Thank you so much for visiting.

Thank you so much for visiting.

animated heart

I send you love.

On Fri Dec 31 21:45:16 CST 1999 Teresa ([email protected]) : Virginia

Wrote : I am new to the CSS Webring, and I have been wandering through my fellow
sister’s websites…found your site to be very informative and
interesting….thanks for sharing!

On Thu Dec 30 15:26:03 CST 1999 Sheila Beavers ([email protected]) : Clarkston WA

Wrote : Thank you for being there.

On Mon Dec 27 16:30:44 CST 1999 Mindy Patterson ([email protected]) Saginaw Texas

Wrote : I have had a fatal illness for a little over two years I was expected to
live from 3 to 5 but I think it will be longer for Fiath and personal will
power. I love looking at the Angel pictures it brings me alot of peace of mind.
Thank you so much for allowing me to see them. Mindy

On Sat Dec 18 14:17:28 CST 1999 James Young
([email protected]) :
Arlington TX

Wrote : Just dropped by to see how things have been going on your site and was

On Fri Dec 17 13:08:23 CST 1999 J.D. Li ([email protected])

Wrote : … with the best wishes for the next millenium …… keep on dancing
in love and light …

On Wed Dec 15 17:56:57 CST 1999 Angels

([email protected])

Wrote : Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!! And the Best for the New

On Mon Dec 13 19:37:49 CST 1999 Rosemary Scott ([email protected]) : Newcastle UK

Wrote : I was very moved when I came upon your page the work that has gone into
it, is a thing of love, joy, and upliftment, I have had the most lovly night and
I thawork. thank you so much Rosemary.

On Sun Dec 12 21:05:53 CST 1999 erica marrero ([email protected]) : new ny

Wrote : I really enjoyed your website. I am delighted to see others who
appreciate the power of angels.

On Tue Dec 7 13:45:29 CST 1999 GYPSYROS
([email protected]) :


On Fri Dec 3 21:09:45 CST 1999 Jim Robinson ([email protected]) : West IA

Wrote : Spirit is at work here…blessings to all Light Beings! May all the Rays
of Divine Light illuminate the path to consciousness for those who are seeking
it. This is the Age of Awakening. Thank you Angels and all who assist. Thank you
Teachers and Guides for your gifts and intuitive direction. Thank you Creator
for everlasting Light.

On Sun Nov 21 15:14:42 CST 1999 Amy Workman ([email protected]) : Waukesha WI

Wrote : I love your site it is absolutely beautiful, I am into angels big time
and have been for a long time I have so much stuff with angels in them and would
really like more I know I have a guardian angel but I think I forgot how too get
in contact with him/her so I am really trying hard too learn how agian. Love and
Peace Amy

On Sat Nov 20 10:18:48 CST 1999 Carrie

([email protected]) :
Bangor Maine

Wrote : Great site you have here!!! 🙂

On Sat Nov 13 00:56:31 CST 1999 Darrell Robertson ([email protected]) : Elkin North

Wrote : Hi, I would like to comment on your beautiful site. It is wonderful but
what really ministers to me the most is your honesty about what and how you
believe. I definately can relate to the differences between God’s law and man’s
law and how so many different groups down thru the past has taken the precious
word and interpreted in order to define how they want to believe. This is why I
feel we have so many denominations today instead one one belief derrived from
the dead sea scrolls and passed down all the way until the martyred William
Tynsdale gave us the Holy Bible in english. I have visited sries with you
sometime if you like. I do wish you much success here and hope that this site
along with others alike can provide ministeral needs for someone out there. It
really has been nice visiting here and may God Bless You and your family!
Darrell R North Carolina, USA

On Sun Nov 7 01:12:56 CST 1999 cheryl pulliam ([email protected]) : boyd tx

Wrote : What an incredible site. Thank you for having it here to help all of us.

On Tue Nov 2 17:58:35 CST 1999 Annie Stevens
([email protected]) :
Ocean MD

Wrote : Wow! What a beautiful web site. Thanks for all the wonderful info on
your site.

On Mon Nov 1 06:31:50 CST 1999 Sea Seer
([email protected]) :

Wrote : nice website, anyone looking for a Wiccan penpal e-mail m please

On Thu Oct 28 01:00:38 CDT 1999 Paula Black ([email protected]) : Anchorage Alaska

Wrote : BEAUTIFULLY DONE !!!! A wonderful way to start my day ! Sincerely,

On Wed Oct 27 04:11:40 CDT 1999 Starla ([email protected]) :

Wrote : Dear Friend in Light, I have not even touched on all that your site
offers. I hope to learn and grow from all that you have hear. I also have some
ummm lets say the angels are with me.. smile. I hope that when you have time to
please feel free to visit my thoughts pages and take a look at my writtings
there and some by others. .My spirit writting is fun and really helps me to get
out all the feelings I am holding inside .If you would like to chat.. please Icq
me… Thank you so much.. In love and light….. Starla

On Mon Oct 25 19:26:06 CDT 1999 Danielle Rauch ([email protected]) : Slatedale PA

Wrote : This is my first time to your sight. I’m hoping it is what I’ve been
looking for on the internet. I talk to my angels every day. I’m praying one day
I can hear them in return.

On Sat Oct 23 19:14:58 CDT 1999 Joya apperson ([email protected]) : Verona Pa PA

Wrote : Hi!! How are you doing!? I love this ring and your site!! Anyways. . . I
have a favor to ask you!! Ok. . .My little sister is turning 10 Nov. 3, and Im
making a Happy Birthday page for her.

On Fri Oct 15 16:34:14 CDT 1999 June Cleeland
([email protected]) :
Sydney NSW

Wrote : Greetings from Down Under! This site is marvellous. Maybe you can visit
my site at some stage: ‘LOVE IS THE LINK’ – I am a Clairvoyant and my husband is a
Trance Medium. Lots of love, June..xxxxxx

On Wed Oct 13 10:02:40 CDT 1999 PEGGY MC ([email protected]) : NICHOLASVILLE KENTUCKY


On Mon Oct 11 02:44:55 CDT 1999 anna dube ([email protected]) : keremeos b.c.

Wrote : Just found this site. Will be back often.

On Sat Oct 9 14:44:38 CDT 1999 Carey McDaniel ([email protected]) : Louisville Ky

Wrote : I love your website. It tells alot about what your about. Thanks. I am
looking forward to having my reading soon.

On Fri Oct 1 09:41:18 CDT 1999 Lynda Lichti
([email protected]) :
coatesville PA

Wrote : Cassandra, Thank you for putting so much loving energy into this site.
It is very beautiful.

On Tue Sep 28 12:10:24 CDT 1999 Hina Abbas ([email protected]) : Karachi Sindh

Wrote : Excellent Site! Keep up the good work!

On Fri Sep 24 06:44:40 CDT 1999 catherine dodrill ([email protected]) : perth western

Wrote : you have a beautiful web page love and light, catherine

On Fri Sep 17 11:10:56 CDT 1999 LaVerne Thompson ([email protected]) : Mobile Alabama

Wrote : I was just browsing through, and ran accross your web page, and this is
where I stop for a long while, because I love all of the pictures, and poems, I
like everything about it, just continue with the good work. LaVerne Thompson

On Wed Sep 15 09:43:32 CDT 1999 Larry Sutherland
([email protected]) :
Corpus TX

Wrote : I love your site and all it contents. I have spent the last 3 hours
looking at all you have. Good God work and keep it up.

On Wed Sep 8 11:19:24 CDT 1999 Pam Kendall ([email protected]) : Missoula Montana

Wrote : I have just begun to try to reconnect with my angels, I hope someday to
speak with you regarding this wonderful task. Love your friend, Pam

On Mon Aug 30 00:00:16 CDT 1999 Linda Morton ( : Aaronsburg, PA.

Wrote: Thank you.

On Sat Aug 21 15:19:25 CDT 1999 Tammy Miller ([email protected]) : Port Florida

Wrote : I would like to be able to clear my mind and to understand the guidance
given to me.

On Sat Aug 28 18:58:26 CDT 1999 carole jean ([email protected]) : sudbury ontario

Wrote : Your site has been mesmerizing.I enjoy viewing the photos and learning
more about one’s spirituality

On Thu Aug 26 22:12:07 CDT 1999 Verity Kellam ([email protected]) : Queensland

Wrote : This is a beautiful world we live in, and your site has made it more
beautiful. Thanks.

On Wed Aug 25 22:21:01 CDT 1999 amy pizzano ([email protected]) : new

Wrote : someday I may contact you for a reading and connection to my angels.

On Sun Aug 15 18:26:06 CDT 1999 Ivy Howard ([email protected]) : Kannapolis North

Wrote : I have found a special man in my life. My love for him is unlike any I
have felt before. His name is David John Prys-wara. I pray and ask for prayers
that our love will be the same for each other and be lasting to develop into
marriage in the very near future. Also, at this time, my career is or seems to
be the best ever. I feel financially, mentally, spiritually, I am better than I
have been in a long time. My prayers are for continued success in my personal
life with “Dave”, and my career. And, also, of course, for your continued
success in helping others. God bless you!!

On Fri Aug 13 20:53:12 CDT 1999 tooter ([email protected]) : Yakima Washington

Wrote : Very nicely constructed site Interesting to say the least, intense to
say the most *S*

On Fri Aug 13 15:56:20 CDT 1999 jacqueline mcloughlin ([email protected]) : setauket new

Wrote : hi i am so very interested in all things that have to do with psychic
paranormal and spirituality. im glad to have found this site..

On Wed Aug 11 13:52:22 CDT 1999 Charles Darwin ([email protected]) : Jackson NH

Wrote : Ah, evolution – what a marvelous truth of the natural world.

On Tue Aug 10 02:34:11 CDT 1999 Shae MoonDragon ([email protected]) : Jefferson Tennessee

Wrote : Loved the page! Keep up the great work… I believe I will be visiting
quite often. BriTghtest blessings, Shae

On Tue Aug 3 20:54:12 CDT 1999 Patt H ([email protected]) : Shawano WI

Wrote : How peaceful and calming. I want to come back and explore more!

On Sun Aug 1 21:30:38 CDT 1999 Paula Frontino ([email protected]) : Rohnert CA

Wrote : I found your positive literature very soothing. Thank you!

On Sat Jul 31 17:55:54 CDT 1999 Gayle Majorow ([email protected]) : Athabasca AB

Wrote : Thankyou for the music while I walked through your web page. Your in
Peace, Gayle

On Mon Jul 12 14:07:11 CDT 1999 Rachel Otto ([email protected]) : Dumfries VA

Wrote : I love your site!! This means alot to me because I lost my 9 month old
about 2 years ago to SIDS and I have had a hard time with it. I love angels!!

On Mon Jul 5 11:34:47 CDT 1999 Ocean

([email protected]) :
Warrenville SC

Wrote : Welcome to AOTS. I enjoyed your beautiful and unique pages, I will be
back when I can look at everything. God Bless AOTS Sister! Peace &

On Mon May 31 17:11:34 CDT 1999 Jamie Zahorchak ([email protected]) : Apollo PA

Wrote : I find all of this” business” fascinating and interesting!

On Thu May 20 22:41:16 CDT 1999 Kenneth Flecknell ([email protected]) : Hampton New

Wrote : It’s nice to see a site such as this in these times,may god bless and
keep you all well.

On Wed Mar 17 21:12:14 MST 1999 Mary () :

Wrote : A beautiful site. Thank you for being on the www.

On Fri Mar 5 22:48:21 MST 1999 ralph hurst ([email protected]) : whiterock b.c.

Wrote : i like your web-site very much and wish you thevery best of luck. ralph

On Wed Feb 10 11:14:14 MST 1999 missie fox ([email protected]) : oswego new

Wrote : love your site enjoy it very much thanks for it

On Mon Feb 8 21:55:22 MST 1999 PAT DORAN ([email protected]) : MONTGOMERY IL


On Sat Jan 16 17:15:29 MST 1999 Pinney Donna ([email protected]) : NJ

Wrote : Thank you for a beautiful, uplifting site!

On Sun Jan 10 18:43:24 MST 1999 kim reist ([email protected]) : leb pa

Wrote : I was here on January 10,1999 and there were no psychics here. Did I
miss the right time? I was here at 8 o’clock When will someone be here
again????? Hping to here from you soon Thanks ([email protected]) :CrescentIA Wrote : Thank you so much for this uplifting adventure. I needed
some “light” or insight today. Keep up this wonderful gift that you have.
Hopefully others will appreciate it as much as I did. Thanks again.

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