I = Incense or perfume O = Oil, dust
(powder), or bath C = Charm or talismanic use D = Drug, ointment,
potion, etc.






Lavender male/yang Mercury Air I, O, C
Leek male/yang Mars Fire C
Lemon male/yang Sun Water C
Lettuce female/yin Moon Water C
Licorice female/yin Venus Water C
Lilac female/yin Venus Water C
Lily female/yin Moon Water C
Lime male/yang Sun Air C
Lobelia female/yin Saturn Water C
Lotus female/yin Moon Water I, C
Mace male/yang Mercury Air I
Magnolia female/yin Venus Earth C
Mandrake male/yang Mercury Fire C, D
Maple male/yang Jupiter Air C
Marijuana female/yin Saturn Water D, C
Marigold male/yang Sun Fire C
Marjoram male/yang Mercury Air C
Mesquite female/yin Moon Water I
Mimosa female/yin Saturn Water C
Mint male/yang Mercury Air C
Mistletoe male/yang Sun Air C, D
Morning Glory female/yin Saturn Water C, D
Mugwort female/yin Venus Earth C
Mulberry male/yang Mercury Air C
Mushrooms female/yin Moon Water D (various)
Mustard male/yang Mars Water C
Myrrh female/yin Moon Water I
Myrtle female/yin Venus Water C
Nettle male/yang Mars Fire C, D
Nutmeg male/yang Jupiter Fire C, D
Oak male/yang Sun Fire C
Oats female/yin Venus Earth C
Oleander female/yin Saturn Earth C
Olive male/yang Sun Fire C
Onion male/yang Mars Fire C
Orange male/yang Sun Fire C
Papaya female/yin Moon Water C
Papyrus male/yang Mercury Air C
Parsley male/yang Mercury Air C, O
Passion Flower female/yin Venus Water C
Patchouli female/yin Saturn Earth C, I
Pea female/yin Venus Earth C
Peach female/yin Venus Water C
Pear female/yin Venus Water C
Pecan male/yang Mercury Air C
Pennyroyal male/yang Mars Fire C
Peony male/yang Sun Fire C
Pepper male/yang Mars Fire C
Peppermint male/yang Mercury Fire C
Periwinkle female/yin Venus Water C
Pine male/yang Mars Air I, C
Pineapple male/yang Sun Fire C
Pomegranate male/yang Mercury Fire C
Poplar female/yin Saturn Water C, D
Potato female/yin Moon Earth C
Primrose female/yin Venus Earth C
Radish male/yang Mars Fire C
Rice male/yang Sun Air C
Rose female/yin Venus Water C
Rosemary male/yang Sun Fire I, C
Rowan male/yang Sun Fire C
Rue male/yang Mars Fire I, C, O
Rye female/yin Venus Earth C
Saffron male/yang Sun Fire C
Sage male/yang Jupiter Air C
Sagebrush female/yin Venus Earth C, I
Sandalwood female/yin Moon Water I, C
Sassafras male/yang Jupiter Fire C
Skullcap female/yin Saturn Water C
Sesame male/yang Sun Fire C
Slippery Elm female/yin Saturn Air C
Spearmint female/yin Venus Water C
Strawberry female/yin Venus Water C
Sunflower male/yang Sun Fire C
Sweetpea female/yin Venus Water C
Tamarind female/yin Saturn Water C, I
Tamarisk female/yin Saturn Water C, I
Tansy female/yin Venus Water C
Tea male/yang Sun Fire I, D, C (various)
Thistle male/yang Mars Fire C
Thyme female/yin Venus Water I, C
Tobacco male/yang Mars Fire I, D, C
Tomato female/yin Venus Water C
Tulip female/yin Venus Earth C
Turnip female/yin Moon Earth C
Valerian female/yin Venus Water C
Vanilla female/yin Venus Water C
Vervain female/yin Venus Earth C
Violet female/yin Venus Water C
Walnut male/yang Sun Fire C
Wheat female/yin Venus Earth C
Willow female/yin Moon Water C
Wintergreen female/yin Moon Water C
Witch Hazel male/yang Sun Fire C
Wolf’s Bane female/yin Saturn Water C, D
Wormwood male/yang Mars Fire C, I, D
Yarrow female/yin Venus Water C
Yew female/yin Saturn Water C
Yohimbe male/yang Mars Fire D
Yucca male/yang Mars Fire C, O





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