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    IIMPROVE YOUR “CHI”!!!  Bring harmony & balance into your life. Feng Shui Consultation, Free information, and a Free Kua Number calculator

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    Feng Shui made EZ for beginners
    Feng Shui on the internet

    I am Rev. Cassandra Anaya
    Cassandra's photo
    Psychic Intuitive Counselor,
    Spell and Ritual Caster

    I have been online since 1993 and
    it is my pleasure to serve you.

    “We shape our dwellings, and
    afterwards, our dwellings shape us!”


    Before I get into Feng Shui I want to make something very very clear:

    If you are thinking about taking my copyrighted work to use on your own sites, in a book, or on a blog, whether or not you give me credit; heed this caution…..I suggest you first read A Circle of Light Counseling’s Terms of Site Usage. It hopefully will make you think twice before spending time in a court or the rest of your life either in jail or paying large sums of money for your moment of stealing. Understand both copyright infringement and plagiarism are felonies. If you do not want to pay attorneys (yours and mine), court costs and high compensation fees then don’t steal!!!!!

    Here are some lessons for anyone who has a site:

    • Think twice about take anything from other people’s sites without permission.
    • If you are given permission get it in writing to protect yourself.
    • Refrain from taking graphics from free graphic sites because an artist spent time making those graphics and would probably appreciate credit for them.
    • If you like something on someone’s site then ask permission to link to it; not permission to copy it on your site. If it is a graphic then find the artist, ask to use it and give them credit. You will feel much better about yourself and won’t set yourself up for intense legal ramifications.


    After studying Eastern Feng Shui for the 15 years it takes to become a master of Eastern Feng Shui, I’m now a Feng Shui Master. Yet I will always grow from my education since there are so many different new situations and circumstances in homes and businesses that create new ways of looking at the locations for me to produce the highest quality Feng Shui for each.

    Some years ago I was introduced to Western Feng Shui, which I find to be much easier for most people to implement and understand. So all the information on my site about Feng Shui can be used with Eastern Feng Shui with very few exceptions; one being the printable maps; one if for Eastern Feng Shui and the other for Western Feng Shui. All info on this site was gleaned from text books, my beautiful Asian neighbors, the masters at my favorite Feng Shui store and mostly from my Feng Shui teachers.

    So now onto you learning about Feng Shui.

    button What is Feng Shui?

    Kan Yu is the proper name for Feng Shui. The word Feng Shui (pronounced “fong shway” or “fung shway”) is Chinese and means “Wind” and “Water”. It can best be described as the natural path with the least resistance, which enhances the elements that orbit our senses. Some Chinese refer to this as “qi” or as we know it, “Chi”, which is literally translated as energy. This force is an invisible energy that circulates through our surrounding and senses. The practice of Feng Shui is about harnessing that vital force to maximize the positive effect that “Chi” holds.

    button How did Feng Shui originate?

    The practice of Feng Shui has been traced back to at several thousand years.

    The landscape in China is prone to floods in the lower areas and very strong mountain winds in the higher up areas. The farmers in Southern China learned and understood the signs the Earth left behind; such as the way plants grow bending away from the wind and/or towards the sun, sharp rocks protruding, the changes of streams and many more signs. From this was developed the science called “Geomancy”.

    Long before the Chinese learned to write, the ancient wise people used the most original and basic form of “Yin” and “Yang” to reason the events of the world around them. The process of prediction and validation had been going on for several thousand years, before the wisest of all called FuXi (pronounced “ph-she”) put it in writing. This form is called Ba-Gua. Although legend uses “he, him, his’ or as ‘father of…’, ‘king of….’ when they refer to FuXi, the archaeologists and historians believe FuXi were a group of women. This group of women were advisers to the chief of the ancient matriarchy tribe and lived in what is, today, the northwest part China, called FuXi. The Ba-Gua then developed into a system of ‘right timing’ and ‘right behavior’, which became the I Ching (pronounced “E Cheeng”). Though it is not known when.

    Thus through the combining the I-Ching and Geomancy Feng Shui was developed. The application was originally applied for choosing burial sites, for the wealthy, and palace locations for the royalty.

    For a more thorough insight to its’ history, click Here

    button What is Feng Shui?

    Feng Shui is a belief of balance of different elements in our personal or professional environment. For example, Feng Shui experts look at how the “Chi” (energy) moves around your home, based on several entities; the position of your home, its surroundings, the shape of the land and your house, the compass location of each room within your home, the entrance to that room and the furniture in it, and many more entities, including your landscaping.

    Feng Shui experts look at each of these in terms of balance of Yin and Yang. Also whether they are associated with the 5 elements – Earth, Fire, Metal , Water or Wood.

    button How does Feng Shui work?

    To make Feng Shui work for you, it is important to look not just at your home and its furnishing but the circumstances and goals in making changes in your life, be they personal or professional. One of the main keys it to; “Keep your Attention on your Intention!”.

    The Chinese believe everything is in a constant state of change between the 5 elements or forces of nature called “wu-xing”:

    – WOOD or MU (Moo)
    – FIRE or HUO (Hor)
    – EARTH or T’U (Too)
    – METAL or JIN (Chin)
    – WATER or SHUI (Shwee)

    These aren’t literally elements but qualities, constantly overcoming each other in a continuous cycle. It can be a creative and productive relationship; woods fuels fire, fire burns to ash or earth; earth give mineral or metal; when heated, metal flows like water; and water nourishes wood. In the destructive and/or negative relationship: wood takes nutrients from the earth; earth pollutes or absorbs water; water kills fire; fire melt metal and metal chops wood.


    In Feng Shui there are three cycles that are based on how the 5 elements are working together in one’s environment. All these cycles, with the exception of ‘The Weakening Cycle’ runs in a clockwise sequence. The Weakening Cycle runs counterclockwise for purposes explained below.

    • The Enhancing Cycle – (Also called ‘The Productive or Generating Cycle’) This is the most desirable of cycles. The elements in the environment are harmonious thus producing success, happiness, health, abundance, and relationships of all forms are excellent. Now, this does not mean you will not have snags in life; it means you will be able to better handle them.
    • The Controlling Cycle – (Also called ‘The Destructive or Conquering Cycle’) When the elements are not working together the environment is in chaos and everything seems to clash or destroy itself: such as relationships, finances, health, communication, opportunities missed, or accidents happen. There is a feeling that one is caught in Murphy’s Law, “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong”.
    • The Weakening Cycle – (Also called ‘The Exhaustive Cycle’ ) This is the most important cycle to delete or exhaust negative energy. Many experienced Feng Shui masters use this in a specific area of the environment to eliminate negativity. Much like fighting fire with fire. When used improperly it may drain the energy from one’s desires, goals, or potential achievements.


    Water Enhances Wood
    Wood Enhances Fire
    Fire Enhances Earth
    Earth Enhances Metal
    Metal Enhances Water


    Water Controls Fire
    Fire Controls Metal
    Metal Controls Wood
    Wood Controls Earth
    Earth Controls Water


    Wood Weakens Water
    Water Weakens Metal
    Metal Weakens Earth
    Earth Weakens Fire
    Fire Weakens Wood

    In Feng Shui the 5 elements correspond to the five main organs, which are associated with 5 emotions, 5 sense organs, and various tissues.

    Main Organs Liver &  
    Gall bladder 
    Heart &  
    Small intestines 
    Spleen & Stomach  Lungs & Colon  Kidneys & Bladder
    Emotions Anger  Joy  Reflection Sadness  Fright
    Sense Organs  Eyes Tongue  Mouth Nose  Ears
    Tissues Tendons & Feet  Blood & vascular system  Muscles Hair & skin  Bones & marrow


    “The Productive Cycle”
                                   “The Destructive Cycle”

    Water Nourishes Wood

    Metal Produces Water

    Earth Births Metal

    Wood Strengthens Fire

    Fire Enriches Earth


    Metal Conquers Wood

    Fire Destroys Metal

    Water Extinguishes Fire

    Wood Penetrates Earth

    Earth Absorbs Water

    For harmony and good Feng Shui, the relationship between the elements needs to be set in “The Productive Cycle”. Each of the elements is associated with a direction and the fifth, Earth, is associated with the center. Each also has corresponding shapes and colors.


    Feng Shui is all about balance of Yin and Yang by using the 5 universal element i.e. symbolism, colors, shape to harmonies one and other. Hence rendering peace, health and prosperity.


    animated heart
    I send you love.

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