Thank you so much for visiting.

Thank you so much for visiting.

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On Sun Dec 28 08:12:11 CST 2003 Salvador Bainan< ([email protected])
Rodrigues Rizal

Wrote : to have some network with other ministers,if you are interested to come and visit the philippines our church is open for you.this website is excellent.

On Sat Dec 27 14:23:59 CST 2003 Similan Tiga ([email protected])
Lahore Punjab

Wrote : A nice site. Useful contents and beautiful layout.

We appreciate the hard work of compilers.

On Mon Dec 22 14:32:07 CST 2003 Mary Katherine ()

Wrote : Your site is so spectacular and informative. Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into it. And I hope your holidays are fabulous. God blesses you and I can tell after spending a lot of time on your site. Thank you again for all that you have done to help people better understand the world the way it should be.

On Mon Dec 8 20:44:59 CST 2003 Antoinette Barr ([email protected])
McKinney Texas

Wrote : I really like this web site. It addresses many points of interest I have. I come from a family of 6, 5 of us girls. Most of us have come into our own, finding a spiritual path and becoming healers. I’m still learning, but I am a much happier person and so much more at peace since going down this path. I hope to find others who have similar beliefs and thoughts. If not, then I hope to enlighten those who need it simply by being myself.

On Sat Dec 6 20:56:15 CST 2003 Hilda Starkey ([email protected])
Huntsville Arkansas

Wrote : I enjoy learning more about the chinese astrology and want to learn as much as i can.

On Tue Dec 2 14:03:28 CST 2003 jr ()

Wrote : You have a beautiful site !! Love the floating angels.

On Sun Nov 30 13:07:54 CST 2003 Lady ()

Wrote : I just wanted to comment on how beautiful I think your site & work is! I have enjoyed my visit here!

On Sat Nov 22 17:35:33 CST 2003 Angel Robinson ([email protected])
Syndey NSW

Wrote : Beautiful site!!! I loved it.

On Wed Nov 19 02:06:30 CST 2003 gallery319 ([email protected])
ny n

Wrote : Your site is very interesting and useful for me!

On Sat Nov 15 14:30:47 CST 2003 Guardian ([email protected])

Wrote : Hi There!!
I’ve had a good look around your site, and you’ve done a marvellous job!

On Tue Nov 11 10:09:28 CST 2003 Mary Daley ([email protected])
Merrill Wisconsin

Wrote : I have never seen a more uplifting and enjoyable site in my life as A Circle Of Light!!! Thank you for all the joy and happiness it has brought to me and my family. Your love for all will spread greatly though our family and friends. With Love Mary

On Mon Nov 10 13:01:18 CST 2003 John ()

Wrote : Excellent site.

On Sun Nov 9 14:45:04 CST 2003 olivier preston ()
Los Angeles CA

Wrote : Your site is really marvellous,
I hope you continue like that !
Best wishes

On Thu Nov 6 01:19:55 CST 2003 sonneries sonneries ()

Wrote : A very very nice site

On Sun Oct 12 16:53:06 CDT 2003 Laura HUNT ()
NANTES Bretagne

Wrote : I like your website very much. I appreciate efforts like this.
This website has the information that i wanted. I will always recommend it to my friends. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks … so much !

On Fri Oct 10 03:34:48 CDT 2003 Soul ()

Wrote : Hello, I just wanted to say you have a very informative site which really made me think, Thanks !

On Fri Oct 10 03:33:49 CDT 2003 Moon ()

Wrote : Excellent website. Keep it up.

On Tue Sep 30 02:36:21 CDT 2003 madhu kumari ([email protected])
delhi delhi

Wrote : it is very interesting information and the pages appearance is vey good.

i just have a query, that i tried to put on message board but it was giving some error.
Query is – for a couple, husband and wife mostly will have different kua-numbers. then how do u decide success direction for them together e.g. for positioning their bed? specially when both of them are pursuing their own careers.
could u please answer me?

On Wed Aug 6 16:25:39 CDT 2003 Helmut Kreditkarte ()

Wrote : Very interresting site. Keep it up. Best wishes Helmut.

On Tue Aug 5 16:58:58 CDT 2003 Klaus Nebenverdienst ()

Wrote : Nice Page! Very usefull. Keep it up. Greetings Klaus.

On Sat Jul 26 06:02:52 CDT 2003 Hans Kreditkarten ()

Wrote : Nice Page! Very usefull! Greetings Hans.

On Fri Jul 25 17:40:48 CDT 2003 Rita(Patsy) ([email protected])

Wrote : I loved your site and I would like to invite you to join the Wosib Women`s Group. They are a great group of ladies and I am sure you will enjoy your time with us.

On Thu Jul 24 06:46:23 CDT 2003 Laila Slahlah ([email protected])
Frankfurt Hessen

Wrote : You have a great looking site. Thanks for the opportunity to view it.

On Tue Jul 22 11:43:04 CDT 2003 La Field ([email protected])
Lively Va

Wrote : I have stumbled onto this page quite by accident and am very surprised to see all of the information i sometimes forget is out there on not only the “ANGELS” but on the Metaphysics. THANK YOU! I have had some physic experiences of my own for years and am learning to develop them. Thank You again Starangel

On Fri Jul 18 20:28:19 CDT 2003 Claudia ()

Wrote : Wonderful site! I really enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing.

On Thu Jul 17 03:42:39 CDT 2003 Thomas Hansen ([email protected])
Copenhagen Denmark

Wrote : What a great ressource! I’ll have look around.

On Fri Jul 11 22:16:50 CDT 2003 sherrie harting ([email protected])
Balto Maryland

Wrote : I am new to your site …But want to learn more …..

Thank You


On Thu Jul 10 09:56:08 CDT 2003 ([email protected])
japan japan

Wrote : Enjoyed visiting! Nice site!

On Wed Jul 9 23:58:56 CDT 2003 Carolann Gumieny ([email protected])
Milwaukee WI

Wrote : I would like the power of my spirit guides and guardian angel to come to my everyday need of money. With the recent out come of my husbands Bi-polar and ADHD, he managed to put us into nearly $90,000.00 in debt. Since I am the only person in the household working and having a heart condition myself…everyday is getting harder and harder to make ends meet. Please pray for me and my loved ones in love and prosperity. And of course a way to pay off all the outstanding bills that are so pressuring me right now. I know that if it be God’s will and my faith, this will take place. I just need the help of my Guardian Angel and my Spirit Guides to help me along the way..

On Wed Jun 25 07:18:26 CDT 2003 ()

Wrote : very nice site.:-)))

On Mon Jun 16 18:22:01 CDT 2003 Charyl ()

Wrote : Just a little addition–my full pen name is Charyl Miller Pingleton 🙂

On Mon Jun 16 18:20:21 CDT 2003 Charyl Miller ()

Wrote : Hello! Lots of great links here! With the angel links, you may be interested in my novel about angels ‘Angel Unaware’ (see the link). Take care!


On Thu Jun 12 15:09:36 CDT 2003 Candle making ([email protected])

Wrote : Love the floating angels

On Tue Jun 10 20:04:55 CDT 2003 Suzette(Susie) Legault ([email protected])
ST.Andrews Ontario,

Wrote : What a beatiful site you have.I love & believe in Angels.There all over my house & in my water/rock garden.It’s so relaxing just to come & visit you here.Susie

On Sun Jun 8 16:18:02 CDT 2003 Kevin Miller ([email protected])
Uniontown Pennsylvania

Wrote : There really isn’t enough room on this site for me to TRULY express my DEEPEST feelings for DIANA! First of all,she was a living Goddess! Her looks and figure by far,prove that. Secondly,this Goddess we call DIANA,was a true,loving humam being whom gave of herself to the less fortunate.I heard a comment once on a biography of Princess Anne by an interviewee whom said they’d rather have the cold,proffessional touch of Anne’s rather than the heart-on-the-sleeve touch of an emotional DIANA.That comment from them only strengthened the TRUTH that PRINCESS DIANA’S ways with people were,are and always will be SUPERIOR to Anne’s! I would rather have DIANA helping me than Anne,anyday. Another thing I love about DIANA was the way regular folks like myself could just have a conversation with her without being made to feel embarressed or less than valuable. She thought humanity as a whole was valuable. I also loved her laugh,her voice and the way she made the ENGLISH accent sound sooo romantic.DIANA was about Beauty in all she did for people and sometimes even herself.I always say that SHE made her clothes look good not the other way. As far as I’m concerned,as well,her LIGHT shall always shine. I will Always LOVE HER!

On Wed May 28 20:47:19 CDT 2003 kirsten drake ([email protected])
perth wa

Wrote : this site is very cool i love it!!!!!

On Mon May 26 13:56:38 CDT 2003 Marion du ([email protected])

Wrote : A beautiful site. I really love the Angels you have floating on the pages. Lots of interesting things to read,i found it hard to pull myself away from this site. keep up the good work.

May the love and Light be with you always
God Bless
Marion. xxx

On Wed May 21 21:49:52 CDT 2003 ()

Wrote : This is a lovely site, with truly beautiful graphic. Enjoyed it immensely.

On Tue May 20 00:51:40 CDT 2003 Michael ([email protected])
Abbotsford BC

Wrote : This was an interesting, good site.

On Fri May 16 15:08:40 CDT 2003 Janice ——– ([email protected])
none none

Wrote : I just found this. Good.

On Sun May 11 12:25:29 CDT 2003 Rita(Patsy) ([email protected])

Wrote : I enjoyed my visit to your informative site and
I would like to invite you to join the wosib diggers
garden, they are a great group of ladies and we would
appreciate your help.

On Sun May 11 00:08:22 CDT 2003 Bill B ()

Wrote : I clicked random link on the search engine and ended up on your site. Nice site & good job and hello.

On Sat May 10 20:14:22 CDT 2003 Julie Lorio ([email protected])
Gainesville Florida

Wrote : Just a note to say how grateful for a wonderful web page. It has helped me so much this evening.

Thank you so much for creating such a healing web page.

Much Gratitude, Julie

On Wed May 7 04:36:53 CDT 2003 val scott ([email protected])

Wrote : thankyou for your beautiful heart work..many blessings..

On Tue May 6 17:00:31 CDT 2003 Rhonda Fontenot ([email protected])
Kiln Mississippi

Wrote : Im going to Miss Michelle, too. She must have been a wonderful sister to you. And from the looks of your site you were a wonderful sister to her, too. Cassandra I am sorry for your loss.

On Thu May 1 22:32:51 CDT 2003 Loyce Hartley ([email protected])
Orlando Florida

Wrote : Just dropping by to say hello. I had a wonderful visit here. I hope you will visit my site soon.

On Thu May 1 12:43:33 CDT 2003 isuzu trooper ([email protected])

Wrote : Thank you for this website.

On Sun Apr 27 20:44:06 CDT 2003 Vernon Chumbley ()

Wrote : WOW! Very Nice Site You Have! 🙂

On Fri Apr 25 18:15:44 CDT 2003 salvia ()

Wrote : Great! Lot’s of usefull informations!

On Thu Apr 17 03:53:20 CDT 2003 Janet ()

Wrote : Beautiful site. :o)

Brightest Blessings to you!

On Wed Apr 16 08:13:16 CDT 2003 Klass ([email protected])

Wrote : Nice work! Keep it up, I like the site, so don’t let it die!!!!

On Mon Apr 14 15:02:48 CDT 2003 Nicole ([email protected])
Citrus Ca

Wrote : Hi this is a great, wonderful, enchanting site. I love it.

On Sun Apr 13 13:09:36 CDT 2003 Bill B ()
Winnipeg Mb

Wrote : Very nice site. Good job.

On Thu Apr 10 10:06:13 CDT 2003 Karri Marsh ([email protected])
Nowhere MT

Wrote : I was searching for information on astral projection and I came across this site! I read it because I am really interested in astral projection. I have tried it but nothing ever happens so I decided to learn more about it and then try it some more to see if it would work. This site is a great site. Thanks Karri

On Wed Apr 9 21:47:33 CDT 2003 Claudia ()

Wrote : Wonderful site! I really enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing.

On Wed Apr 9 15:00:55 CDT 2003 pixi ()

Wrote : Great looking web site.

On Sat Apr 5 07:24:49 CST 2003 Rizwan ([email protected])

Wrote : I would like to ask a question on the occult. I have been involved in Wicca in my teenage life. Now everyone has been feeling bad around me. Even though I never have been involved in the devil.

I have mates who feel unpleasant around me for no reason. They anonymously get angry around me smashing things up.

After that I have prayed to god. By the way my dad is involved in black magic and loves harm. But this does not mean I am involved.

If you have any ideas then please e – mail me back soon so I can help my friends and calm my dad.

Thanks Very Much.

On Thu Apr 3 04:32:32 CST 2003 Timmyra Ryner ([email protected])
Phoenix Arizona

Wrote : I’ve been visiting this site for years and have always been so very pleased with the information and the sense of peace and happiness that I come away with after having visited. Thank you so much. Peace, love and happiness!!!!!!!!

On Tue Apr 1 13:48:21 CST 2003 Paul ([email protected])

Wrote : Great site, lovely graphics keep up the good work.

On Sat Mar 29 15:12:22 CST 2003 Matti Kuusela ([email protected])

Wrote : Thank you for this great page!

On Mon Mar 24 13:38:07 CST 2003 Ted ()

Wrote : Nice site, keep up the great work!

On Thu Mar 20 05:13:34 CST 2003 Mike Nowak ([email protected])

Wrote : Hello, great site with lots of info. Very nice site . I have already bookmarked it. Best wishes for You, Mike

On Wed Mar 19 14:05:47 CST 2003 webmaster ()

Wrote : Very informative and well-structured site. Thank you.

On Sat Mar 15 00:44:07 CST 2003 SHARON REED ([email protected])


On Mon Mar 10 11:31:18 CST 2003 Rita (Patsy) ([email protected])

Wrote : I enjoyed my visit to your enchanting site
so easy to navigate with interesting content
and lovely backgrounds.

On Sun Mar 2 16:49:28 CST 2003 maaike medina ([email protected])

Wrote : Hi Cassandra,
Jou have a great and beautiful site.
Love and Peace

Greetings from the Netherlands

On Fri Feb 28 15:44:29 CST 2003 michelle ()

Wrote : Beautiful, beautiful site. thank you for sharing it with the world.

On Mon Feb 24 17:37:16 CST 2003 HERB LEONARD ([email protected])
palo ca


On Tue Feb 11 16:35:53 CST 2003 Martine Simons ([email protected])

Wrote : Thank you my Lord for your help.
Thank you for this website.
I love you.

On Mon Feb 3 20:44:52 CST 2003 ()
n/a n/a

Wrote : This is a really great website. its really well designed and i love the colors. It must have taken you a really long time to build all of this, I was browsing for ages and still hav not seen all of it yet but i will be back again. Thanks for building such a great resource.

On Sat Feb 1 09:38:39 CST 2003 Mahalo PACEM ([email protected])
Glendale CA

Wrote : Very nice looking web site, I feel cozy, and am glad to sign in..

On Sat Feb 1 06:39:40 CST 2003 James ()

Wrote : great site

On Sat Jan 25 16:56:28 CST 2003 Heidi Nagy ([email protected])
Montreal Quebec

Wrote : I accidently found your site by being linked from Parents Against Child Pornography. Thank you for having it on the net.

On Sat Jan 25 02:19:20 CST 2003 Robin ()

Wrote : Wonderful site! So much good information. I enjoyed every minute of my visit, and will visit again real soon. Thank you for providing all that you do.

On Thu Jan 23 12:42:11 CST 2003 Elizabeth ()
Crystal Tx

Wrote : I am a Spiritual remote healer. I also channel. I was reading your religious beliefs and enjoying your site very much… until I read the last card. I burst into tears and wept for some time. Thank you so much for giving that to me. It was truly awesome. I will refer your website.

On Wed Jan 22 00:01:33 CST 2003 servito fernandes ([email protected])
margao goa

Wrote : i am going through a bad time in my life,now i am without a job, kindly do pray for me thanking you

On Fri Jan 17 17:34:55 CST 2003 Bill V ()

Wrote : Nice site.
Cheers from Canada

On Sat Jan 11 11:06:27 CST 2003 Tierversicherungen ()

Wrote : Excellent website, very informative. Keep up the excellent work – – Harry.

On Wed Jan 1 13:01:33 CST 2003 kristin strachan ([email protected])
pueblo co

Wrote : Hi!
I requested a prayer on your prayer site, and I thank you very much for your blessing. I tried to subscribe to your newsletter, but a window kept coming up that said I was not permitted to do so. Wierd, eh? Is there another way to subscribe?

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