are fantastic, but that is not why I am writing today. As you have performed each prosperity ritual for me my business has grown. Well, today my business became a “Fortune 500” business. When I heard the news I wanted to write you immediately because I know you are a great part of my wonderful success. To thank you and the angels for lifting me up to such a position I am sending you a check for $50,000.00 to use as you choose. This is my gift of gratitude to you, the angels, and the prosperity rituals you have performed and the ones you will perform for me in the future.

With much gratitude and devotion.

Robert D. D. (never a skeptic, again)

June 7, 2007

**** Robert’s offer was more than generous and I chose to have him give the money to the charities I support.


For decades my family has lived under a curse that my my ex boyfriend put on me after he found out I met and married another. My husband and I have been to psychic after psychic trying to get it removed, but each time it failed. My 11 year old daughter found your site and told my me about it. I emailed back and for awhile with MariaSuzonne and when I felt confident about your abilities I ordered the Remove Curses Spell. A few hours after I ordered it I received from MariaSuzonne telling me that you had already lit candles for my husband, my daughter, 2 sons and myself on your site. Thank you. Five days later you began the spell and I was impressed that you kept sending emails updating me on its progress. Though I have to say we knew the progress as our family dynamics were changing; meaning we were feeling the curse being lifted. None of us are psychics, but anyone can tell the shift of energy in those they love, their home and themselves. We are now free from my ex boyfriends stupidity. He thought putting a curse on me was going to make me go back to him, but I never would have done that and told him so when he told me he put a curse on me, my husband and any children we had. I could never be with a man, who would do such a thing to children. My children are now 11 – my daughter, and 8 – my twin sons. So we have lived under this yolk of hell for many years. Thank you for being the angelic blessing in our lives to finally remove this curse. I’ll pray for you everyday for the rest of my life to protect you and bless you for the work you do.

From a grateful family

Marjorie G.

May 30, 2007


Just a line to say how great I feel after my chakra work. I’m a new man. I’ll be back in a few mths for a redo. Thanks.

Rob. T.

March 18, 2007


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