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Sat Nov 22, 2003

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9 Results … Displaying 1 – 9 ASTRAL TRAVELER Awareness – Spiritual Consciousness for this level and beyond. AstralTraveler.com is the portal for Danyel Seagan’s Vision of the Possible Human in a Multidimensional Universe.

Astral web Free online course in Astral Travel, and has Astral chat, forums and articles on Astral Projection, Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.

Duck Pond Retreat Our goal here at Duck Pond Retreat is to bring people together for sharing spiritual experiences, beliefs and personal truths.

Ice Cream for the Soul This online book is a collection of over 100 playful and light-hearted activities designed to help you connect with and nurture your spirit. Each activity has a one sentence description, a paragraph of instructions, a personal story or perspective from the author’s life, and several serious and playful quotes that apply to the activity. The background section includes a primer on Myers Briggs personality type, mind-body medicine, meditation, journaling, and various ancient health practices.

Karmick Karmick is an online magazine devoted to the spiritual, mystical, pagan and new age, with a focus on the Western spiritual paths. Articles include features, herbalism, spiritual advice, and more. It also has a shop.

MS-REM MS-REM Energy Mastery – Susan AnthonyShamanic, Alchemical, Ascension, Reiki Energy Mastery TrainingAttunement and practices that accelerate spiritual awakening“I’ve never felt energies like this! Your work is truly brilliant.” – Diana Cooper

Printing company and gifts, books This websight offers creative name gifts, printing services, poetry chapbook services and a little about Greg, The Author of MYSTIC REVELATIONS

Spiritual Retreats & Journeys Unique ecotourism adventure travel learning traditional medicines and spiritual paths from indigenous people. Personal self-empowerment, Reiki and spiritual retreats exploring your own spirituality for self-growth.

Starbuilders Free books on spirituality, music, technologies of consciousness, much more

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