Uruz reversed

Uruz (reversed) strength aurochs, ox sacrifice Without proper heed you may fail to take advantage of the moment. The result could be an opportunity missed or the weakening of your position. This is an alert: there are clues in the form of minor failures. Do not draw back from passage into darkness. When you are […]

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Wunjo joy, light glory blessings A fruit-bearing branch: the time of trials and tribulations is over. New energy, light piercing the clouds. A new clarity may call for you to renounce existing goals. You can rejoice and receive blessings. MEANINGS: success, reward, joy, bliss, recognition of achievements, achievements of goals MAGIC USE: success in any

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Wunjo reversed

Wunjo (reversed) joy, light glory blessings Things are slow in coming to fruition. The process of birth is long and arduous. A crisis, or difficult passage, is at hand. Virtues of seriousness, sincerity and emptiness are needed. In its true light, everything is a test. Trusting yourself, you cannot fail. MEANINGS: (reversed) stultification, sorrow, strife,

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Teiwaz Magic Use warrior victory Tiw, sky god protection, victory, strengthening the will, strength, success healing a wound Upright: The spiritual battle from which justice will be one outcome. The reward of patience is patience. Look within, delve into your deepest self. The moulding of your character is at issue here. The sun is associated,

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Fehu Magic Use possessions cattle, goods nourishment money, business promotion, finding a job achieving a goal new enterprises Upright: Fulfillment, love shared, rewards received, ambition satisfied. Probe the meaning of profit and gain in your life. Do you really need wealth and possessions, or self-rule and a growing will? Conserve what has been gained. Do

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Gebo Magic Use partnership offerings a gift find or strengthen a relationship, fertility, sex, union, to mark a gift or offering, for luck Partnership is at hand, whether love, business or any other kind. But do not collapse yourself into that union. True partnership is only achieved by separate and whole beings. Let the winds

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Hagalaz Magic Use disruption hail, sleet the elements removing unwanted influences, breaking destructive patterns The disruptive forces of nature and the elements. Change, freedom invention and liberation are all indicated here. Events are beyond your mortal control. Disruptions may come in many forms: plans go awry, a relationship fails, a source of supply dries up.

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Inguz Magic Use fertility beginnings Ing, hero god fertility, farming, growth, balance, general health, completion, to invoke the gods Harmonizing and adjustment in your personal relationships. The need to share, to find similarities. A time of joyful deliverance – a new life, a new path. Completion, deliverance and resolution. Emergence from an old, chrysalis state.

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Isa Magic Use standstill ice, freezing withdrawal to stop a process, to represent primal form, to stop slander, for rest The winter, a time of free and standing still. Make time to contemplate, and be prepared to sacrifice the old. Holding on results in shallowness. This is the necessary time of ice and cold before

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Jera Magic Use harvest, spear one year fertile season to bring change, for fertility and growth, justice, agriculture Beneficial outcomes to projects, activities and endeavors. But do not expect quick results. You have prepared the ground and sown the seed, now cultivate with care. Patience is essential for a full harvest, you will reap the

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