(In Loving Memory of Calidad) Sasé & Tashi’s Wild Animal Links


(In Loving Memory of Calidad) Sasé & Tashi’s Wild Animal Links


Creature Safe Place – gives sanctuary and rehabilitation to wildlife that have been abused, abandoned, neglected or injured. Their goal is to return creatures to the wild. Creature Safe Place is run by a husband and wife, Robert and Wyn Burns. As it happens, I have known Wyn since she was in kindergarten or first grade. She is a dear friend of my sister, Michelle’s, and like a younger sister to me.

Organizations Helping the Planet & Wildlife

Quillo’s Online Zoo – A fun virtual zoo!

The Squirrel Place – The web’s most comprehensive squirrel resource.

Stuffed animals by Kathy’s Kreations – Distinctively Designed Stuffed Animal. Made in USA Wildlife artist work in the medium of artificial fur to create beautifully realistic wildlife – over 170 designer pieces. A must see!!

ACS Environmental Information Distance Education – Links, Articles, Distance Education in Environmental Management, Marine Studies, Ornithology more.

Liz & Marc’s Animal Page – wildlife, wild cats, leopard, cheetah, tiger, lion, reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians, animals

Save the Manatee Club – established in 1981 by former Fla Governor Bob Graham and singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett. SMC was started so the public could participate in conservation efforts to save endangered manatees from extinction.

Endangered Walk – Excellent information on species that may not exist in the future.

Global Wildlife Center – You can plan a Safari trip to Global, research animals for a school project or just learn interesting facts.

Jerry’s Junkyard – About the rainforests of Borneo; elephants, orangutan, tapir, clouded leopard, proboscis monkey and more

Project Wildlife – San Diego County Wildlife Rehab.

San Diego Zoo – The Official Web site of the World Famous San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park and Panda Cam! Wildlife exhibited in their natural environment. Wild Animal Park helping in the preservation of endangered species.

Safari Zoological Park – Safari Zoological Park is a private park in Caney, KS dedicated to preserving endangered wildlife.

Wildlife Conservation Society – The Wildlife Conservation Society, at the Bronx Zoo, saves wildliffe and wildlands.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Visit America’s only mountain zoo in Colorado Springs, CO, with a live giraffe cam, interactive curriculum guide for teachers, elephant art, giraffe info and more!


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