What is the Feng Shui Ba-Gua map? Learn more about each qua. Click any of the 9 Ba Gua sections below for free enhancing tips of the individual sections. Use the info to create better chi in your home or office.


Before beginning Feng Shui, it is imperative to know your KUA Number. The KUA Number determines which compass directions are best for you (Auspicious Directions) and which are not (Inauspicious Directions). Your best directions enhance the Feng Shui energy in your home and/or business. What is my KUA Number?

Feng Shui uses a Ba-Gua to determine the areas of your space. The Ba-Gua has eight sections, which is Octagon shape (contrary to the one I made below). Each section corresponds to specific areas of our lives, and the I Ching in the middle represents “Earth”, which is you – whole and balanced.

By using a Ba-Gua, combined with your Kua number, a Feng Shui counselor looks at the entire building and property as a whole; the composite of each grid and you, the center. Then each room is assessed, individually. I want to print-out a Ba-Gua Map

Once you know your KUA number and have located the eight(8) areas of your space, you may click on each section below for quick and easy Feng Shui tips. The tips will improve the Feng Shui enhancement of your home and/or business, as a whole and as the individual rooms.

Wealth & Prosperity Fame & Reputation Love & Marriage
Health & Family I Ching - You Creativity & Children
Knowledge & Self-Cultivation Career Helpful People & Travel

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