Thank you so much for visiting.

Thank you so much for visiting.

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I send you love.

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Rebecca |

Rev. Cassandra Anaya: It is so nice getting to know you through your
most honest website; I do find it like a ray of sunlight; Peace to
your family!

Sunday March 18, 2007 16:37:41 – Billings, MT

Mike |

Dear Rev; Cassandra (The Oracle) It was for me, the truest spiritual
contact and awakening I have ever had; Meeting you and listening to
your words, feeling your pure energy, has brought me to a new place of
understanding; Today, I find an elegance in my feelings, of childlike
joy, a true gratefulness, and sense of being real; I can never thank
you enough Rev; Cassandra; Thank you so very very much; Thank you for
your love;

Thursday March 15, 2007 12:06:26 – Eastlake, CA

Anastasia |

Very happy to find your page,I was born & raised in Ireland
catholic, Dr Wayne Dyers books & tapes have helped me alot also
Louise Hay for affirmations & now I have found you;

Monday February 26, 2007 21:44:08 – Ontario Canada

Tammy Welter


Your site is just what I needed! I needed a place to visit that was
peaceful and grounding; Thank you for your words and may God bless you
and all who visit your site;

Monday February 19, 2007 21:33:58 – Texas



Thank you for your beautiful site; I am spellbound by your wonderful
knowledge; I pray that all who visit here is blessed by The All
Powerful; God bless you;

Saturday February 3, 2007 19:56:11 – United States

nancy |

i am one of those people who always hears those voices in the back of
my mind stopping me from my affirmation;it is so difficult;my head is
so negative and wont slow down long enough to get a word in edge wise;
im glad i found your site;

Friday December 1, 2006 13:34:56
– brevard county, fl;

Tricia Rodriguez |

This is such a charming site; At first the music threw me off, I
really enjoyed it; I learned a lot about Feng Shui, Thanks again

Sunday November – Southern Texas

michelle beckwith |

Finally someone who believes as I do about God his laws and the
church; I’d like to thank you I too was searching for a church that
practiced God’s laws so I will take your word that there is not one
and i’ll give up my search; I’ll concentrate on trying to align myself
with people like you who believe not only in God but also in physic
abilities; I know I have certain talents myself I don’t know what they
are but I am searching I am a true believer; I will be contacting you
for a reading; I lost my son 2 yrs; ago and I believe that if I am
open and willing that you can show me how to contact him; This is my
lifes quest I think this is one of the reason God called my son home
so early, I don’t completely understand why, but I know since his
death I have been on the road to really understand God; I think you
are authentic because I don’t think it’s a coincedence that your
daughter and your sister and I share the same name, your daughters
birthday is 10 days before mine, we both lost a love one you Michelle
and I Michael;So take care and continue to prosper; I will be calling
for a appointment soon I know God will bless me with the funds because
he knows how I am suffering behind the murder of my son 2 years ago;
Also our friends have the same name Chuck

Saturday November 11, 2006 01:10:02 – san diego



Saturday October 21, 2006 11:19:09

M; Revi |

Hi Casandra; It is not a co-insidence to found your site, I beleive;
Love, Light & Blessing

Wednesday October 4, 2006 03:22:57 – Indonesia

Paula McKay |

I wished I had found your website sooner;but was all in Divine Order;
I bless you with love

Wednesday August 23, 2006 09:30:03
– West Bloomfield, Michigan

Elaine Franzen |

Hi Cassandra: I just love your site; It offers so much and it gives
me a feeling of peace when I am on it; Thank you;

Sunday August 6, 2006 21:51:46
– Weymouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Candy |

What a breathtakingingly beautiful site;I absolutely love Angels! I
wish you love in all you do; Wonderful readings;

Friday June 23, 2006 03:06:35
– Cape Town, South Africa



Sunday May 21, 2006 11:30:25 – mumbai—india

Epi |

Stumbled upon your site while looking for answers

Tuesday March 28, 2006 16:54:27 – Mount Pocono Pa

Elizabeth From Dublin |

I LOve you site feel very drawn to your it your picture is that of an
angel please continue to do your good work love Elizabeth x x

Tuesday March 14, 2006 16:38:29 – Ireland


Hi, I look forward to learning more about Fung-Shui

Wednesday March 8, 2006 15:53:54 – Orange County

w; |

Thank You, Cassandra, for this informative and useful site; I wish
You good;

Sunday February 19, 2006 14:28:32 – Lithuania

Sandy |

hi from me; I love your site

Monday January 23, 2006 18:54:07 – fla

Below begins the previous guest book, which had a different format.

On Sat Jan 21 18:06:23 EST 2006 Barry () : UK

Wrote : Great site. thanks

On Fri Jan 20 09:46:23 EST 2006 () :

Wrote : You have a great site; I am glad I found it.

On Fri Jan 20 04:52:13 EST 2006 Maria ([email protected]) : OK City OK

Wrote : Awsome site reallyy good one ,iam happy to step in to. Its very
intresting, will surely vist again

On Tue Jan 17 10:41:42 EST 2006 () :

Wrote : thank you for such an informative site.

On Mon Jan 16 05:06:53 EST 2006 bena dafoe ([email protected]) : san tx

Wrote : you have done very good work

On Mon Jan 16 04:58:15 EST 2006 () :

Wrote : i came upon your site by accident, but really glad I did

On Sun Jan 15 16:27:07 EST 2006 Bartholomeu Simpson ([email protected]) : Tallahassee Florida

Wrote : This site is VERY informative. Thanks for the information and help!! Rev

On Wed Jan 11 05:15:42 EST 2006 helki wahel ([email protected]) : san tx

Wrote : you have done very good work

On Wed Jan 11 05:03:47 EST 2006 () :

Wrote : good site good info

On Mon Jan 9 07:17:29 EST 2006 elan babel ([email protected]) : san tx

Wrote : your site is nice

On Mon Jan 9 06:58:30 EST 2006 () :

Wrote : thanks for being on the net

On Mon Jan 9 06:44:42 EST 2006 lt guys ([email protected]) : texas us

Wrote : your site is really beautiful and informative.keep going

On Sun Jan 8 23:48:06 EST 2006 () :

Wrote : good place to visit

On Sat Jan 7 12:36:31 EST 2006 James Robert ([email protected]) : Austin TX

Wrote : This is very informative site

On Sat Jan 7 12:36:05 EST 2006 Robert DAve ([email protected]) : San TX

Wrote : Good Site

On Sat Jan 7 12:28:01 EST 2006 () :

Wrote : love your site

On Sat Jan 7 08:19:24 EST 2006 awan sabedra ([email protected]) : austin tx

Wrote : your site is nice

On Sat Jan 7 08:07:48 EST 2006 () :

Wrote : good site good graphics good layout

On Tue Jan 3 13:57:51 EST 2006 Lugene Owens ([email protected]) : New Michigan

Wrote : Your website is wonderful and I find it inspiring and comfortable. I
have various psychic abilities that come and go at random, I don’t know how to
use them at my disposal. Upon several occasions have had strong, beautiful,
Angel Contact and a couple of times NOT SO ANGEL CONTACT. I was protected by THE
CIRCLE OF LIGHT ONCE when in a VERY bad car accident where I lost my life, for
only a short while and came back. Before I had that accident I never heard of
the Circle of light. I had been searching for a website like this for a while.
I’m here to stay. I love you. Karen

On Tue Jan 3 03:38:16 EST 2006 reta smith ([email protected]) : san tx

Wrote : keep up the good work

On Mon Jan 2 23:56:35 EST 2006 riley amarka ([email protected]) : san tx

Wrote : you have done very good work

On Mon Jan 2 08:49:36 EST 2006 Paul David ([email protected]) : San TX

Wrote : your site is very informative

On Sun Jan 1 14:07:37 EST 2006 Melinda & Frank () : Beverly Hills CA

Wrote : What a wonderful way to begn the new year; my wife and I are going to be
ordering another New Years reading today (the last 9 years you have been
amazingly accurate).And I must say you are a very generous woman to
offer such a wealth of information on your site. Most sites we have seen want to
charge to see their information and it is not near as indepth as yours. And each
year your site gets better and better.
Keep up the wonderful work and your generosity. Your rewards are great for all
you give.

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