Feng Shui Cures for common problems

Feng Shui Cures for common problems

– You cannot see the room’s entrance door by merely looking up from your computer screen.
Move your computer. If you can’t, purchase a convex mirror (the kind you attach to rear view mirrors in order to see blind spots) and mount it onto the side of your computer so you can view the entrance.

– A heating or air-conditioning duct is above your chair.
Relocate out of drafts. If you can’t, be creative! Mount an upside-down umbrella, a team pennant, or a scarf to direct the draft away from your shoulders.

– The room contains a tall piece of furniture within your line of vision.
Move it. Big, high objects looming over you while you’re seated have the effect of reducing your sense of well-being. Remember when you were a child and all adults seemed to tower over you? A large object in your view can conjure up those same feelings.

– A desk lamp is positioned on the side of your dominant hand while you face the computer.
Move it. A light on the same side as your dominant hand will cause a shadow to be cast in your line of vision. Anytime you have to screen out a shadow to focus on what you’re writing, you are straining your ability to concentrate. Over time, even a small annoyance can sap your enthusiasm.

– You cannot see outside while sitting at your computer.
If you have no windows, or if most of your work is done at night, hang a nature calendar or a picture of a favorite scene nearby, or put a potted plant next to your computer. Your eye will appreciate the view, and your soul will appreciate the nature.

– Your computer is next to the door.
Move it. If you can’t, hang a plant or position a dividing screen between you and the door. Or keep the door closed and mount a bell on it. All will keep you from being surprised.

– You have to cross the telephone wire over the computer screen to listen with your favored ear.
If the cord is not long enough to place on the preferred side, buy an extension so you can swap sides.

– You don’t have kinetic or energetic objects in your office.
Open a window and let air circulate. If you can’t, buy a small fan and position it at the base of a plant. The leaves will rustle, and your office will flutter with movement, helping you feel energetic.

– Your desk is against a wall shared by a bathroom.
If you can’t move, hang a thick decorative fabric on a dowel to create separation and to absorb the bathroom’s vibrations.

– Your office is in an out-of-the-way or undesirable location.
Move it. If you can’t, use a high-wattage light bulb (100 watts or more) to help illuminate a hallway or approach to your office.

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