There are five red blank die at the top of the Yahtzee table, a red “Roll 1” button and 13 white labeled boxes on the left of the table (the white labeled boxes are the score group and will hold the scores of each turn. With each turn you get 3 rolls).


Step 1: Click the “Roll 1” button. Five die of various number replace the blank red die. Click on the die you DO NOT WANT TO SAVE. The white die that are not selected will not change. The “Roll 1″ button has become ab”Roll 2” button. Click the “Roll 2” button. Again, click on the die you DO NOT WANT TO SAVE. Now, the “Roll 2” button has become a “Roll 3” button. Once again, click on the die you DO NOT WANT TO SAVE. The “Roll” button is not a blank grey buttom.

Step 2: The 5 die that remain after your third roll are your final die for this turn. Now, go to the 13 white labeled boxes on the left. You must select one of the 13 score groups; the score you receive depends on the last 5 die and which group you select. Hold your mouse over the white labeled box and the score will appear. Click your selection and the score will be entered and saved.

To continue the game repeat “Step 1” & “Step 2” over and over until all 13 score groups are completed and your “Grand Total” appears at the bottom of the 13 score groups. The game ends after 13 turns, when all score groups have been filled.

If by chance you get all the die you want on the 1st or 2nd roll then just click score group you want and start the next turn.

FYI: When the dice have been rolled, you can move the pointer to an empty box in the score group to see what score you would get. Click within the box to accept that score.

The number to the left of the top part of the column keeps track of your pace for the 35-point upper section bonus.

If you earn bonus chips for multiple Yahtzees, these will appear on the bottom right.

Press the green “New game” button at any time to cancel the current game and start a new one.


The top six boxes comprise the upper section. At the end of the game, a bonus of 35 points is awarded if the total of these six boxes is at least 63 (an average of 3 of each number).

1s: The number of 1s thrown.

2s: Twice the number of 2s thrown.

3s: Three times the number of 3s thrown.

4s: Four times the number of 4s thrown.

5s: Five times the number of 5s thrown.

6s: Six times the number of 6s thrown.

The bottom seven boxes comprise the lower section. In all but Chance, you take a score of 0 points if you select it without having fulfilled the condition for receiving points.

3 of a Kind – at least 3 die of same numbers, i.e. three 4s (Point Value=total of the matcing die; three 4s = 12)

4 of a Kind – at least 4 die of same number, i.e. four 5s (Point Value=total of the matcing die; four 5s = 20)

Full House – 2 die of a matching number + 3 die of another matching number, i.e. two 3s and three 4s, etc. (Point Value=25 points)

Small Straight – 4 consecutive numbered die, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 2, 3, 4, 5 or 3, 4, 5, 6 (Point Value=30 points)

Large Straight – 5 consecutive numbered die, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Point Value=40 points)

Yahtzee – 5 die all the same number, i.e. five 1s, five 2s, five 3s, etc. (Point Value=50 points)

Chance – For that one bad turn (Point Value=total value of all fice die)


If you roll more than one Yahtzee, you receive a bonus chip (worth 100 points) for each Yahtzee after the first. If you have entered a zero in your Yahtzee box, you cannot receive a bonus chip.

If you roll a Yahtzee and both the Yahtzee box and the appropriate box in the upper section have been filled, you may use the Yahtzee for full credit in Small Straight, Large Straight or Full House. Note that this applies even if you scored a zero in Yahtzee, although you only get a bonus chip if you had scored a Yahtzee. For example, if your Yahtzee box and sixes box are filled and you roll five sixes, then you may score 25 points in Full House, 30 in Small Straight or 40 in Large Straight.

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