Thurisaz reversed


giant, demon
thorn, Thor

Quickening of development and accelerated growth.

But halt along the way to reconsider the old and integrate the new.

Do not suffer over your suffering. Hasty decisions may cause regrets.

Temper impulses with thoughts for
correct procedures.

Do not act from weakness.

danger, evil, betrayal, malice, spite, lies, dullness, torment, hatred, compulsion, defenselessness

aid in study and meditation, self-discipline, clearing out a bad situation, protection from evil.

Phonetic: th
Colors: orange, black, white, red
Tree: yew
Number: 5
Element: fire
Gender: masculine
Deity: Thor
Zodiac: Libra
Tarot: XI Justice
Gemstones: Agate, Bloodstone, Iron Oxide, Hematite

MYTHS & DEITIES: The Frost Giants, Loki

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