I = Incense or perfume O = Oil, dust
(powder), or bath C = Charm or talismanic use D = Drug, ointment,
potion, etc.






Acacia male/yang Sun Air I, C
Agaric male/yang Mercury Air D, C
Allspice male/yang Mars Fire I, C
Almond male/yang Mercury Air C
Aloe female/yin Moon Air C, D
Aloe, Wood female/yin Venus Water I, C
Amaranth female/yin Saturn Water I, C
Angelica male/yang Sun Fire C
Anise male/yang Jupiter Air C, I, O
Apple female/yin Venus Water C
Arabic Gum male/yang Sun Air I
Asafoetida male/yang Mars Fire I, C
Ash male/yang Sun Fire C
Aspen male/yang Mercury Air C
Avocado female/yin Venus Water C
Balm of Gilead female/yin Venus Water C, I, D
Bamboo male/yang Mercury Air C
Banana female/yin Venus Water C
Barley female/yin Venus Earth C
Basil male/yang Mars Fire C
Bay male/yang Sun Fire C, D
Bean male/yang Mercury Air C
Beech female/yang Saturn Air C
Beet female/yin Saturn Earth C
Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) female/yin Saturn Water D
Benzoin male/yang Sun Air I
Birch female/yin Venus Water C
Blackberry female/yin Venus Water C
Bodhi male/yang Jupiter Air C, I
Bracken male/yang Mercury Air C
Brazil Nut male/yang Mercury Air C
Bromeliad male/yang Sun Air C
Buckwheat female/yin Venus Earth C
Cabbage female/yin Moon Water C
Cactus, Peyote male/yang Mercury Water D, C
Camellia female/yin Moon Water C
Camphor female/yin Moon Water I, C
Caper female/yin Venus Water C
Caraway male/yang Mercury Air C
Cardamon female/yin Venus Water C
Carnation male/yang Sun Fire C
Carrot male/yang Mars Earth C
Cashew male/yang Sun Fire C
Catnip female/yin Venus Water C
Cattail male/yang Mars Fire C
Cedar male/yang Sun Fire I, C
Celery male/yang Mercury Fire C, D
Chamomile male/yang Sun Water C, O
Cherry female/yin Venus Water C
Chestnut male/yang Jupiter Fire C
Chicory male/yang Sun Air C
Chili Pepper male/yang Mars Fire C
Chrysanthemum male/yang Sun Fire C
Cinnamon male/yang Sun Fire O, I, C
Citron male/yang Sun Air C
Clove male/yang Jupiter Fire C, I
Clover male/yang Mercury Air C
Coconut female/yin Moon Water C
Comfrey female/yin Saturn Water C
Coriander male/yang Mars Fire C
Corn female/yin Venus Earth C
Cotton female/yin Moon Earth C
Cucumber female/yin Moon Water C
Cumin male/yang Mars Fire I, C
Curry male/yang Mars Fire C
Cypress female/yin Saturn Earth C, I
Daffodil female/yin Venus Water C
Daisy female/yin Venus Water C
Damiana male/yang Mars Fire I, C, D
Dandelion male/yang Jupiter Air C, D
Datura female/yin Venus Water C
Dill male/yang Mercury Fire C
Dittany of Crete female/yin Venus Water C
Dragon’s Blood male/yang Mars Fire C, I
Elder female/yin Venus Water C
Elm male/yang Saturn Water C
Endive male/yang Jupiter Air C
Eucalyptus female/yin Moon Water C
Fennel male/yang Mercury Fire C
Fern male/yang Mercury Air C
Fig male/yang Jupiter Fire C
Flax male/yang Mercury Fire C
Foxglove female/yin Venus Water C, D
Frankincense male/yang Sun Fire I, C
Fumitory female/yin Saturn Earth I, C
Gardenia female/yin Moon Water C
Garlic male/yang Mars Fire C
Gentian male/yang Mars Fire C
Geranium female/yin Venus Water C
Ginger male/yang Mars Fire C
Ginseng male/yang Sun Fire C, I, D
Goldenrod female/yin Venus Air C
Gourd female/yin Moon Water C
Grape female/yin Moon Water C, D
Hawthorn male/yang Mars Fire C
Hazel male/yang Sun Air C
Heliotrope male/yang Sun Fire C
Hellebore female/yin Saturn Water D, C
Hemlock female/yin Saturn Water D, C
Henbane female/yin Saturn Water D, C
Hibiscus female/yin Venus Water C
Holly male/yang Mars Fire C, D
Hops male/yang Mars Air C, I
Horehound male/yang Mercury Air C
Horseradish male/yang Mars Fire C
Houseleek male/yang Jupiter Air C
Hyacinth female/yin Venus Water C, I
Hyssop male/yang Jupiter Fire I, O
Iris female/yin Venus Water C
Ivy female/yin Saturn Water C
Jasmine female/yin Moon Water C, I
Juniper male/yang Sun Fire C, I
Kava-Kava female/yin Saturn Water D





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