A Circle of Light – Runes

Origin of runes: ancient characters used in Teutonic, Anglo-Saxon, and Scandinavian inscriptions. They were probably first used by the East Goths (c.300), who are thought to have derived them from Helleno-Italic writing. The runes were adapted to carving on wood and stone; they consisted of perpendicular, oblique, and a few curved lines. The first six […]

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Teiwaz warrior victory Tiw, sky god The spiritual battle from which justice will be one outcome. The reward of patience is patience. Look within, delve into your deepest self. The moulding of your character is at issue here. The sun is associated, the urge for conquest. Regarding romantic attachment, this rune indicates the relationship is

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Teiwaz reversed

Teiwaz (reversed) warrior victory Tiw, sky god Life force leaks out through hasty or ill timed action. If an association is short-lived, do not grieve. Matters of trust and confidence are at issue. Examine your own motives carefully. Are you lusting after outcomes? Are you trying to dominate another? The answers are within yourself. MEANINGS:

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Thurisaz gateway giant, demon thorn, Thor The gateway, or place of nonaction. Work is required, both inside and out. Contemplation is required before you pass through the gateway. Pause and review the past, bless it and release it. In letting it go you reclaim your power. MEANINGS: hardship, knowledge, painful event, discipline, focus, introspection, purging,

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Thurisaz reversed

Thurisaz (reversed) gateway giant, demon thorn, Thor Quickening of development and accelerated growth. But halt along the way to reconsider the old and integrate the new. Do not suffer over your suffering. Hasty decisions may cause regrets. Temper impulses with thoughts for correct procedures. Do not act from weakness. MEANINGS: (reversed) danger, evil, betrayal, malice,

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Uruz strength aurochs, ox sacrifice Termination and new beginnings. The life you have been living has outgrown it’s form. Prepare for opportunity disguised as loss. Learn to adapt yourself at such a creative time. Humility – you learn to rule in learning how to serve. MEANINGS: energy, passion, vitality, instinct wildness, sexuality, fertility the unconscious

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