The Ba-Gua Map for Eastern Feng Shui

The Ba-Gua Map for Eastern Feng Shui

This map is based on your home and/or business as a whole….

In Feng Shui, remember the “0” degree on the compass is to the South, which would be the “Fame & Reputation” Gua.

Wealth & Prosperity
Location – Southeast Corner
Colors – Purples, Reds, & Greens
Fame & Reputation
Location – South Corner
Colors – Reds & Oranges
Love & Marriage
Location – Southwest Corner
Colors – Reds, Pinks & White
Health & Family
Location – East Corner
Colors – Blues & Greens
Location – Center
Colors – Yellows & Earthtones
Creativity & Children
Location – West Corner
Colors – Metals, White & Pastels
Knowledge & Self Cultivation
Location – Northeast Corner
Colors – Black, Blues & Greens
Location – North Corner
Colors – Black & Dark Blues
Helpful People & Travel
Location – Northwest Corner
Colors – White, Grey & Black

The Elements:
South – Fire
East – Wood
North – Water
West – Metal
Center – Earth

Feng Shui for individual Rooms; entire home &/or Office (Western Feng Shui)

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