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Chakras are power centers in form of revolving vortices of colors that are distributed throughout the body. I work with the 20 predominate chakras; though there are hundreds of chakras in our bodies. The best way to describe chakras are they are our etheric bodies….they are the part of us that is the bridge that links us between Earth to Heaven .

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk. There are 7 principle chakras, 4 secondary chakras, 1 etheric chakra, 8 minor chakras, and hundreds of lessor chakras throughout the body. The Indian yogis see the 7 principle chakras as small, dully colored disks, usually about the size of a flat orange, located in the astral bodies of people. Each of the 7 principle chakras signifies one of seven basic energy centers of the astral body. These energy centers correlates to major nerves branching forth from the spinal column. In addition, the chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, body functions, and more.

The secondary, etheric and minor chakras are seen about the size of a flat ping pong ball. The lessor chakras about the size of a quarter. See below for more info on these chakras.

These wheels/disks (our chakras, which are our etheric bodies) are in constant motion and need to be for our own well being. There constant motion is imperative to our well being. If they are damaged, cracked or tilted then they need balancing/alignment and/or cleansed.

A chakra can become damaged, cracked or tilted out of alignment with the energy channel (you). Generally this is caused by psychological stress and/or trauma, which may be brought on by events or feelings; even those which we regard as ‘positive’ as well as by those we regard as ‘negative’. Anything that disturbs a person’s normal functioning energy flow has the potential to also disturb chakras as well. Both physical and psychological problems can result in blockage of the energy flow. For example; a painful memory can become lodged in a chakra, thus distorting or blocking the flow of energy. Another example; being over joyous can disrupt the energy flow, also. Too much excitement at one time disrupts and could block the gentle flow of the chakras’ energy.

To find out more about the seven principle chakras within each of our bodies click on any of the chakras on the diagram
The colors listed for each chakra are in tune with character of chakra when it is cleansed and balanced. When a chakra is not cleansed or balanced it can produce a variety of colors; determined by affected it in your life to become unbalanced.
For example, the heart chakra: When it is cleansed and balanced balance, this chakra is green. However, right after the break up of a relationship the heart chakra will often throw off darker colors.

To learn the affects of the chakras and more details about each chakra: click the individual chakras on the graphic or click the name of the chakra from the list.

7- Crown Chakra
6- Third Eye Chakra
5- Throat Chakra
4- Heart Chakra
3- Solar Plexus Chakra
2- Spleen Chakra
1- Root Chakra

The Seven Principle Chakras & How They Correlate to the Seven Human Rights….

Each of the seven principle chakras has a basic human right that. If any of these right are infringed up or not expressed it can prove to be problematic for the chakra associated with that basic human right.

  1. ROOT CHAKRA – The right to be here:
    Simply to exist, take care of ourselves, and have possessions.

  2. SPLEEN CHAKRA – The right to feel:
    To express and understand one’s emotions, needs, and wants.

  3. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – The right to act:
    To be innovative and free.

  4. HEART CHAKRA – The right to love and be loved:
    Freedom from projected or received prejudice, low self-esteem, and violent conflict. Being the central chakra, if any of the other rights is harmed, the right to love may be harmed as well.

  5. THROAT CHAKRA – The right to speak and hear truth:
    Transgressions include: not be listened to, family secrets, and not being spoken to honestly.

  6. THIRD EYE CHAKRA – The right to see:
    Transgressions include: being told our perception is inaccurate, having things deliberately hidden from us, and having the scope of ones vision denied.

  7. CROWN CHAKRA – The right to know:
    The right to truth, accurate information, knowledge, and to simply know what’s going on. This includes spiritual knowledge and the right to connect with and interpret the divine as one chooses.

The Four Secondary Chakras:
The Hands – located exactly at the center point between the thumb and index finger. (Some feel it is located in the center of your palm.) They are the seats of creative energy and are brought into action when we make or do something.
Color: Blues, greens, and oranges.

The Feet – located in the center of the arch of the foot. They help maintain our connection with the Earth and creates the vitally important balance between Earth energies and cosmic energies, which are pulled in through the 7th chakra (Crown Chakra).
Color: Earth Brown.

The Etheric Chakra:
Located approximately 3 inches above the head. The etheric chakra brings in our spiritual energy from the spiritual core, God. Often called the “Soul Chakra”
Color: gold, silver and/or ultraviolet
Source of: past knowledge, karmic memory, master plans, creation and exchange of energy, time & timelessness, karma, portals in and through this time/space continuum.
The Eight Minor Chakras:
These chakras are located throughout the body

  • the knee chakras (movement),
  • the elbow chakras (flexibility),
  • the thigh chakras (stability),
  • the shoulders (strength) – considered as 1 chakra not two, and
  • the genitalia (reproduction).

Have Your Chakras Professionally Cleansed & Balanced

{ Crown Chakra } { Third Eye Chakra } { Throat Chakra } { Heart Chakra } { Solar Plexus Chakra } { Spleen Chakra } { Root Chakra }

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