3rd Angelic Hierarchy #1 – Principalities aka Rulers

3rd Angelic Hierarchy #1 – Principalities aka Rulers

Function and Philosophy

The Principalities are placed first in the third triad of angels among archangels and angels. They are ranked seventh overall. Also called princedoms and princes, these angels are the first of the choirs most concerned with earth and are traditionally declared to have roles of caretakers over every nation, province, county, district, city, town, village, and house.

They work with guardian angels who are also assigned to every spot and person. It is debated that the guardian angels function as the personal angelic protectors and the principalities are the administrative or technical writers. They are supposedly empowered with greater strength by God than the guardian angels and thus receive permission more frequently to have a direct involvement in the affairs of humanity. They use their incalculable strength of heaven to move the hearts and minds of those mortals with whom they have direct contact.


The symbols of principalities are the scepter, the cross, and the sword. If you know more of Powers’ characteristics please contact me

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