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Rev. Cassandra,
My boyfriend and I needed a fresh start and decided to search the net for someone, who could help up. We were thinking a marriage counselor even though we weren’t married. In the process we found your site and your Fresh Start for Relationships ritual. You performed this for us the end of Sept. and it has had incredible results. Soon after it complete we were contemplating also ordering the communication spell and asked you about it. You told us that is the relationship starts to slip then order it, but otherwise don’t spend your money. I almost fell over reading your email; a business that isn’t in it just for the money. When I told my boyfriend he said “she declined money? She is honest and we chose the right person”. I agree we did choose the best persons to work with us and the results have been a far better relationship. We both want to thank you for the ritual, your honesty and being caring about not trying to ‘be in your work just for the money’ as many businesses are.

Lisa A. and Mark T.

December 4, 2014


Rev. Cassandra,

I was having a lot of problems with an ex-girlfriend. She was calling me constantly and I couldn’t change my number as it is also my work number. She slashed the tires of my car, but since I couldn’t prove it I couldn’t have her arrested. I needed some kind of protection and found your site. I had you perform the protection of oneself and protection of one’s property. I have to say it has been very effective. I haven’t heard from her in two months and hope I never hear from her again. Your site was a miracle to find. Thank you

Wesley M.

November 14, 2014



Rev. Cassandra,

For a year I’ve been reading about chakras and how to take care of them, but never really felt much better when I cleaned and balanced them myself. So I decided to find a professional to work with me. I chose you because you don’t work with just the 7 major chakras and you take two weeks to clean and balance a person’s 21 chakras. The results have been awe-inspiring. I feel like a new woman. My entire body once again feels ‘unified’ is the best word I can use to explain myself. As you know my birthday was mid Dec and this was a birthday gift to myself. You finished the chakra work the day before my birthday. I was feeling better and better with each of the 14 days, but when I woke up on my birthday I felt incredible and have since them. My friends, family and the people at work have all commented on how I look more grounded, balance, more in control of my faculties, more peaceful; just to give you a few of what they have said.

Martha W.

October 19, 2014



Rev. Cassandra,

Thank you for performing the prosperity ritual for me. The results are quite impressive and I’ll follow your advice and have it redone quarterly

Steven F.

October 8, 2014



Hello Rev. Cassandra,

Everything is again fine in France with me. Thanks to your get the right job spell I have a new fantastic job. I’m making 25% more in this job than the old one. I’ve been here 3 months and love the people I work with. My boss is the greatest nicest boss a person could ask for and the staff are like family members.

Thank you for your help. As usual it has been most beneficial.

Collette M.

September 13, 2014




Wow is all I can say in regards to the reading you gave me. I never expected to find a ‘true psychic’, but I did. Your reading has helped me with some important decisions that I’ve been putting off and now that weight is off my shoulders and very successfully. I also had you do a success spell for my business and it has improved about 15% so far and in only about 6 weeks. You are the best.

Thank you and I’m going to order the prosperity ritual right now and will, ask you recommended, have it done quarterly.

Lucas N.

September 1, 2014



Rev. Cassandra,

I had you do a grant 3 wishes for me in March and all my wishes have become reality; the last and most difficult happened last mth. I didn’t expect it to happen that quickly, but sure glad they did. I know where to find you when I need you again.

Thanks for everything.

Leane R.

August 24, 2014



Rev. Cassandra,

Miranda was right you do know what you are doing. Three days into the ritual I received the largest order in my business history. Then the day after the ritual completed the same company placed second order and referred another company to me. Your prosperity ritual really does what it says it will do. I’m impressed and pleased.

Thank you and you’ll hear from me when the quarter comes up.

Brian Z.

August 10, 2014



Rev. Cassandra,

A friend I’ve known since elementary school and I had a huge fallout. I didn’t think we could ever be friends again and have been praying about it for almost a year. Then I found your site and your two Heal A Broken Friendship Spell. In June I ordered the first one you had listed and a month she called me. We calmly talked about the fallout and began to see each others points of view. Now, our friendship is better than before and she wasn’t even angry when I told her about the spell I had done. She said she was grateful that one of us did something because she wanted our friendship back as much as I did. Hopefully we will never have a fallout again, but if we do both of us will know what to do.

Thank you so much

Georgia S.

August 5, 2014



Rev. Cassandra and MariaSuzonne,

This was my first time having a spell done and I was concerned about any bad karma it may create; even after reading your FAQ page. Then I emailed to MariaSuzonne and so glad I did as she put my mind at ease when she told me “Rev. Cassandra always says she is petrified of bad karma and since she does enough accidentally she would never create it intentionally”. So I ordered the Love Enhancement Spell for my boyfriend and I. 4 days after you started it he proposed, which he had always said he didn’t want to get married. The reason I ordered it was to enhance what we already had. So I was shocked by the proposal. Of course I said yes. This spell worked way better than I expected and I am so happy.

Thank you thank you thank you. I am going to tell everybody about you and what great work you do to help people.

Gilda E.

July 21, 2014




I requested another prosperity ritual, my 3rd, and each time my business increases. This time I also decided to try 2 other spells, give more love and receive more love. My marriage has improved immensely. We are not only communicating more, but better and have become closer. My husband was even surprised at the shift in our marriage and asked me how that could possibly happen. So I told him what I did and he said “keep it up. I’ll even pay for them”. We like these 2 spells a lot and will do them again. Plus he is going to have me order the prosperity ritual for his business today.

Thank you for everything.

Brian & Miranda Z.

July 15, 2014



Rev. Cassandra,

I can’t thank you enough for helping me get the promotion I’ve been trying for the last 2 years. The prosperity ritual and success ritual did exactly what you described on your site and MariaSuzonne talked to me about.

Thank you so much

Marybeth G.

July 14, 2014



Rev. Cassandra,

I can’t thank you enough for helping me get the promotion I’ve been trying for the last 2 years. The prosperity ritual and success ritual did exactly what you described on your site and MariaSuzonne talked to me about.

Thank you so much

Marybeth G.

July 14, 2014



Rev. Cassandra and MariaSuzonne,

I hope you remember me; two months ago you did a “Fresh Start with Oneself” spell for me. This was the first spell I ever had done. I was so nervous because of horror stories I’ve heard about, but MariaSuzonne was so generous with her time answering so many questions that kept coming up. It was wonderful to find a site that casts spells with the help of angels. I read your article about why you perform spells and it helped ease my mind. I also read a lot of your reviews and your faq page. All of this helped me decide to contact you guys. What eased my mind even more was the results I’ve been feeling even though you did the spell for me two months ago. Each day I wake up happy and at peace with myself. I haven’t felt this way in a very long time. I’ve been telling me friends about you and they had already been seeing the results in me. Even my family are so happy for me. You are truly a blessing to this world.

Carolyn J.

July 12, 2014



It’s been a while since we last spoke and you did the “Find true love” and “Dream spell” for me, I’ve been meaning to send this email for months.
I’m happy to report, albeit late, that I started dating someone in February. We met through a mutual friend at the end of January and I was
casually dating someone else at the time which was going nowhere but I was still reluctant to the new guy as he wasn’t what I was usually physically attracted to. But he was persistent and as I got to know him the more I grew to really like his personality and the way he treated me. When we started getting serious I went through the list I sent you and he met everything I wrote down, except feature wise he wasn’t my type and I’d like him to be a bit more spiritual but I’m working on the spiritual side. I also remember that when I would meditate on that list I gave God
flexibility to do what was best for me despite what I did or didn’t include on my list. So all I can think is by working on his spiritual side
I’ll be working on mine a bit more as well and in terms of features, good things come in all packages and I had to see beyond what I thought I
wanted and what God perhaps thinks I need. It was important that my partner be Catholic and he is and I’m extremely happy about that so now I’m working on getting us into church together but he works all the time. It’s important to me not because organized religion is important to me but
because I enjoy the ritual of going to church and being there, it makes me feel grounded. I’ll always maintain that I’m more spiritual than religious
but because we’re talking about getting married, I want that foundation and I’d like to be able to pass that on to my kids. Also, I’ll probably be
ordering another ritual or spell soon just trying to find an appropriate one.

Naisha R..

July 7, 2014



Dear Rev. Cassandra

What a blessing you are to the world. I’ve had you do three spells for me in the last few months and in case anyone is wondering these were not anything you said I needed. Actually you told me ‘if you need something you will know it’ and I did. I’ve been to spell casters before and many of them get pushy in wanting me to buy more for this reason or that reason. AND each time the price went up and up into the thousands. I never felt right with that concept so didn’t pay after the second time when a spell caster asked for $15,000.00. MariaSuzonne told me that she hears stories like that all the time and it makes her angry that people treat each other in such a terrible way.

I’m just so glad that I found the two of you. You have truly made a big difference in my life. I appreciate all you have done and if I need something I now know a safe place to come to.

I hope you have a wonderful life like you have helped me create. God blesses everyone who comes in contact with you and MariaSuzonne. You are very special people who treat others with kindness and honesty.

Roberta K.

June 27, 2014



Rev. Cassandra I am so grateful that the spell you did for me has had such amazing results. I had been out of work for almost two years and was heading towards disaster; I could have lost my home to foreclosure. I did the Grant 3 Wishes spell and my head is still spinning with all the great things that have been happening.

I applied for a job and they called me to come back for an interview with one of the bosses. When I went in my mouth hit the floor because the boss was the brother of my high school and college sweetheart, but then he took a job in Europe and I had a great job in the US. So we broke up, amicably.

The brother did make it clear that he wouldn’t hire me based on knowing me and I appreciated that. He loved my resume and hired me. Then he told me that his brother had been divorced for three years and would frequently ask ‘I wonder where Zeta is?”. Turns out the brothers are partners in business. So one wish I got a job; wish 2 I been dating my childhood sweetheart since Christmas and we are now planning our wedding for 2015 and the third wish – the impossible, I was able to save my home.

Life is now great and you helped make it that way. Thank you from all of me.

Zeta B.

June 8, 2014

Rev. Cassandra I wanted to send you a quick note and let know that the Rainbow love spell you did for my husband and I is amazing. We were having a lot of arguments; butting heads hard and thought we’d wind up divorced. Yet neither of us wanted to throw away 19 yrs of marriage. The spell turned things around and each of us felt like we’d been hit by a lightning bolt that woke both of us up. The communication has gotten better and better. Actually, we just came back from a second honeymoon on Mediterranean cruise ship for a month.

Thank you for giving us back what we lost.
Renee T.

May 17, 2014



Rev. Cassandra is absolutely amazing. Literally the day after I ordered the prosperity ritual, opportunities that I did not think possible began to appear in my life. She was very supportive and kept me informed during the ritual. I would definitely recommend this ritual and plan on having it done again in the near future!

Matt K.

April 12, 2014



Rev. Cassandra, MariaSuzonne and all who helped,

I ordered the 2014 spring ritual and started seeing results from my list the day it began, which ended March 26th. I didn’t email immediately cause I wanted to see what else would transpire. It has been a week since it completed and a lot of other things from my list have happened. I am so happy I found your site.

Before ordering from your site I chose you after reading your faq page and most of your testimonials. Then I read that you have been on the internet for 21 yrs. That assured me if you were a fraud you wouldn’t still be on the internet. And after the results I’ve had happen I am sure you are excellent at what you do.

I’ll be back and will send friends. Now, I’m going to order my karmic lessons and hopefully win a free psychic reading.

Thank you for all you have done and please thank MariaSuzonne and the others, who helped with the ritual.

Kate M.

April 2, 2014



I started having you preform the prosperity ritual for me a few years ago. I have you redo it every few months and I so grateful I did. You doing this ritual for me has changed my life. My finances are so in tact and now if I have an emergency I have extra money for it without having to worry where I’m going to get it. My family has reconciled after years of distance due to my sexual preference. That to me is worth more than money I even met a man a couple of years ago and things are just getting better and better.

Robert C.

March 27, 2014



Hey Cassandra

i want to thank you for all you had been doing for me and all my family and a few friends…

i’m very glad to find a person like you to help me in my life path, and one more time thank you very very much for all.

thanks again �Cassandra for all you had been doing for me. GOD BLESS YOU

Miguel A.

March 5, 2014



I had never had a spell done and was rather skeptical, but figured ‘what the heck. it’s only money’. The outcome was so surprising that I’m still reeling. Because I haven’t been happy with myself over the past several years I had you do the Happiness Spells. By day two I felt an awakening within me that I hadn’t felt for a long while. Each day I’ve been feeling better and better about myself and my life. I am so glad I found your site and grateful that MariaSuzonne guided me to the right spell. Thank you for doing the spell for me and helping me to find myself.

Ruda B..

February 26, 2014



Dear Cassandra,

For about 7 years you have been doing spell work for me and giving me readings. I want to let anyone know if they are looking for a good spell caster that isn’t Cassandra. BUT if they are looking for a GREAT spell caster that is Cassandra.

One time I was considering a spell and she told me not to waste my money as the spell wouldn’t be the best for what I wanted. Then she gave me some ideas that cost nothing and achieved the results I was seeking. People this woman is honest, direct, loving and truly treats you as a friend; actually I’ll go as far as saying she treats you like family.

Her readings are par excellence, also. I’ve been to many psychics over the years and she is the best I have found. The first encounter with her was when I ordered an hour reading. My husband had died and I was in miserable shape. My hour reading turned into almost 2 hours. When I realized the time I apologized and told her I’d pay for the additional time. She said “Carolyn, don’t worry about it. I’m well aware of the time and there is no additional charge. Besides it is my responsibility to tell you the hour was up. I didn’t because the angels had told me you would need more time so I simply made it available”. I was so shocked and have loved her since then.

Thank you from the bottom of my soul. And please use my testimony on both your spells and your psychic testimonials pages. Since you’ve done both kinds of work for me I want everyone to know how incredible you are.

Mary N. – legal name Carolyn Marie

February 23, 2014



Rev. Cassandra

I can’t express enough how grateful I am for your fresh start for relationships spell. My wife and I had it perform to rekindle our love. We’ve been married for 25 years and the last decade we have slowly lost the reasons we fell in love. We did a search on rekindling love and your site appeared among many others. We weren’t interested in counseling groups or sessions as we wanted a ‘quick fix’. Your spell gave us exactly that. Within the first 3 days she again suggested we take a weekend vacation. This time I didn’t resist and we had a ball. We flew to Acapulco, Mexico, rode horses on the beach, watched incredible sunsets, and did so many other things that we had not done for years or never at all. We even went parasailing, which was really fun. When we came home we found that I lost 7 pounds and my wife lost 6. Gotta do these kinds of getaways more often. And now that the kids are grown it will be much easier and cheaper. Yeah!!

Thank you your kindness, compassion, honesty and being there for us to help save our marriage.

Jack and Linda R.

February 19, 2014



Rev. Cassandra and MariaSuzonne,

First, I want to thank both of you for your caring and patient professionalism. In today’s world there are many that are professional, but few who are also caring and patient. The number or questions I asked prior to ordering were all patiently answered with caring of me as a person by you, MariaSuzonne and your caring about me as a person didn’t stop after I place the order. I’ve never experienced such love for a stranger from any company in my life and I’m 57 years old.

Rev. Cassandra as you know I sent lots of questions to you after receiving each update. Every question was answered with a caring gentleness that not only warmed my heart, but my entire being. When I apologized for asking so many questions you simply said “My baby sister was the type of person, who also asked a ton of questions; in a 5 minute conversation she’d ask at least 20 questions. Thus I’m accustom to lots of questions. So my dear Jackie ask all the questions you want. I’m here to answer them”.

One of my new years resolutions was to learn to love myself more; though I thought it would be a pipe dream. I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse by a family member and really didn’t trust men easily; I’ve never been married, probably because of this. Of course that affected my entire life; especially my self-esteem. I came across you site after doing a search for “how to love myself” (most of the sites I found were support groups and I wanted something that would work quicker. I found your site and figured that I’d try a few spells and see what happens. On New Year’s Day I ordered a To Love Oneself Ritual, a Letting Go of the Past Spell, a Forgiveness of oneself Spell, and a Forgiveness of others. MariaSuzonne received my order and emailed me the next day saying you wanted to talk to me and it would not cost any extra money, which if you could help I’d pay anything. We scheduled a time and you called me. You asked me why I had ordered a Forgiveness of oneself Spell and I told I felt I needed to forgive myself for any part I had in his abusing me. You bluntly said “you did NOTHING wrong. You were an innocent child, who was taken advantage of and you had cancelled the Forgiveness of oneself Spell. because you didn’t want me to spend money needlessly. I was stunned because ever since I was abused I felt guilty that it was my fault; even though many had told me it wasn’t. I came very close to telling you I wanted this spell also. Then you talked to me and in a few sentences explained things that I had never thought about. Your words were like an instant healing and all the guilt I had felt just left. If I had known how fast I could release this guilt I would have come to you long ago, but I also know that timing is of the essence. I did pay you for your time this is how you pay your bills and because of the healing help you gave me; the salvation you gave me.

Here it is a month later and I feel like a new woman, who likes herself for the first time in her life since prior the abuse. I have forgiven the family member, who sexually abused me, which I never thought possible. That made it easier to let go of the past and even my family members have notice the elevation of my self-esteem. I’m not ready to start dating anyone or get married, but maybe in the near future.

Rev. Cassandra, for all you have done for me in changing my life I thank you from the bottom of my soul. And thank you MariaSuzonne for you being you; You are both angels in human form.

Jackie B.

February 5, 2014



Rev. Cassandra, the blessings spell you did for us has been like no other. I’ve had similar spells performed by other spell casters and none of their work did anything or did very little. Within a couple of days after ordering the spell we began to see results.

So far:

– I got a promotion,

– my wife got a very nice pay raise,

– our son, first born twin, finished college last year and had been rather lazy, finally started looking for and found a wonderful job with great advancement potential

– our daughter, second born twin, who also finished college last year found a job immediately just got a promotion and a marriage proposal from the guy started dating, almost 5 yrs ago, at the university the beginning of her freshman year.

– our youngest, a son, has decided to start at a junior college (his grades haven’t been good enough for a university, which he had adamantly expressed he didn’t want to attend),

– AND the family has much better communication. And every Sunday the children are not making excuse for not having ‘family’ dinner together.

Thank you so much for the work you did. Since my daughter is getting married June, 2015 and my youngest son is going to junior college I’ll be ordering the prosperity ritual a lot to pay for all this.

Jeff R.

January 29, 2014



Rev. Cassandra

I just love your prosperity ritual. I ordered it last November and I’ve seen so many incredible results. Some are things I never thought about, but glad they appeared. Since you suggest ordering it every 3 or 4 mths to keep the prosperity flowing I just ordered it again. I can’t wait to see what happens this time.

I’ve told a lot of my friends. Even the skeptics are impressed with the things they’ve seen manifest in my life because of your prosperity ritual. Several have already order things from your site; including two, who were skeptics.

Thank you for providing your services for us.

Caroline S.

January 23, 2014



OMG!!! I ordered the 2014 New Year’s Blessings Ritual to begin December 16, 2012. I decided on this one so I could, for the first time in my 41 years, get a jump start on my resolutions. I’ve been following your instructions 100%. In addition,not only did I light the incense everyday during the ritual I’ve been lighting the incense everyday since because I love the smell of it. Well, not only did I get a jump start, but I’ve seen several of the things on my list already manifest; I got a promotion that I felt was long overdue and it came with a raise, I was able to buy the car I’ve always wanted after a former friend appeared and paid me back money with interest she had borrowed 9 yrs ago, and most important on my list was my mother’s health to improve, which it has considerably.

Thank you for doing this ritual for me. You are such a special person. I appreciate you for all you have done for me over the past 7 years.

Barbara Z.

January 22, 2014



Dearest Rev. Cassandra,

I intended to send an email during the rituals but I was just so busy.�

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for performing the New Year’s blessings ritual for me over the years. I wish I could list down everything that has happened the past years.�

I remember in my early twenties that life to me seemed such a drag, I was not going anywhere with my dreams no matter how much I tried, I had problems with my relationships, and I had been carrying so much self-esteem issues since I was a teen.�

I remember 2012 when the first New Year Ritual was performed, a lot of things started to take on a positive direction…I got hired in a hospital that is SO HARD to get into and the positions there are highly coveted. The strange part is that, I didn’t wish for that job. My parents and friends were ecstatic and some envious while I was not even expecting (or even wanting to) get in because I wanted to do something else.�I just attended the interview and answered honestly their questions….This happened after 4 years of being jobless as a nurse. (Oh, just a fact…So many people in my country took up Nursing because it seemed to be the job that was the ticket to first world countries and a better life. Sad to say, over 700,000 nurses in my country are jobless and had to proceed to doing other things to make a living which is totally unrelated to Nursing)�

That same year, I flew to Thailand for TEFL, finished with flying colors, then landed a job here in Hatyai-South of Thailand. All these in a matter of 2 years 1/2 years! Amazing! I have achieved all these than I had in the previous 4 years of seemingly broken dreams, disappointments, broken promises etc…

I just noticed that every time the ritual is performed, there are at least a couple of days that a lot of deep issues resurface and I start to cry. It’s as if something is pulling out those issues from the deep but it turns out to be a good thing because after my cycle of crying and dealing with a lot of emotions, I feel as if these were now resolved and nothing bothered me anymore.�

There were some things on my list that were not exactly answered but it turned out to be the best. For example, I wanted so bad to work either in Spain or Italy and was sad when I didn’t get the job…only to find out that I’m better off where I’m at and people who rushed the job I wanted had to work at least other 3 jobs to make ends meet! Whoa! Some, were answered at a later time but it seemed to be the perfect time when it happened.�

Me being here in Thailand has been an amazing experience- I met a lot of new people, I learned a lot of things about myself, exploring my career options, and enjoying traveling and crazy adventures (Just to share…I almost fell off the waterfalls a few days ago. I missed a step and for whatever reason, I survived that trip unscathed. If I didn’t have a huge log to hold on to, I would have hit the sharp rocks below…ouch!! �It was scary that time but now it’s a very funny memory and something I’d remember in my life!)�

…For the first time in such a long time, I feel as if I have something to be proud of and everyday is really a day of random adventure and something to laugh about (just like I asked in my New Year’s Ritual)

Anyway, 2014 is another year and I do have a positive feeling it will be great. Although I’m no longer looking forward to �falling off the waterfalls I’m looking forward to more travels like the one for South Korea this March with my family and seeing my cousin in Texas �around the later part of the year, meeting new people and meet a special someone down the road with all the qualities I listed down,

and many more surprises.�

Thank you Rev. Cassandra, and may God bless you with love, happiness, and all blessings.

Thank you Rev. Cassandra, and may God bless you with love, happiness, and all blessings.


Sarah T.

January 14, 2014



I have requested readings from Rev. Cassandra since June 2002. I have always been amazed by her accuracy. In addition to the readings, in 2009 I had chakra work done for my father who was ill at that time. After the chakra work had been completed, my father was able to recover quickly and has not had any major health issues since. He will be 87 years old next month and is doing quite well.

Thank you for the wonderful work you have done.

Edwin P.

January 5, 2014



I don’t know if you remember me or not, but in May of 2012 you did a spell for my husband and I, fresh start for relationships. The results have been phenomenal. We had both made some mistakes in our 15 years of marriage and felt like the marriage was going no where. Through the spell and the suggestion you gave us to try and remember why we fell in love and married in the first place. We made the list you suggested and sat down to share our list with each other. As I was reading his list I got teary eyed; he did the same with the list I gave him. We hung them on the fridge where our 4 children can see them. Our 3 daughters said they like reading them because it is a step into their history. Our son is a 9 yr old male, which explains his point of view.

Anyway, our marriage is no longer like we were in high school, but is healthy again; more than it has been in a very long time. Thank for helping us remember and giving us what we needed to remind us of the importance of our marriage. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both you and MariaSuzonne. In our lives you are both angels sent from God.

Yvette L.

December 24, 2013



My company was downsizing by 35%. I’ve only worked here for 3 years and was concerned about losing my job. I have a wife and 4 children to take care of and we are a 1 check family. Almost a year ago I had you do a protection spell for me to protect me from losing my job. I also had a blessings spell done since 1 spell works for all of us in the same house.

Well, everything is going far better than I expected. I work in advertisement for a TV station and out of the blue I got a call from a man, who found my card in a chair at a restaurant he went to. He called me and signed a 1 million dollar a year contract for the next 2 years. After we closed the deal he said he felt finding my card was a sign from God I was the man he’d been searching for and he was glad that followed what he felt. He said I am the unusual sales person he was looking for; a rep that doesn’t push. I told him I don’t like pushy sales people either so would never do that. Then he told me he was originally planning on starting with $500,000.00 a year, but decided my ideas were amazing and he could trust his gut feelings.

That was almost a year ago and he is so happy with the results he asked if we could change the contract and up next years budget to 2 million. Well, I wasn’t about to say no.

Also as you know I’ve had you do the prosperity ritual for me a 3 times. I am doing it as you suggest – every 3 or 4 mths.So far it has been wonderful in that I’ve received a raise and a few amazing bonuses and we are expecting baby #5 next May, which may have also stemmed from the blessings spell too (my wife is thrilled she won’t have to go through a hot Summer pregnant again)

Thank you for all you have done and will be doing. You are truly appreciated.

Robert McF.

December 17, 2013



Rev. Cassandra,

My first encounter with your site was after emailing about one of your spells. MariaSuzonne replied and I felt so cared about. I then asked a million questions and she patiently answered everyone. When I apologized for asking so many questions she gently assured me that she had no problem with my questions as she wanted me to be sure and comfortable before ordering the spell. I felt so cared about and truly loved by her replies.

I placed an order for the intense rainbow love ritual and the results have been amazing for my sister and I. We had a falling out and haven’t been able to get past it. We argued for months and finally stopped speaking 14 mths ago. I won’t explain what happened in this email because you already know. Half way through the ritual she called me. I said hello and she said “I’m so sorry for being such a bitch. Can you ever forgive me?”. I said yes and she said that for the last week she has had a strong feeling to call, but was scared I’d hang up on her. Apparently she started feeling the desire to call the same day you began the ritual or around that time.

I know sometimes it takes time before a spell manifests, but never did I expect it to happen while the spell was being done. It shocked me with amazement. I know for sure I’ll have you do all my spellwork in the future. I told my sister about the ritual and she was glad I had it done. She is considering have you do work for her after the holidays. I also told my mom, my other 2 sisters and my 2 sisters-in-law. It turns out one of my sisters-in-law has periodically had you do work for her. She has been your client for about 10 years. She just never told anyone because she wasn’t sure how we would feel about it. AND it turns out some of her other family members come to you also. If I had known my family and I would have had my sister back before now.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Karen T.

November 23, 2013



Rev. Anaya,

I can not tell you how grateful I am for the benefits I have received from the prosperity spell. I started receiving results almost immediately. I wanted a raise and got a promotion (this is a company that doesn’t have a lot of upper level positions because people just don’t leave here as it is a great company. And I got some time off to go see my family for Christmas. My children are so excited as they haven’t seen their grandparents for a couple of years.

Thank you so much. You are a blessing in my life and I will order other services in the near future.

Stephanie W.

November 9, 2013



Dearest Cassandra,

You completed my chakra work last week and once again I feel like a new woman. My husband says I look like a “shiny new penny made from actual copper”. I was sure it must be a compliment or he would not have said it as such. So I was a bit puzzled until when he told me it is a compliment that he heard his father said to his mother and she was delighted. She he thought he’d try it. He said he did have to change it because we all know pennies are no longer made of copper.They actually feel like fake token made of plastic.

Anyway I feel great, which doesn’t surprise me since I felt this way every time you’ve done my chakras for the last 6 or 7 yrs. As a cardiologist if it weren’t for you working on my chakras I think I would have lost it a long time ago. Every month you do for me what I wish I could do for every patient who comes to be……make them feel healthy and whole and stress free.

The world is a better place because of you. Thank you.

BTW, Raj asked me to let you know he is aware his chakras cleaning and balancing is coming due the last week of October. Remember how much trouble I had getting him do have you clean and balance his chakras the first time? Now, he has put in monthly in his calender or he’d probably order it everyday. I don’t think he needs to put it in the calender as he has had the work done enough he can tell when his body knows it is time.

Laskshmi P.

October 18, 2013



I got the job I was hoping to get simply because you performed the ‘get the right job’ spell. I had been trying for a couple of years to get a job at this company. I called them frequently, but never got even an interview. Then you did this spell for me. Two days into the spell they called me for an interview (I almost thought I was literally dreaming yet knew I wasn’t). The last day the spell was burning was the day I had the interview and they hired me on the spot, which has never happened to me. I’ve been with the company for 5 mths now and am so happy. It is a good company, employees are treated like they matter, benefits are incredible and the list goes on and on, but I won’t waste your time. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the work you did. I’ve been telling others to use your service because you are ‘the real deal’.

Thank you again so very much,

Roberta H.

October 8, 2013



Rev. Cassandra

You cleaned and balanced my chakras a little over a month ago. The third or fourth day into the cleaning I could feel a difference. It was wonderful. The following day I just started crying, almost like an uncontrollable sobbing, and felt it was me releasing something. I emailed you and told you about the crying and asked what it meant. I intentionally didn’t mention what I thought the reason was as I want to see what you’d say without my thoughts. You emailed me back and said that crying rarely happens and it is my need to release stuff. You explained that since I’d never had my chakras worked on a lot of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stuff was stuck and as the chakras were being cleaned it opened a gate for all ‘my stuff’ to get out. I loved your analogy about constantly stuffing things in the closet then one day opening the closet door and all the stuff comes tumbling out. I’ve seen that happen in movies and cartoons; my children and I laugh like crazy. But when it is tumbling out within yourself it is a bit concerning. After reading your reply I felt so much better and it started to subside; then completely stopped about an hour later. It was weird as inside me if felt like a storm and then the sun was instantly shining all over the place. As I said that was more than a month ago and since then I have been feeling lighter, more clear, more balanced, more in touch with myself and the people in my life, my work is more productive and I am over all far happier. I certainly will follow your recommendation to have it repeated every few mths simply because I never want to feel that ‘clogged’ again; especially since I now know how wonderful it feels to be ‘unclogged’.

Thank you for freeing my body, mind, and soul,

Karen L.

September 30, 2013



Dear Cassandra

What can I say other than thank you for again performing another prosperity ritual for me. Each time you do one or more doors open for me to enhance my business. The ritual just completed yesterday and I received 2 calls today from different venues that will each enhance my business. I’ll be back in a few mths to have the prosperity ritual performed again.

Thank you for all you do,

Anne N.

September 22, 2013



i purchased new years blessing around December 2011, believe it or not 2012 was one of the best years of my life.

thank you so much for all


Miguel D.

September 5, 2013



I got the right job Cassandra. The spell completed 3 days ago and already I’ve had some calls and interviews. I took the job that suits me the best. I think this is the first time in my life I had 5 companies that wanted to hire me and I get to make the choice of which one I want to work for. How cool that was.

The job I took has offered me a great salary, great benefits, room to rapidly move upward and there are 2 day care on site for my children; one for the little one and one for the two older children. AND I’ll have time off to pick up my two older ones when school lets out and bring them back here.

Thanks for your help,
Yvette L.
August 21, 2013



Rev. Cassandra

I don’t know what wonderful thing I did to find your site and trust my intuition to order a find your true love spell and a dream spell 8 mths ago, but I did. And I am glad I so did. On the day before the spells ended I met a man in a Starbucks and knew who he was since I had been dreaming about him. I’m rather shy, but went up and said hello. He said “I know you”, which shocked me. Then he told me about two spells he had done (later he said he held his breath because he thought I’d get up and leave). When he told me about the kind spells I just listened. Then I asked him if there were from A Circle of Light and at the same time we said “and Rev. Cassandra?”. We both knew that we had some things special in common, the same spells we both had done and you. Turns out you started his spells 2 days before you started mine. What you didn’t know and neither did I, was that my company transferred me to his city 6 weeks later. Talk about kismet and you were the nucleus of that kismet. I asked if you knew when you were doing both our spells and you were honest enough to say you didn’t. Thank you for that honesty and the spells you did for us.

Thank you. from both of us we’ll be back,
Robin S. (& Zack V.)
August 14, 2013



Dearest Cassandra,

Over the past 9 yrs you have done a lot of spells and rituals for me, plus my chakra work and prosperity rituals that I have done as you recommended. I want to thank you for all you have done and will continue to do for me, my husband, our children, family and friends. Even my brother, who was the #1 skeptic has become your #1 fan. You are so dear to all of us and words could never express our love for you, the angels and your gift.

Linda Sue H.

July 14, 2013



Last month you performed a full moon releasing spell for me to help me let go of of some stuff. Well I let go of a LOT of stuff. I was able to break up with a guy I’ve been with for 8 mths and who drained me; emotionally and financially. Actually I didn’t really have to break up with him. One evening 2 days into the spell I looked at him in a way that made me see the truth more clearly – “If I stay with him this will be my life” and was thinking “enough is enough”, but guess I just accidentally said it out loud. I was shocked that it actually came out of my mouth, but he said “Okay”, pack his things and left. I haven’t heard from him since and don’t want to. I’ve also released 15 pounds. That was a pleasant surprise. I consider that a bonus as it wasn’t on my bucket list.

Thank you and in a few months I’ll try the new moon spell.

Gabriela S.

July 5, 2013



I will never trust anyone else again with my problems except for Rev. Cassandra. She is completely who she says she is. Also, she is compassionate and truly cares for her clients…well this one at least; she treated me like I was family. And her spells are extremely powerful. She has helped me change my life for the better. I would never go to another spell caster as long as she is here to help me.

Sally P.

June 15, 2013



I had my chakras cleaned and balanced, a gift from a friend. I thought she was crazy to spend that much money. But during the cleaning part I began to feel more complete and as weird as it may sound – cleaner. When they were done I felt like a new person inside and out. My mind is more clear, my choices seem less complicated and I’m a happier person.

You are amazingly great. Thank you

Latcia J.

April 26, 2013



My boyfriend and I were having communication problems and we felt it might be a good idea to end the relationship. Then I found your site with the Communication spell. I talked to him about it and we decided if it didn’t work we would know we needed to end the relationship. It has been 5 mths and we are doing wonderful. We don’t hold things in until we explode. Instead we talk them out. We still have a few things to work on, but we are doing it and taking each step one at a time.

Thank you

Molly A.

April 7, 2013



Hi Rev Cassandra,

I hope you are doing well and everything is going well for you. I wanted to let you know the spell you did for my mother was fantastic, it was concerning her surgery/gallbladder, which she had back in March of this year, Everything went well and her healing process went quite well. The doctor was quite happy with her. Thank you so much. These spells are phenomenal and it really helped my mother. She is slowly branching out, since the loss of my dad a year ago, which was April 30, 2012.

Next year, she will be doing a Rhein cruise with my Aunt, a cousin and my other cousin and her son and a whole bunch of people, this is huge. She said, she hopes she makes it by than with her Asthma and anxiety and other complications, a bit of a drama queen, lol. I am proud of her progress.

The outside force spell you did for me regarding Harriett has not been a problem. I have gotten along with her really well and released my ego and things have been great. Management has not bothered me at all either. Harriett, was stripped of her leadhand and is now a worker. Some people in my crew had problems with her and her passed caught up even though she turned a corner. I believe management at this point did not clamp down on the ones who are the troublemakers. I believe they are next to go, management. Work is in a terrible mess right now and changes have to happen to get the department back on track.’

Barbara L.

May 31, 2013



For a number of years you have been doing the prosperity spell for me. Each time I put away some a the extra cash I receive. In the past 12 yrs you’ve been doing this spell for me I’ve been able to pay off the house. I live in here in San Diego and now I have finally saved the money to buy a home for my parents. There is so run down that it would be better to tear it down and build it back up than try to renovate it; yet would cost more than buying a new house already built. I took my accumulated 3 mths vacation and went to Kansas. to stay with them while we found the house they wanted to purchase. Yesterday the three of us signed the papers for their new house. My mom is a little sad since she raised my brother, sister, and myself in the old house and she is also excited to use the new very updated appliances and the jacuzzi in her bathtub.

It has been a long time coming and I’ll continue the prosperity spell quarterly.

Thank you for helping me to buy my parents a wonderful new home. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Elias G.

March 25, 2013



I had spent a lot of money on what turned out to be fake psychics. Then I found your site and read the note on your love spells page about why you won’t do a spell to bring back a love. I respect your choice, but was really disappointed with it. Then instead of leaving your site I read your faq page and wished I had read it before I forked out so much money. The question I am referring to is “I had a spell done, but it didn’t work well at all. The psychic said it was more difficult than she thought and wanted a lot more money to make it work. Does that make sense and should I have paid her more?”. If a psychic ever pulls that on me again I’ll be following your advice “If a ‘psychic’ asks you for exorbitant fees then run…..in the opposite direction as fast and as far as you can.” And because you seemed to be honest I decided to have a reading from you. I’ve submitted a testimonial for that.

Actually because of your directness on the site I chose to have a reading with you, which I did 2/12 and sent you a testimonial on Sept 1st. In the reading you suggested I order a fresh start for oneself.

I ordered the reading and it completed a few days ago. Cassandra I can’t say as I feel like a new woman, but I can say that I truly feel like a woman; a woman who knows herself better than she has ever known herself in her life. And stronger than I have ever felt before. My mother even called and tried to chastise me for what I had said to my father and I simply asked her “Mom, what do you call it when you marry your child off to a man so both his company and the man’s company can ally with each other to increase their wealth? And don’t say it was a smart business deal as you and I both know that your husband, my father sold his daughter. So it is either him being a pimp or slave trader”. I’m sad that I had to resort to building this bridge between my parents and I, but I can’t be with people, who obviously don’t respect me. Though my father and almost ex husband will have to because I have controlling interest in both companies. (they kept buying things and putting them in my name. If things got sticky I would have been in a heck of a lot of trouble. However, thanks to the reading the phone number you gave me I have hired the right people and found out I have controlling interest. Also the atty you sent me to has all the paper work pulled and now I have complete control over the properties and the stocks that were put in my name and they can’t suddenly put these things back in their names.) Both my father, as the CEO/CFO, and my husband, with whatever title he was listed as, have been fired (Of course my dad is telling everyone he retired and convinced me to divorce my husband.). And yes I am taking over the companies. My father thought as a female I was ignorant and only useful by selling me off to increase his wealth, but not only did he make sure I had a masters in finances before I married, but he forgot that I grew up in the office of the business and was fascinated by all I learned. It seems I haven’t forgotten a thing.

Carrie M

February 27, 2013




I was introduced to you by Clark B , who left his testimonial January 15th. After you did his chakra work you did mine. It completed on Feb. 24th. Once in awhile Clark comes up with some really scatter brained ideas for improving our lives and at first I thought this was another one. Yet each day you were doing his cleansing then his balancing I saw the changes in him. So I knew this was one of the times he hit the nail on the head. So I asked you to cleanse and balance my chakras. I feel like a new man. I feel more grounded than I have ever felt in life; actually I didn’t know a person could feel this grounded.

Being gay means we are hit with a lot of ignorant people saying mean things to us. I call them ignorant simply because most claim to be Christian yet ignore the Bible and “JUDGE” others. Anyway with the chakra work their taunting is like water running off a ducks back and has no affect.

I also find that my in life, my career, work, personal relationships or anything I’m involved with has more focus. Also, I was somewhat clumsy and am not any longer, which you said may be due to my now being balanced. I know I am just glad that I’m not breaking things with my clumsiness.

You’re truly a plus in my life, Thank you.

Nick Z.

February 6, 2013



Thank you so much for this lovely love enhancement spell. You and the angels have helped me tremendously in my life path and I am very thankful and grateful for that. The rituals/spell are extremely phenomenal, all I can say is wow and how it all works, it’s so great.

Linda VanD.

January 23, 2013



Rev. Cassandra Anaya,

I just recently heard of chakras and started doing some research on them, their purposes in our lives, and what their purpose is. In my research I found that a person does need to have their chakras cleaned and balanced, which rather surprised me; yet didn’t. Then I found your site about cleaning and balancing chakras. I found that you work with more chakras than other people and seem to do a deeper cleansing than others. Since I’d never had my chakras cleaned (how could I when I didn’t know I had chakras?). You finished cleaning and balancing my chakras about a week ago and I want to share my experience. The second day I started feeling lighter. The third day you emailed with an update, which explained why I was feeling differently. Each day I began to feel more the person I want to be and less a person that felt bogged down by life and its turmoil. I am happier, have more energy, things don’t bother me near as much as they did and I handle those turmoil things with far more confidence and zero stress.

Also, my calendar is marked to do my chakra maintenance every 2.5 mths (you said 2 to 3 mths and I figured 2.5 would work for me)

I have suggested your chakra cleaning and balancing to my significant other. You are now doing the chakra work for him and he too “feels an amazing difference”; his words in just 3 days.

I’m going to tell my other friends about your chakra work also.

Thank you and

Clark B.

January 15, 2013



My friend Cosmos L. and I ordered the Year Year’s blessings rituals to begin 12/16/13 for 2014 and I don’t know who is more pleased at the results we have seen so far. I just want to again say thank you. We are both pleased. He is going to email you also so I won’t tell you his good news. But I will say I’ll order this agian in Dec.

Barbara Z.

January 8, 2013



I ordered the 2013 New Year’s ritual to start Dec. 16, 2013 and I’ve decided to order this ritual every year. My life is getting better and better. The day you began the ritual I got a promotion that I’ve been trying to get for a year, but was kept at bay with one excuse or another. Then a few days later my wife, who is the bitch queen of divas, decided to give me a divorce that I’ve been asking for since 2008. She found another man, which I suspected. Whatever it took I don’t care. After we married in 2007 her true nature came out – she is verbally abusive, the laziest woman in the world unless she is shopping, took contraceptives and lied about them, even though I found them in the back of the linen closet. I want children, but now so glad she won’t be their mother. (BTW, I never told her I got the promotion). And next time I’ll ask the exes of a new woman what she is like.

Thank you for this ritual. I am indebted to you

Cosmos L.

January 9, 2013




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